Geo Journey Review By Sam & Katie May 2018

Firstly i would like to say a mega huge thank you (in Katie’s words) to Fiona & Christine from Geo Journey for sending us this box to review it has been an absolute pleasure!

Geo Journey helps bring big adventures to little explorers!

It is a monthly subscription box aimed at ages 4 – 10 to help them learn about and explore the world in a fun way.

The main stars are Geo the owl & Atlas the dog, they travel around the world exploring new and exciting places and write back to their friends telling them all about it, inspiring your child to learn all about the world.

It has received a Gold made for mums award and you could see why in our live unboxing, if you missed it you can catch it here…

As you can see katie loved it, she was mesmerized

so what kept her so mesmerized? inside the large plain brown box was:

The Signature Explorers Kit

This is the first box or part of the journey if you like, everything in this box is your start to all the adventures that lay beyond in future boxes. So to start us on our round the world trip was:

Geo Journey case

Can’t explore without a suitcase! As a mum I am so impressed with this! Its not only cute, cool and super handy to keep everything together in, its such good quality Katie could sit on it and it wouldn’t dent or break (other mums will understand what i mean haha). I can see this really aiding in imaginative play for younger ones as well; taking there suitcase off on adventures with their pals Geo and Atlas.

Personalised Letter

We both loved that this was personalised, it really was like Katie had her friends writing to her! she loved hearing about where Geo & Atlas were and what they were up to. I think its brilliantly written in a super cute and friendly, yet educational way!  It really is a genius concept, and we both loved hearing about where our new pals were from.


Well to travel anywhere this is a must, and lets face it kids love id cards! anything that aids imaginative play and helps them feel grown up is a winner in our house.You can put all your details in it just like a real passport, it even has its own passport number and space for all your stamps from the journey. I have a feeling this will end up coming on our next holiday and she will be begging the attendant for an extra stamp haha.

Geo Journal

This is your journal to record all the fascinating this you learn, from what the country flag is to the signature dish for example the U.K is of course good old fish and chips.


No trip is complete without a postcard or 2, this month we got a post card of their hometown (a cute cobbled street where they like to have cream scones and tea). One of the stars of the show Geo & Atlas and a fun fact.

Sticker Sheet

There are a multitude of different stickers on here all for different tasks, these are brilliant and allow children of all ages to be independent. We had stickers for our journal like the flag and fish and chips, a stamp for our passport and a map marker. Katie like most children loves stickers and got stuck in (pun intended) straight away, working out where they went, in fact it was hard to tare here away from them. Its a great way to ensure everyone can get fully involved independently.

Souvenir – Train Ticket

This was our souvenir this month; Every month Geo and Atlas send you a souvenir from the new exciting place they have visited. This month we got a train ticket, i have looked at a few spoilers from future destination’s and they include a Boomerang among other fab fun items.

Trekker Trails Activity pack

This had loads of fun things to do all based around the country they were in from spot the difference to word searches, Katie loved it and it would make a great traveling boredom buster on car journeys and even flights.

Map of the World

This is huge! The map is eye catching with its bright colors and funky design as well as being full of fun facts. This is now proudly displayed on Katie’s bedroom wall with out sticker map marker on it as well of course.

Katie’s thoughts:

Have you subscribed yet? (no seriously this is her first response as soon as i mention it). I cant wait to find out where Geo & Atlas go, They said France next, I really want to know if the visit the Eiffel tower. Plus its a good way to find out if somewhere would be good for a holiday and i need to collect them all to complete it! Please mum Subscribe, You gotta. I really enjoyed reading my letter and sticking the stickers in, iv told mum we need to go explore a new country so i can use my passport.I cant wait to fill up my journal and hopefully we can visit some of the places on holiday so i can see the sights for myself. We could even follow them round the world, that would be AHHMAZZING!

Mum’s Thoughts

Wow anything that has Katie this fixated without an electrical source is a winner in my books. I cant believe how quite and engrossed in it she was! She loved learning about the U.K and cant wait to find out where and what they do in the future. The way its personlised and written really makes her feel as though she has pen pals sharing the adventure with her. She has begged me non stop to subscribe using every angle she can think of! She rarely asks for anything so it really goes to show how well it has captured here imagination and her heart. It is so well done and such a fantastic concept its no surprise its won gold awards! Its so well thought out it genius! The way it manages to include all age ranges and ability’s including SEN children offering them independence in exploring is brilliant! I can see this appealing to so many with its fun heart warming story and characters to its educational benefits  and all this for only £12, its a bargain! As you can see it has me delighted and Katie truly captivated. I honestly don’t think i have seen her so taken by anything! Without even thinking about it i would 100% recommend giving this a go,

How does it work?

When you sign up you will receive the signature starter kit we have reviewed here worth £35! Then each month after you will get a new travel pack from your pals, at the end of the 12 month adventure you receive a completion certificate.

There are a few ways you can get on your journey:

  • Monthly rolling £12 per month with free shipping to U.K mainland, you will receive the signature starter kit we have reviewed here worth £35! Then each month after you will get a new travel pack from your pals.
  • 6 month plan £85 with free U.K mainland shipping
  • Annual £155 with free U.K mainland shipping

You can also buy on off installments as well so you will never miss part of your new pals trip. You can add a personlised gift message and at the end of the 12 month adventure you receive a completion certificate .

The first payment is taken when you sign up and your first kit will be with you in 2-3 days, then future payments are taken on the 15th and kits ship around the 5th.

They also do a Space Journey as mentioned in our live but you will have to wait until June to hear more about that so watch this space!

you can subscribe here:

Kids Subscription

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Once again a huge thank you to Fiona & Christine for bringing out my budding explorer and helping her learn without her realising its educational haha And a huge thank you to you for reading

Love Sam & Katie XOXO


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