Mask Time Glow Setter Box Review by Sam – April 2018

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Estee from Masktime for sending me one of my all time favourite boxes to review and for the exclusive 15% discount code SAM15

Masktime (if you haven’t already guessed it from the name) send you a selection of Korean masks and the occasional k beauty product every month. Being a huge mask addict I love this box, it really excites me and brings joy to my life month after month!

Don’t believe me you can watch my live unboxing here..

Every month they carefully curate a box to help give you the glow you need. Gorgeously packaged in a sleek white box with the Masktime logo and inside wrapped up in the new Masktime branded tissue paper was


A product booklet detailing all the goodies in the box.

Much needed as let’s face it few of us can actually read Korean, so this detailed guide helps us choose the right mask at the right time and use the mask the right way.

A thank you card

It’s always nice to feel appreciated for our custom and I truly believe Masktime does, little touches like this make me feel valued!

Information card

Detailing about this months box

Out with the old and in with the new! This month we are focusing of sloughing away that dead skin and revealing brighter, healthier and happier skin! From two tone sheet masks from Laneige that address two skin needs at the same time, to recovery masks that heal irritated or problematic skin types. Included in this month’s box to celebrate the launch of our Glow Starter Box is a MASK TIME gift and bonus skincare item, now that really is a treat!”Not forgetting the Korean word of the month, I love that they do this it adds a really fun touch in my opinion and helps to expand my vocabulary.

The Art:Cell Aurora Pearl Mask – RRP £3.50

Omg how beautiful is this mermaid mask! Its so pretty i don’t want to use it haha. Though the claims are making it tempting, formulated with niacinamide from the aurora pearl essence works to brighten dull complexions and gives skin a luminous glow. The cellulose sheet works to revitalise, firm and moisturise the overall appearance of the face! I definitely need a bit of brightening so against my too cute to use theory this is next on my list to try.


 Medi Lab Black Rose Ampoule Mask Pack – RRP £4.00

One of my favourite kinds of masks and a gorgeous pretty pink! I love the way it seamlessly adheres to the skin and allows for more movement than a regular sheet mask. This left my skin feeling so clean and rejuvenated! It was the perfect feeling on a hot day and just what my skin craved.

Frienvita Whitening Filtering Yuja Vita C Mask – RRP £3.50

All I can say is wow! I used this in the morning and spent the whole day foundation free! (Yes I even went shopping). It was like having a filter on, my skin tone was more even and felt firmer, I’m still not sure what yellow dust is but I’m glad I’m protected from it along with pollution and other nasties that harm my delicate skin.

Hectic It’s Pack Time 07:00 AM Mask – RRP £3.50

I am saving this for one of those super behind schedule even though you have been up since the crack of dawn days (or maybe a hangover day)haha. And when you hear the bold claims it’s description makes you will understand why! This sheet mask is designed for those busy hectic schedules and for those who want some extra zzz’s but still want good skin in the morning! This mask only has the essence placed on ONE SIDE of the mask for maximum absorption with minimum time, so you can dry your hair without having the annoyance of hairs getting stuck to the mask and getting messy, yay! This mask helps to brighten overall skin tone especially after a late night whilst soothing and moisturising the skin’s barrier.

Laneige Two Tone Brightening Sheet Mask – RRP £5.50

I love 2 part masks they sit on the face with ease and allows for a lot more movement (those with kids will understand just how much joy your little ones get from making you try to speak with a mask on haha) And this one is no ordinary 2 piece both the pieces target 2 different issues! The t zone is clarified, leaving it brightened and cleansed, while the blue u zone mask works on hydrating and revitalizing. Finally a sheet mask that addresses two skin issues on different parts of the face at the same time! The mask has a super silky feel to it as well and boasts some awesome ingredients that I Could actually pronounce yay.

It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VE Mask – RRP £3.50

This is a mask I have come across before and I’m so glad Iv received another, it’s so hard to find!  This mask leaves you with a gorgeous dewy glow whilst feeling like you have replenished the moisure in your skin with fresh spring water leaving you looking and feeling radiant. It’s perfect to use before a night out or just for a quick revive!

Re, DNA Recovery Ampoule Mask Pack – RRP £4.00

A natural algae extract ‘skin gel’ sheet soft and supple in texture adheres to your face like second skin and continues to remain moist whilst the essence is being absorbed into the skin. Comprised of hydrolysed marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and tri-peptide vitalises skin, restores health to damaged cells, improves elasticity, soothes skin and prevents wrinkles, woo! I used this one at night and could still see the benefits of it the next morning, i even went foundation free for the school run!

