LoveDrop Review by Jasmine & Ryan – May 2018

I just want to start off by saying a massive thank you to Ben for sending us this box to review. Love Drop is a bi-monthly subscription box service especially aimed at couples, on their Instagram they said “Why did we create Love Drop? It’s simple really, putting time aside to spend with each other is so difficult! We wanted to create something that promotes investing in your relationship and loving one another. Share the excitement, surprise and treats with each other every other month”.

As I said in my live unboxing of Love Drop Mel and I are the main two from the team who deal with Boxessions Instagram page so we see boxes changing all the time but I must say, I absolutely love Love Drop’s new box design. They have had two previous designs one was plain black with the logo and the other one was a plain cardboard with the logo. The brand-new design is crisp white featuring black ribbon style hearts as well as their logo in black. The new design which makes the box stand out also has a quote on the front flap “We promise to always have fun together” this is definitely my other half and I as we never have a dull moment and this box has definitely been fun to review.

Love Drop was delivered via Royal Mail and everyday I waited and hoped it had been well wrapped, as the last thing I want is to feel embarrassed as my postie hands over my box of feel good adult only goodies. Thankfully Love Drop had it covered quite literally as the box arrived packaged in bubble wrap with a bag over the top to keep the box along with content safe and be discreet so no one knew what was inside *can’t help but giggle into myself*

I was the last out of the chosen four bloggers to unbox and if you missed it live on the Boxession Facebook group you can watch my unboxing here via our YouTube channel but remember 18+ only:

So, let’s have a peak at what’s inside this sexy feel good box!

Bijoux Indiscrets, Twenty One – RRP £50.00

I love this product’s box, as well as the product’s design as it is truly discreet especially since it looks like a very well-known perfume that makes it so much easier to carry around. This product has 3 vibration intensity settings and 7 vibration modes, I would recommend starting with the first vibration intensity setting and maybe start at the nipples/breast area and slowly working down to your clitoris as the vibration is very strong and may be a shock, especially if like me you’re a little bit over sensitive. For the more experienced user I believe this will still bring you plenty of pleasure as well as fun times as the vibration intensity is extremely strong. I love how the top unscrewed so you can charge it up with the USB cable provided. A beautiful black bag is included to keep your Twenty One Vibrator hidden in plain sight.

Devon Fudge Co. Salcombe Gin & Pink Grapefruit 150g – RRP £4.25

Absolutely divine, the flavours are subtle and not overpowering in the slightest it also just melts in your mouth. Why not use whipped cream to create a love trail down your partners body and add some of this amazing fudge crumbled on top of the whipped cream!

GK Natural Creations Bath Fizzers Set of 3 – RRP £8.85

Unfortunately, Ryan and I couldn’t enjoy these together as our bath is tiny but I did try the rose & the orange bath fizzers (left the lavender for Ryan as I can’t use lavender due to allergies). The package and products look very bespoke, as if bought from a boutique.

The rose was my favourite as it had more of a creamy feel whereas the orange felt a little more rustic. Having the rose petals was nice but when I used the orange I forgot it was there and got a massive fright when it touched my feet. My body on both occasions was left soft and silky smooth as if I have just had a full body massage using body oils.

*Warning bath may become slippery when using the product*

Love Drop Prompt Cards set of 8 – RRP £9.95

I think these cards will be good for new couples and/or easily embarrassed couples who may not know where or how to start a conversation with their partner regarding trying new things. The cards have advice, tips, tricks and even simple step by step instructions.

Free Samples

Bijoux Indiscrets, Aphrodisia: Clitoral Orgasm Enhancer Balm

Unfortunately, we were unable to test this product as mother nature arrived for her monthly visit *rolls eyes*.

Bijoux Indiscrets, Aphrodisa: 2 in 1 Scented Silicone Massage & Love Gel

This was another sample we didn’t try in time but we will be using it but just not over the next few days.

Bijoux Indiscrets, Light My Fire: Wild Strawberry & Honey Warming Massage Oil

The oil was pink in colour, the strawberry scent was a bit overpowering for my personal taste as it was very sweet. As for the warming effect I personally didn’t notice it so was a tiny bit disappointed but maybe I was expecting too much. The feeling was amazing it made me feel silky smooth and the scent did eventually settle so it was a subtle strawberry scent that would appear every now and then.

