Gardners Cookies Review By Sam & Katie – May 2018

Firstly i would like to say a huge thank you to Leila from Gardners Cookies for sending us this box to review, and for the code: DELICIOUS giving you a huge £6 off your first box!

Gardners Cookies is a box of 6 – 8 melt in your mouth, buttery, sweet goodness delivered to your door each month. Each shortbread cookie is loving handmade by the team and packaged carefully in a perfectly curated themed box.

They are so good, if you don’t believe me You can check out our live unboxing here….

It arrived via royal mail in a cellophane wrapped box, i loved the pink sleeve with the cute logo on it. inside that was a random brown box (in katies words haha) with the logo sticker on. Pulling back the tape we were met with a sea of rainbow colored squiggles that reminded me of a party poppers contents and a card telling us the theme this month was the Royals, to co-inside with the recent wedding.

Digging around we found:

Crown Cookie

This has been claimed by the royal unicorn i dare not touch it (trust me she would never forgive me) plus you cant take a princess’s crown.

Wedding Cake Cookie

this cookie is huge its almost the size of katie’s head and the detail on the icing is so beautify and delicately done

Photo Cookie

An almost to cute to eat photo cookie of Harry & Megan looking nearly as happy as i felt when i ate it haha, Totally worth the risk of the tower of London.

Heart Cookie

A super cute shortbread cookie with Harry and Megan’s initials inside.

Diamond Cookie

I think this was one of Katie’s favorite designs and it was swiftly munched before the unboxing was finished.

Union Jack Cookie

This made the perfect British mid-night mum snack much to katie’s disgust lol

Royal Babies Bottle Cookie

There is so much detail on the crown of the bottle its almost to good to eat… nah!

As you can see the detail on the cookies icing is fit for a king! The love, care and attention to detail really shines though. The cookies themselves were some of the best shortbread I have ever tasted. They crumbled and melted in your mouth in the most creamy buttery way. The box was perfectly themed and even though the box was a bit battered the cookies inside were perfect. I love the fact they are individually sealed meaning they will stay fresh for up to 2 months, I doubt they will last longer than a day though because they are simply delicious! But this does mean you can order in early for a function/ event , or even save the perfect one for someone if you can bare to part with it.

Unicorn Katie was so impressed by them i was instantly banned from them, im still in the dog house for sneaking one or two (all in the name of review writing of course hahaha, ok it was 3 but in my defense they are so moreish) They definitely have the princess unicorns seal of approval.

So How Can You Get 6-8 Heavenly Treats Delivered To Your Door?

  • Monthly rolling £12.95 including uk shipping  or just £6.95 for the first month when you use code DELICIOUS.

Cut off for that months box is the 10th and the box ships out on the 20th via royal mail second class. Payments are taken on the same day each month and you can cancel buy popping an email over to the super friendly team

you can also order

  • One off single style boxes for example various animals.
  • Or you can get themed gift boxes from baby showers to teachers.

They even offer a pre order service, allowing you to be super organized and order in for your function or special occasion in advance.

These would make the most delightful gifts, or the perfect party piece

you can order yours here:

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 Thank you for reading and stay Delicious  XOXO