Soakbox Review by Jasmine – May 2018

So, I want to start off by thanking the lovely Sarah at SOAKBOX by mimicgifts for sending this box to me, I was so happy that I was entrusted to unbox & review Soakbox as normally my fellow BoXession blogger Jen would unbox Soakbox but unfortunately Jen has been a busy bee so was unable to review and so I stepped in.

If you follow me on my personal Instagram you may have seen a few spoilers of the amazing bath products from Soakbox in action and that my 2-year-old has claimed one or two for herself, so thankfully all products by Soakbox are free from nasty ingredients but instead most are are full of luxurious Ingredients like:

  • Cocoa butter is high in antioxidants, can reduce stress marks, deep hydration and can help with sensitive skin.
  • Sweet Almond oil can help clear debris from pores and stop acne from returning because of the vitamin A content. Almond oil can be used on sensitive skin.
  • Shea Butter is rich in vitamin A & E that are essential for healthy looking skin also potent in antioxidants that protect and heal the skin.

So, let’s get down to business…

What is Soakbox?

Soakbox is a fairly newish bath product subscription box that have obviously been doing their research as a lot more consumers are worried about the environment and looking to buy cruelty free like myself and a few of the other Boxession bloggers.

Soakbox is

  • Paraben free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Palm oil Free
  • Microbead free
  • SLS free
  • All glitter in the products are biodegradable

Soakbox guarantees you will receive 5 products in each box but I don’t mean those tiny sample sizes, I mean full size maybe even some XL sized products depending on that month’s theme. The products are handmade for Soakbox by various artisan soap kitchens from all over the UK and don’t worry, all the soap kitchens who work with soakbox are fully cosmetically registered.

You are probably thinking this box will cost a bomb well no it doesn’t and to be frank with you lot the price is so reasonable.

Soakbox pricing

  • Monthly subscription at £19.95 with free postage and packaging
  • Bi-monthly subscription is a one-off payment of £110 saving you £10.

Use our exclusive discount code BOXESSION for 10% off your first box!!!

You can also purchase a one-off box for just £20.95 that is including your postage and packaging.

You can buy a gift box of 6 luxury XL bath bombs for £22.95, you get to choose the fragrance and there are 9 fragrances to choose from so the only difficult part of ordering is what 6 fragrances out of the 9 you want! So once ordered just pop Soakbox an email after purchase to confirm your fragrance choices:

Soakbox also do a Baby Soakbox (personally as a mum of a 2-year-old I love the idea) it contains 3 products to help your little one wind down ready for bed for just £19.95 minus all those little nasties.

How long until my box arrives?

Boxes are dispatched between the 8th & 10th of the month via Royal Mail 2nd class parcel service so it takes between 2-3 working days to be delivered.

Now you have all the information about Soakbox as a company and their prices lets talk about the box I received

Soakbox May Edition- Celebrating the birth of prince Louis & The forthcoming Royal Wedding

The box comes in a plastic bag to protect the box. The box itself is plain cardboard with Soakbox by mimicgifts logo, then in the centre is a cardboard colour sticker with your name and a little saying on it which I personally love as it makes the box feel more personalised. Inside there are purple cellophane strips that are biodegradable so once you have used your products you don’t have to worry about the environment as the whole box and its content are recyclable and/or biodegradable.

You can watch my full unboxing here:

Products featured in this month’s box

Diamond Bath Bomb

I loved this bath bomb as it smelled sort of minty but also a bit like tea tree. When this bath bomb touched the water, it was bubbling like mad while releasing its minty fragrance making this the perfect bath bomb to use before you go out.

Baby Powder XL Bath Bomb by The Soap Shop

Ok now this one I fell in love with as soon as I saw it, also did you see the size of it?! Oh my goodness it was massive and I had big plans on how my bath would go but a certain little miss decided this was for her bath and most definitely not for mummy. Ariana-Joy is almost two and has sensitive skin which is prone to breakouts but if anything, her skin has been better since using the bath bombs. Personally, I would pay at least £4 for a bath bomb this size and especially in this fragrance as it’s baby powder most probably one of my favourite smells. The baby powder smell was everywhere and Ariana-Joy smelled like I had rolled her in baby powder which I loved as I couldn’t stop sniffing her especially her hair. This particular bath bomb has cocoa seed butter as well as sweet almond oil.

Sweetheart Bath Bomb

This bath bomb smells like love heart sweets that are oh so sweet. The shape and colours are beautiful creating a stunning as well as relaxing bathing experience. This bath bomb contains sweet almond oil as well so yay. The bath bomb smells like bubble-gum especially that blue sauce you can get on your ice cream. The foam bubbles are white, pink and blue.

Kiss Bubble Shot by Soapy Cauldron

This was so bubbly as well as creamy, it also looked like a cute cupcake with glitter stars. The top part that looks like icing is overflowing with shea butter that made me feel like a gorgeous goddess with skin soft to the touch. I also loved the sweet scent that filled my bathroom and I definitely need more of these at home.

Glitterball Wedding Cake Bath Bomb by Aromatic Aromas

This bath bomb is visually satisfying as it’s massive in its solid form. It looks like a slice of rainbow cake with colours so vibrant covered in white icing along with silver glitter and when it is dissolves in your bath with the various bright colours it fills you with happiness. My 2-year-old daughter Ariana-Joy decided that this was going in her bath (why did I let her choose first? just kidding) Ariana-Joy’s reaction to this bath bomb just made it worth it she was so excited when I put it in she was doing her cute little laugh and as it dissolved creating rainbow foam/bubbles she was watching with such intensity then decided she was most pleased and it deserved a round of applause. Once the bath bomb had dissolved completely she looked so confused as to why her bath water was purple in colour then she realised that this bath water was the same colour as one of her dolls hair and she was splashing the dolls head in and out of the water. So, it’s safe to say Ariana-Joy approves and I personally loved the look the only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the scent as it was really sweet once dissolved but I love the look of it. Sweet almond oil is just one of the ingredients.

Floating Star Bath Bomb

I need like a million of these bath bombs as it smells divine and makes the bath water a pure blue, which is my favourite colour. I felt as if I was transported away to an exotic island or I had become a beautiful mermaid and yes, I am mermaid obsessed mainly because I’m obsessed with the ocean. This beautiful two toned blue star bath bomb that smells of Jean Paul Gualtier is perfect to use anytime of the day but I used mine before bed so I was relaxed and could just fall into my clean bed (fresh clean bedding after a bath with this bath bomb is just heaven seriously give it a try)

*please be careful especially with the bath bombs containing sweet almond oil as it may make your bath a little bit slippery but your skin will love you as it will feel smoother than anything you have felt before*

Website and social media links can be found below so hurry up and get your bath on by subscribing to Soakbox now.


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Thank you for taking the time to read my review and sorry if you missed this amazing box by waiting to long to order.

Yours Sincerely

Jasmine x

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