The Cruelty Free Beauty Box (Build Your Own Box) Review by Mel – May 2018

When Chloe who owns The Cruelty Free Beauty Box messaged me to tell me they have a new and exciting box coming soon, I could hardly contain my excitement! A new box, well I am the biggest box addict I know! I signed up to the pre launch page to receive email updates, and I have had it noted in my calendar as a reminder too.

I was very happy to be asked to review this new box, ok I was bouncing around like a small child and I am not ashamed to admit it. I am actively trying to switch everything I can to cruelty free. Beauty should never need to be tested on animals in this day and age; we have such advanced scientific ways of testing, that it needs to be stamped out completely regardless of cost.

So my box arrived via Royal Mail, and I had to wait to unbox, but I did have a tiny little peek! Inside the contents were encased in purple tissue, and there were some parma violet sweeties too, which were accidentally eaten!

If you missed my live unboxing, you can click play below…

What did I choose?

  • The Salt Parlour – Rose & Shea Butter (CALM) Salt & Sulphur Scrub, 60g – RRP £4.95
  • Medusas Makeup Witch Lash Mascara (Black Noir) – RRP £9.95
  • EDEN Perfumes – Vegan Si (No. 62) 10ml – RRP £7.20
  • Meow Meow Tweet, Tea Tree Deodorant Cream 28g – RRP £6.95
  • Manna Kadar – Lip Locked Priming Lip Wand, J’adore – Blushing Nude – RRP £18

TOTAL RRP = £47.05

Cost of Box – £19.95 plus £2.95 Postage = £22.90

SAVING OF £24.15!!

Double Discount Codes, yes you can choose either of these:

  • BYOBGIFT will get you a free gift (BUILD YOUR OWN BOX ONLY)
  • BYOB10 will give you 10% off everything including Build Your Own, but not valid for subscriptions. It will work on one off Beauty Boxes though

How does the BYOB work?

Firstly and most importantly, this is not a subscription. You can order as many as you wish, whoever you want; giving you total control.

You choose the first 4 items, and these are each up to £10 in value. You then pick a 5th item that is over £10 in value. The best part for me is that you can choose from makeup, skincare, hair products, body, bath, nails… literally everything beauty related.

The boxes are shipped once a week on a Tuesday, so cut off for ordering is midnight on the Monday. They also renew the selections on 25th of every month, and if an item sells out it will be replaced with another!

How much do they cost?

A build your own box is £19.95 for 5 products. The shipping cost is £2.95.

You can get FREE shipping if:

  • You spend £25 or over, so you could add an item from their shop?
  • You are already a subscriber to one of their monthly boxes, and you wish to add a BYOB as an extra to be shipped out with your subscription.

So, lets talk about the products…

The Salt Parlour – Rose & Shea Butter (CALM) Salt & Sulphur Scrub

This comes with the cutest little wooden spoon to scoop it out with, it is in a handy sized tin and therefore perfect for travels. My skin will feel the effects of the heat and salt water when I am in Greece, and I already use scrubs as a great way to rid the dry and dead skin. I am a fan of both coffee and salt scrubs. The ones I currently use are all cruelty free, but I had not yet tried this particular brand. I saw Jasmine had one of these and instantly wanted to try it. I am not disappointed, I have used it on my arms in the shower to test it, but I want to save the rest to take away with me. I would buy this again, but since you can now BYOB, I will likely do that so it is not costing me full price, a win/win.

Medusas Makeup Witch Lash Mascara (Black Noir)

I have had my eye on this brand of mascara. I was only asking a few weeks ago for recommendations for cruelty free mascaras, so this was the first thing I added into my basket. I was informed that these were going very fast too. I have been unable to test this just yet, as my eye area is still a little tender as I just had my microblading re done. But I will be testing it out as soon as I can.

EDEN Perfumes – Vegan Si (No. 62)

This smells 100% like the real deal! I am so impressed with this product I will absolutely be buying more of these, or more likely getting them in more Cruelty Free Beauty Boxes.  I really want the numbers 405 which is a dupe for Lancome La Vie Est Belle, and 32 which is a dupe for Miss Dior Cherie! This lasted all day, I am made up with the 10ml size as it will be worn on my Brothers Wedding day, and I can carry it around in my bag. Whoever came up with this guilt free way of wearing perfume is a genius; you need to check out this brand ladies, a must buy.

Meow Meow Tweet, Tea Tree Deodorant Cream

I have been consciously making an effort to go cruelty free with all of my beauty items, down to the everyday essentials. I have tried a few deodorants so far, yet haven’t managed to discover one that suits me. I tried one of the solid blocks that you wet and then rub on in the same way you would a standard roll on, and I tried another brand that was too gritty and harsh on my underarms. I wax, so using something that is soft and nourishing on them is a must, I can’t walk around with my arms raised because they are stinging ha! So far so good with this one, the balm is smooth, the scent is very fresh and the Tea Tree is obvious, and I like the smell. If this continues to work well for me I will re buy, £6.95 is fairly cheap when you consider how long it lasts. I have used the little wooden spoon to scoop it out of the jar as stated in my live unboxing too!

Manna Kadar – Lip Locked Priming Lip Wand, J’adore – Blushing Nude

I never usually buy a nude colour lipstick. I am a true red type of girl, but I have a couple of outfits to wear while I am away that will just clash with a red. So I decided to step away from my comfort zone with this selection. I am a fan of the brand already, and I love the chunky twist up design. Very easy to apply, and a gorgeous texture. This was available in lots of other colours too ladies, so be quick!

My Verdict?

I purposely chose items that I am going to use, I think this is the best way to get the most out of the build your own box. I am absolutely elated with this box. I will be buying another one I have no doubt about that, especially to get some more EDEN perfumes as I know that Chloe said she had ordered a further 20 scents to add.

I am not exclusively cruelty free (yet), but actively making those changes. This box is an amazing way for you to make the switch to products that do not test on our furry friends. You are in control of everything in the box, so you won’t get anything that you aren’t going to use, so zero wastage there.

Do I recommend it? I URGE you to try this box, especially if you are the type of person who doesn’t like subscription boxes where you don’t know what will be in them until they arrive. If that is you, then this is your dream beauty box.

Keep up the fantastic work Chloe & The Cruelty Free Beauty Box Team, I look forward to seeing what else you bring out in the future. I love and appreciate that you are expanding your business to meet the demand of what people are asking for.

DO NOT FORGET to use one of the discount codes listed further up!!

Thank you my lovelies for reading,

Mel x

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