Irish Taste Club Reveiw By Bonnie-Jo – May 2018

Thank you to Pauline and Tom for sending me this delicious box of goodies, from the moment it arrived it had me drooling and not wanting to share (my precious).

My box was delivered to my work place so unfortunately, I don’t know through which courier (although I believe it was royal mail). The outer packaging was simple and smart looking, and the postage label had the Irish taste club logo on so no mistaking what it was! Inside was the box which is a decent size with Irish taste club on top and sides, their web address, email and address are also on the box with social media logos, so you know where you can check them out. The box was sealed with a sticker saying Irish taste club, inside the items are wrapped in a burlap material again with the Irish taste club sticker. On opening this box, it had been packed out with lots of hay (shredding) to keep things nice and protected.

If you missed my live you can watch it here…. WARNING don’t watch whilst hungry haha.

Irish Taste Club is a unique way to get the finest Irish gourmet food to you – monthly!

What’s inside the box I hear you ask…. well I shall tell you (now don’t be jealous)

I received a double sided a4 sheet with a welcome note and an itemised list of what was inside and some information/background on the items and companies.

The first item I pulled out was an extra which was meant to be in last month’s box but unfortunately there was a bit of a mix up with the flavour the supplier sent (which for me is brilliant as I got to receive them in this month’s box).

Keogh’s Shamrock & Sour Cream potato chips

A gluten free 50g bag which are suitable for vegetarians and Coeliacs. The flavour was subtle and not overpowering, I could taste garlic and a hint of salt and it really left me wanting more – I couldn’t put them down until the packet was empty! They have an irregular shape and a bumpy texture because of the air pockets which makes them nice and crunchy, they are seasoned with shamrock that flaked off whilst eating them. They were really YUM! (wouldn’t recommended giving them to children as can be messy and too good to share with them haha) The only place I could find these to buy was on amazon 3x50g bags for $13.50 (works out about £10.09 so about £3.36 a pack).

Foods of Athenry Flapjacks ‘THE WORKS’

I honestly don’t know how I managed to control myself… I love flapjacks and couldn’t wait to tuck in. These flapjacks are gluten free and wheat free, oat-baked with sunflower seed, cranberries, sultanas and coconut, there is something in this for everyone and with a size of 150g it’s brilliant for sharing (sharing is caring). I absolutely LOVE flapjacks so was very excited about trying these unfortunately they weren’t for me flavour wise, once I bit into the perfect snack size bites there was a very fruity flavour. As these weren’t for me my mum tried it and loved them, she said they had an amazing taste combination. The pricing on this varies from around £2.50 (£4 delivery fee), Holland and Barrett’s sell the ‘just oats’ 150g bag for £3.29 (I would assume this would sell for more as you get extra flavoury bits in).

Kylemore Abbey & Gardens Milk Chocolate Coconut Macaroon

the bag was an amazing 125g which gave me plenty to eat and share with my family. Me, my mum and sister all had a try together and were pleasantly surprised by the melt in the mouth creamy milk chocolate which had a very nice crunch due to the coconut. I would describe this as a luxurious bounty bar type snack, the coconut wasn’t too overpowering but did leave a beautiful aftertaste enticing me to go back for more. After a google search I found this for 7 euro 50 (roughly works out at £6.57)

Achill Island Sea Salt

This was a 70g tub, the description is ‘a totally natural product, with a soft, flaky texture.’ I haven’t tried this as I don’t often use salt when cooking.

West Cork Biscuit Company GIANT Oat & Raisin cookie

This had a weight of 55g. Each cookie is handmade in their home-based bakery using ‘only the finest local ingredients, including Irish unsalted butter and free-range eggs from a local farm’. They use no artificial colouring or flavouring. This cookie is made from 30% rolled oats and 10% raisins. Wow the smell when I opened the packet was divine and the texture was perfect, soft and chewy with the lovey oaty flavour with the natural sweetness from the raisins. They describe this as big enough to share ha-ha (what world are they living in?) This went straight in my belly after fighting the dog off. I couldn’t find a price for this online.

Sheridans Cheesemongers Onion marmalade

This came well protected with bubble wrap to stop any breakages. This wasn’t one I tried although I opened the jar and the smell was quite strong which really put me off, so it has been gifted to my sister who I think would appreciate the taste. I found this for 4 euro 45 (roughly £3.90)

Mella’s fudge Irish butter fudge Vanilla

At 175g this is a generous size and has a very rich buttery flavour. Although too much in one go would probably be very sickly. I have never had crumbly fudge before and have to say I much prefer the soft, chewy kind personally, but the flavour was spot on. This would cost you 5 euro (roughly £4.38) to buy.

Gran Grans Garlic sauce dip

Protected by bubble wrap to stop any breakages and described as ‘creamy, garlicky and fresh, initially prepared to give kids a healthier tasty garlic sauce option, but adults love this just as much’. Good to have on/with/as a dip, with chicken, fish and chips, nachos, salad dressing, seafood or used as a condiment. Gran Grans garlic sauce dip is lovely, from the cute glass bottle with the company name and logo to the topping on the bottle, this must be the cutest jar of sauce/dip I have seen. the presentation is very appealing and eye-catching you can truly see the passion that comes with the product, it leaves you excited to taste the product when they put so much effort into packaging. It has a sharp vinegary taste unfortunately this overpowers the garlic flavour although it is very creamy and quite runny. I personally think it’s more of a salad dressing than a sauce or dip.

As these items are artisan and produced in Ireland they aren’t the easiest products to pick up and I had some difficulty finding some of these online, so some items haven’t been priced for that reason.

How it works

You can buy this as a gift or as a subscription, both these options cost the same. For the gift option a gift certificate will be emailed to the purchaser, and a printed copy will be included in the first box. This can be personalised at checkout by the purchaser. Each box typically includes 7 to 9 sweet and savoury products including handmade chocolate, artisan jams and chutneys, baking mixes, specialty condiments – the list goes on!

  • 1-month costs £37
  • 3 months costs £107 paid up front which works out as £35.67 per box saving you £4
  • 6 months costs £207 up front £34.50 per box saving you £15
  • 12 months costs £407 up front £33.92 per box saving you £37

If subscribing these will renew automatically unless cancelled, the gift option will be a one-off payment so no need to worry about it renewing and taking money you weren’t expecting.As someone who is a fussy eater I must say I LOVED this box. I think it’s brilliant and the selection of products meant if there was something I didn’t like it could always be passed to someone who would like it. It has given me the opportunity to try some things I wouldn’t normally pick for myself and is a brilliant concept, the fact the box specially supplies Irish artisan items it is supporting the small/local businesses and gives people that may not have the time, money etc. to travel to Ireland and source them out for themselves. With the mix of sweet and savoury products There’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy, and with the gift option which you can add a personalised message you can share the love with friends and family very easily.

Order yours here!

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Thanks for reading.

Xx Bonnie xX

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