LoveDrop Review by Sam & Paul – May 2018

Life gets busy there’s kids, homework, school runs, work, meetings, cleaning, clubs,  appointments, pets the list is endless and sadly more often than not the relationship gets put on the back burner and neglected unintentionally.

When you have been in a long term relationship of over a decade you wear thin on inspiration and motivation que Love Drop.  

Love drop is a date night box designed  to take the hassle and worry out of planning a date night at the same time as helping you maintain a healthy sex life. The box contains exciting adult toys, gifts, sexy games and activities for you and your partner to explore together.
If you missed our live unboxing you can catch it here…

It was packed inconspicuously when it arrived, so my secrets are safe from the postie and any inquisitive eyes! Inside the mundane normal looking box was a gorgeous black and white box with a heart design all over it, I adore the quote on the side “we promise to always have fun together” that’s some good #lifegoals right there.


And Inside to help us rekindle our love was…

Twenty One Massager by Bijoux Indiscrets – RRP £50

Only about 10% of women can orgasm through penetrative sex, I am fortunately one of the lucky ones, but it is always nice to have that something extra to make it a bit more orgasmic!This reminds me of lady million so much it’s uncanny!

The diamond is said to be the ultimate female pleasure aid. With the perfect size and shape, it is designed to provide precise stimulation, through its 7 patterns and 3 vibration intensities (all guaranteed to wow with a capital O). Batteries are the Bane of any mums life so the fact it’s rechargeable, you just unscrew the top and plug It in, it’s that easy makes me very happy.

It’s not too heavy or cumbersome and it certainly delivers if you know what I mean. It’s meant to be waterproof as well although we haven’t tested this yet. It’s a pleasure to own, it’s not intimidating for the man and it’s discreet enough to travel with or leave out, whilst not compromising on function. It also comes in a high end looking Jewellery box with its own silk storage bag.

Both the male and female can get pleasure from this diamond, try holding it against your mans perennial zone, or use it in some sexy foreplay by holding it against some of your more sensitive areas, team with some warming or tingling massage oil (lube) for the ultimate experience. The box is worth buying for this item alone Plus let’s face it diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

The Devon Fudge Co Salcombe Gin with Pink Grapefruit Fudge – RRP £4.25

We both enjoyed this, ok I lie I ate the majority, I would like to say I was lovingly fed it but alas no such fairytales.  A gorgeous treat though regardless, not too overpowering of a taste and gorgeous melt in your mouth creamy texture. These could easily be incorporated into some erotic food play.

GK Natural Creations Bath Truffle Selection – RRP £8.85

I love a good bath-treat and popping one of these in a candle lit bath really helped get me In the mood! (Plus a bit of fudge ha ha) Small but mighty springs to mind! The scents and oils in them are not done by halves, the aromas fill the whole room and soothe your soul. They not only left my mind feeling sensuous, my skin felt kiss-ably smooth and luxurious well into the next day.

LoveDrop Prompt Cards – RRP £9.95

What a brilliant way to bring a lot of love back to a relationship! These cards are great for all couples new and old. We loved trying some of them out this past few weeks and it’s helped us make more time for each other and added a breath of fresh air to our day to day relationship. The 8 cards have helped to inspire us from themed date nights to rekindling bedroom romance.

2 x LELO HEX Condoms approx Rrp £2.92 (based on a pack of 12)

I’m really glad they added these! there is nothing worse than being in the moment and then having to stop and Hunt, ruins the mood a bit. And it show how well thought through the box is even encouraging safe sex, being a mum of 2 is plenty for me thank you!

Neroli Soap Sample from GK Creations

This smells divine and was a super cute touch and even better I managed to blag a bubbly back rub from it all in the name of testing the soap of course.

And some extra lotions and potions!

  • Aphrodisia Clitoral Orgasm enhancer balm.
  • Warming Massage Oil, Light my fire: soft caramel & salt
  • Warming Massage Oil, Light my fire: wild strawberry & honey
  • Aphrodisia 2 in 1 Scented Silicon Massage & Love Gel

Including these was a really nice touch! they are so handy plus help you get a feel for the flavours and textures you enjoy before purchasing the full size.

The Box has a total RRP of £76 !Giving you a saving of £31!

 Or £51 if you use code BOXESSION18 to get £5 off and a free surprise gift worth up to £15!

We both really enjoyed the box! You can see the thought and attention to detail that has gone into its curation. It’s tastefully designed giving it a classy and upmarket feel to it. It’s not just a dildo shoved in a box and it’s certainly helped to Rekindle a flame and spark some fun in our relationship. And we still have some of the box left to explore together.

We now look at each other with a glint and the daily grind that we called our relationship is now fun and vibrant again. And all that for the price of a cinema trip! I know which date night I prefer!

As I mentioned in my live; it’s so easy to get stuck in a rut after being together over a decade, and hard to think up exciting new ideas. Let’s face it the honeymoon period long passed and you have pretty much completed the Kama Sutra, and have owned more bondage toys than your local adult shop! So Love Drop is a breath of fresh air, helping to remind you your relationship is about more than the daily grind.

Not only would I recommend this box for old couples, new couples , the young, the old , the shy and the bold!I would also say this edition in my opinion would also cater for a single woman, other than the love drop cards.

It’s honestly so tastefully put together, it will have your screaming for more.

how do I get my relationship buzzing again?

Nice and simple

  • Bi-monthly subscription £45 every 2 months or just £40 with our exclusive discount code BOXESSION18

(so you receive 1 box every 2 months) They ship out around the 10th and billing is the 5th of the month it ships.

So for example the next box is…

  • June (charges the 5th ships the 10th


  • August (charges the 5th ships the 10th)


  • October (charges the 5th ships the 10th)

And so on

as soon as you sign up your first box will be sent out right away for you to enjoy. You can still get your hands on this box featured so hurry !!!!

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