Roseheart Daily Brightening Pink Mask – RRP £4.00

This super cute heart shaped pink mask is enriched with Adrisia Crispa extract which promotes brightening properties, rose water is used to soften the texture of skin and resurfaces rough dry skin. Vita-Complex 10 is infused to combat the signs of aging and one of our favourite ingredients, hyaluronic acid which provides long lasting moisture for thirsty skin! Not only that this is a 2 step mask! The heart at the top is a sachet of the most hydrating cream you will ever try! This mask really shows why korean skincare is a cut above the rest! It left my skin so soft, glowing and plumed with hydration i couldn’t stop stroking it, this is a super cute must try for any mask obsessed

Dewpiel Defense Mask Pore – RRP £4.00

This was the first mask I tried as it lays claim to some bold benefits. It’s said to help defend your pores! The sheet is made from a special Micro Away fabric that it pulls away the dust particles from the skin and attaches itself to the gaps within the fabric of the mask, magic! This stops bacteria breeding on the surface of the skin, thus helping pores to stay clean and unblocked. It did not disappoint the mask itself was thick and strangely smooth, with good saturation. Needless to say this has been added to my must repurchase list! My pores had practically vanished and this lasted well into the next day! There was less texture in my skin and overall it looked and felt as smooth as a baby’s derrière.

Salon De Tte Skin Tuning Recipe – RRP £2.99

You need this in your life! This is the bonus skincare product and is said to be one of Korea’s hottest sellers and a complete game changer in the beauty world! Sounds to good to be true doesn’t it? Not only does this mini glove exfoliate and unclog pores it also deep cleans too! The white side can be used over a full face of makeup or a cleansed face for a deeper clean to remove grime, dead cells and any excess makeup residue. The yellow side is infused with botanical extracts such as fennel, basil and jasmine to clarify and tone the skin. I was so excited about this one I wanted to try it there and then whilst unboxing!

MJ Care Premium Hand Care Pack – RRP £4.00

How handy (pun intened) This was a bonus gift to celebrate the launch of the new Glow Starter Box. (Which by the way looks so fab most of the admin team signed up for it after watching my last live)  I have noticed recently my hands are looking a bit worse for wear since I hit the big 30, and I’m not really a fan of hand creams so a mask treatment is perfect for me. This one is formulated with Centella Asiatica, that gives moisture to chapped hands and improves blood circulation leaving my hands noticeably softer and smoother.

An astounding 11 items worth £42.49!  Saving you £17.50!

Or saving you £21.24 if you use code SAM15 it makes each mask just £1.93! And you are getting double your money! That’s a bargain

Not to mention avoiding high import fees, delivery charges and all that time hunting out these Korean gems!

You can probably see why this box is one of my all time favourites now! Even if you are not a complete mask addict that should have been committed to a rehab like me haha. This is a brilliant fun and simple way to take care of your skin (and let’s face it we only get one ). It adds a luxurious pamper feel to what can sometimes feel like a choir.

And shockingly since getting Masktime I have discovered new brands and styles of masks, the vast range and fun novelty aspects could get really overwhelming but Masktime makes it easy and joyful. It seams to me a mask has to be far superior to make it into a Masktime edit, and in 5 months I’ve not yet had one that I disliked!

If you can’t tell I really love this box and highly recommend it to anyone who has a face regardless of age or sex. Plus it’s the perfect edition to a girly pamper night, and makes for some great bonding time as well as being super relaxing and good for you. I even know family’s that have a family mask night at least once a week!

There’s a few options for you to get your glow on here!

Pay attention as this has changed

  • Glow setter Monthly rolling £24.99 or £21.24 if you use code SAM15, free uk shipping!
  • Glow starter Monthly rolling £9.95 you can also use code SAM15 making it just £8.46, with free uk shipping.
  • You can also get a range of one off boxes and limited edition boxes ranging in price including the box featured here so hurry girls!

Last day to order is the end of the month for your box to ship out and on the 2nd, so if you order on or before the 31st your box will ship on the 2nd of June. You can Cancel Anytime And there are No hidden costs or cancellation fees.

The subscription and box options are constantly growing. Honestly this box is one to watch it even offers its own loyalty points program!! Yes girls points make prizes!

You can also find a range of fun and cool masks you can order alongside your subscription on the website. The website is so easy to use I love the lay out and the clean cute design, it also includes a blog section as well giving you all the latest tips and trends you can check it out here:

You can also find them on:
Facebook   Instagram

Thank you for reading and once again a huge thank you to Estee from Masktime I honestly can’t wait to see what comes next love Sam XOXO

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