LoveDrop Box Review by Chloe & Dan – May 2018

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Ben, the founder of Love Drop, for sending myself and 3 other Boxession admin members May’s subscription box to review!
When I first heard about Love Drop and their concept I was intrigued and excited; left wanting to know more.

A bit about the box: It is a Bi-Monthly subscription box for couples looking to spice up their intimacy by experimenting with activities and different items. For example new and exciting sex positions, toys, different foreplay activities, as well as much simpler ideas like food and drink that can boost libido. This appealed to me greatly as I believe there is no harm in being adventurous, and this box means you can take it at your own pace.

The box arrived via Royal Mail in a bubble wrapped bag. The actual box was also bubble wrapped to ensure no damage or breakages during transit, which is brilliant as broken products/leakages are the last thing you want when you are dying to open a new subscription box! It was discreetly packaged meaning no embarrassment in front of the Postie or other family members; this also means it can be delivered to a workplace as there are no indications on the outer packaging as to what is inside.

If you missed our live unboxing on our Facebook group you can watch it back here. I unboxed Love Drop with my partner Dan! We were both over the moon with the contents and element of surprise!

What came in the box?

  • Twenty One by Bijoux Indiscrets – RRP £50
  • Salcombe Gin with Pink Grapefruit Fudge by the Devon Fudge Co. – RRP £4.25
  • Bath Truffle Selection by GK Natural Creations – RRP £8.85
  • Love Drop Prompt Cards – RRP £9.95

These were the main items in Love Drop this month; HOWEVER you also get these amazing freebies/samples too! Who doesn’t love extras 😉

  • Aphrodisia Clitoral Orgasm enhancer balm
  • Warming Massage Oil, Light my fire: soft caramel & salt
  • Warming Massage Oil, Light my fire: wild strawberry & honey
  • Aphrodisia 2 in 1 Scented Silicon Massage & Love Gel
  • Neroli Soap Sample from GK Creations
  • Condoms x 2 by LELO HEX

Adding up to a whopping RRP of £73.05. This is excluding the freebies/samples!

As you can tell from these calculations you are guaranteed to get your moneys worth with this box. Spicing up your sex life can be expensive and may put some people off (I know I have been in the past). Love Drop is convenient and a bargain in my opinion!

We have a discount code which gets you a free gift, making it even better value for money! Is also gives you £5 off by Using code ‘BOXESSION18’

The free gift could be either of the following:
Bijoux Indescrets ‘Blind Passion’ Mask Worth £9
Bijoux Indescrets ‘Burlesque Pasties’ Nipple tassels Worth £15

The Price:

Love Drop is usually £45 Bi-monthly, plus post and packaging costs. With our discount code it takes it down to just £40! The boxes are shipped on the 10th of every other month with you being billed on the 5th. The next shipping date is the 10th of June.

What did we think of the products?

We are a young couple; I’m aged 21 and Dan 23 so it is great to be able to review this box being from a young age group. We have been together over 2 years now and sometimes our sex life hasn’t been a priority. Love Drop is a great way to introduce new ideas and products into a relationship!

Twenty One by Bijoux Indiscrets –

This is the main item of the box and definitely the most exciting! At first glance we thought it looked like a jewellery box, then when opened it looked like a bottle of perfume! The perks of this are that it is discreet and classy. You could also pop it in your handbag with no questions asked. Twenty One is a diamond shaped vibrator that’s gold in colour making it look and feel luxurious. It has 7 vibration modes and 3 speed settings giving you lots of options to play around with. We found it easy and comfortable to use with a long battery life. The modes can be changed with the click of a singular button, it’s also water resistant so can be used in the shower. All of these things make it suitable for any occasion giving maximum pleasure. It is something Dan and I am glad to have in our collection and will continue to use in the future.

Salcombe Gin with Pink Grapefruit Fudge –

If you watched our live unboxing you will know Dan could not wait to tuck into this snack and started munching them as soon as he opened them! I did make sure he saved me some 😉 We both really liked the fudge, especially the combination with grapefruit as it was unusual but tasty.

Bath Truffle Selection by GK Natural Creations –

When we opened the box these were the first thing we could smell! They smell beautiful and look it too. When we used these, they left our skin feeling silky and scented, the scent spread throughout the house and lingered in the air for hours after.

Love Drop Prompt Cards –

These were another favourite of ours from the box. The idea is great and gives you an excuse to try something new! It takes away any embarrassment between you and your partner (if there is any) because everything is written down for you. They are easy to read and include some brilliant tasks that you may not have tried before.

Aphrodisia Clitoral Orgasm enhancer balm –

OK, I underestimated this product! It worked brilliantly which was pleasantly surprising. I have always been intrigued by orgasm enhancer gels/balms but never really knew if they worked. Adding this as an extra in Love Drop was a fab idea as it can be used with the other products that were included.

Final Thoughts

Overall Dan and I are very impressed with Love Drop, it eases any concerns when you are looking to enhance your sex life. We have or will use every product that was included; the ones we have tried have added extra pleasure and excitement to our sex life. We are hoping our review will help people to open up about their sexual activities and prompt them to try something new and this box is a great way to do this! It is also excellent value for money (especially if you use our discount code-BOXESSION18).

Shopping for sex toys, activities, games etc can be daunting so having Love Drop delivered to your door every other month takes the stress out of this and leaves only the excitement! I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for that extra something in their relationship.

We hope you enjoyed reading this review as much as we did writing it!
Love Chloe and Dan Xx

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