Bijoux Indiscrets, Light My Fire: Soft Caramel & Salt Warming Massage Oil

This warming massage oil smelt absolutely divine, it was golden yellow in colour and the warming sensation was noticeable straight away. If I had a big bottle of this I would smother myself in it every day.

GK Natural Creations: Midnight Lavender & Neroli Soap

As this product had lavender I personally couldn’t use it but Ryan loved it as he felt the scent was perfectly unisex and it did the job lathering up nicely.

LELO Hex: Natural Latex Condoms x 2

To be honest we forgot to use these but we will get around to testing them soon.

The RRP of the box content (not including samples or freebies) is £73.05 that’s almost double the box price you pay for just 4 products. The subscription costs £45 so you are saving a minimum of £28.05 by buying this box as the main product retails at a whopping £50!

We have an exclusive discount code that not only takes £5 off your first box making it only £40 but you will also receive one of these two products free in your box: BOXESSION18

Bijoux Indescrets ‘Blind Passion’ Mask

Worth £9 making your box RRP £82.05 that’s a massive saving of £42.05.


Bi05. Indescrets ‘Burlesque Pasties’ i.e. nipple tassels

Worth £15 making your box RRP £88.05 that is a staggering £48.05 saving.

Box payment is taken on the 5thevery 2 months then dispatched on the 10th(5 days after payment has been taken), Love Drop offers free standard delivery (2-3 working days) or you can pay £5 for Next-Day (pre 1pm & signed for) within the UK.

2018 Payment dates are:

  • 5thJune
  • 5thAugust
  • 5thOctober
  • 5thDecember

2018 Shipping dates are:

  • 10thJune
  • 10thAugust
  • 10thOctober
  • 10thDecember

A little bit about us

As a couple, Ryan and I have had explosive sexual chemistry since our first night together. I feel comfortable with Ryan and have been able to try lots of new things as well as experiencing the big O (orgasm) as well as lots and lots of multiple O’s too (I don’t think I can live without the big O’s now). We love to try new things as both of us are quite dominant in the bedroom but this works perfectly as we both are also the right amount of submissive so we work well together to fulfil each others sexual needs.

In 2015 Ryan asked me to start a family with him and if I would be his wife! Fast forward to today and we are still engaged but we now have a beautiful 2-year-old daughter who made our love for one another stronger. As a couple we are still very sexually active but unfortunately not as much as we used. However, this is down to my severe asthma that makes it difficult to breathe &/or move sometimes but we always make up for it once I’m feeling better. We haven’t spent more than a week apart for four years and the week we did was because I was hospitalised due to my asthma and even then, we still found ways to get rid of our sexual tension.

This is the first time we have introduced toys into our sexy fun time as we call it because personally my body is very sensitive and Ryan is very well equipped and has amazing technique so there hasn’t been a need for any toys so it will be fun to try something new together.

Our joint Verdict (Ryan & Jasmine )

As a couple we would just love to thank Ben again as this box is so much fun and we truly enjoyed testing the products *wink, wink*. All in all, this box is perfect for nearly any adult, whether single or part of a couple, male or female I think this box can bring you lots of pleasure. As individual people we are quite blunt and brutally honest so when reviewing any products, I will always be 100% honest and express my personal opinion. So, with that being said I love this box idea/design as well as the products included. I have been eyeing up the Love Drop Instagram for a while now and I’m so disappointed I missed the last box as I think Ryan and I would have had a ball with those products. This edition of Love Drop was perfect as Ryan is a very giving lover as in he enjoys pleasuring me to the point of no return (I usually end up sound asleep after we have both finished) also the vibrator is good for both males and females. Twenty One can also be used as a back massager or foot massager but please remember to clean your product properly after each use. I think this box is a great investment into your relationship or even yourself as it’s a box full of goodies that can help you reach your happy place *wink, nudge* especially if you use our exclusive discount code BOXESSION18 that will give you £5 off your first box as well as receiving one of the two free gifts mentioned above. This means you will only pay £40 (basically £20 a month – that’s the way I would work it so on the month I don’t get the box, as it’s bi-monthly I will put £20 away then add the other £20 the following month) delivery is free and this box value will be a minimum of £73.05 not including samples/freebies or your free gift, the cheapest of the two is still £9. Why are you still reading this? Move your sexy bums and go order now before it’s sold out, Hurry.

Website and social media links can be found below and orders can be placed on their website so hurry and place your order now.

Instagram Facebook

Thank you for taking the time to read our review,

Jasmine & Ryan xox

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