bettybox Review by Jen & Kaitlen – May 2018

What is bettybox?

Good question…. Bettybox is a subscription box for young girls who have joined us ladies in the experience of periods!  A box full to the brim of sanitary products this is not. Sure, you receive those vital monthly additions but this box is much more than that….

How much will I Pay?

There are currently three membership options, all with free delivery:

  • Monthly – recurring payment of £12.99
  • 3 Months – one off payment of £35.97 saving £1 per month
  • 6 Months – one off payment of £64.956 months for the price of 5

When will it arrive?

The simple answer to this is…when you want it to.

That’s correct, it runs in sync with your monthly cycle. You order it for the date you expect your period to arrive and bettybox will be that fairy godmother, there to help! The box is also the perfect size to fit through most letterboxes and is discretely packaged meaning no embarrassing moments.

If you missed my Daughter Kaitlen and I joints unboxing bettybox and Pink Parcel this month, you can watch back here on our YouTube Channel:

What’s inside?

If you watched the live unboxing you will have seen Kaitlen and myself discuss a new concept, which Bettybox and Pink Parcel are running with, supporting all women and girls. Within this months box is an informative card highlighting period poverty, experienced by many women and girls, and the proposals of how we can all help eradicate this. In this day and age it seems ludicrous that something so vital and basic to a females needs is still not provided or readily available to all; women don’t ask for periods. Enclosed within the box is a prepaid plastic envelope, to be used for any unused sanitary products. Tampons or pads, all will go to help a worthy cause…and let’s face it I’m sure we all have spare products! All products are then forwarded onto local charity partners who will then provide them to those in need. A fantastic concept, one we shall be supporting!

Firstly, sanitary products!

Based on an average cycle of 5 days, this box provided ample supplies of both daytime pads along with nighttime and liners. When placing your order you can choose between pads, tampons or a mixture; even changing each month the sizes or brands. In total Bettybox supplied 14 daytime pads, 5 nighttime pads and 6 liners along with a snazzy cotton bag to keep them inside during the day. The drawstring ensures they stay inside and doesn’t give any clues as to the contents.

As usual, Kaitlen couldn’t wait to see what hidden treats were waiting for her in the ‘for you’ box…

Candy Kittens Gourmet Sweets – Sweet Peach 52g – RRP £1.00

Kaitlen couldn’t wait to try these delightfully sour sweets! I say sour as she allowed me to try one…they are immensely sour whilst being strangely addictive! Perfect for vegans, gluten free, containing natural flavours and colours makes this a sweet treat for many.

Trifle Cosmetics Buttercream Body Lotion 30ml – RRP Approx £12 ($15.95)

This lightweight body lotion smells divine! It reminds me of the buttercream my mum used to make for little butterfly sponge cakes…probably best you don’t try to eat it as Kaitlen thought in the live unboxing! With a non-greasy texture this is easily absorbed into the skin quickly, leaving your skin gently fragranced and soft. What’s more this product is cruelty free, something which many are becoming ever more conscious of and can only be viewed as a positive thing.

Merci Handy Hand Cleansing Gel – Black Vanilla 30ml – RRP £2.90

This hand cleansing gel has a pleasant aroma to it unlike many that have a significantly stronger, harsher smell to. The addition of black vanilla can not only be smelt but also seen within the liquid; tiny black beads float within the gel. Perfect for reducing the transfer of germs from hard surfaces to other areas, I think I shall be using this product rather than Kaitlen. Working within a School of young children has its bonuses, however the unfortunate side effects can sometimes also be in the guise of tummy bugs!

A. Girl Lip Paint Glazed – Blushing 12ml – RRP £4.00

The packaging of this product immediately had both of us thinking it looked a perfect dupe for another well known higher end brand (you know who we’re talking about right?!). After searching online to price this product up I can tell you all that the shade is somewhat deeper than shown online elsewhere. I’ve seen it shown as quite a light, baby pink shade – this actually appears a more deeper pink. Don’t let this put you off though, the colour is intense and the glossy finish beautiful! When applied it seems to have a touch of sparkle to it, definitely a beautiful gloss for the summer months.

Beauty Papier Green Tea Blotting Paper – 30 sheets – RRP 7.99

Not very many people seem to use this product anymore, however it seems to be making something of a comeback. I’ve seen another brand marketing a similar product on the high street and think it’s quite ironic how trends go, only to emerge once again. It’s true that if a product genuinely works it will continue to appeal to all age groups – this product is no different. These fine sheets of blotting paper are used to remove excess oil on the face, usually the t-zone which can become oily throughout the day. Green tea has soothing properties, fantastic for the skin, whilst the paper does its job without ruining make up.

T+ Raspberry & Pomegranate Green Tea 2g- RRP 25p (£3.69 for a box of 15)

Kaitlen isn’t fond of fruit teas so kindly donated this product to me. I’ve tried this product previously and know from old that unfortunately it’s not my ‘cup of tea’, I find the raspberry flavour a little too tart for my taste buds. I’m sure one of my colleagues however shall snap it up for a relaxing cup of tea midday!

Browcote Waterproof Brow Gel 3.8ml – RRP £6.99

Eyebrow products are a very big hit in this household. Even if Kaitlen doesn’t apply any make up for the day I can guarantee her eyebrows will be preened to perfection! After trying this product previously and finding it to be one of the best brow gels available, Kaitlen is over the moon to receive it in this months box. The fact that once applied to brows there is no moving or transferring of brow product is a major selling point; so many promise but unfortunately do not deliver!

Is it worth it?

When totalled up this box value is approximately £35.13, not including the cost of the sanitary products. If you were to factor that into the box value then Betty Box have easily almost tripled the subscription cost in product value. This is something I always praise in a box, the ability to provide a fab edit time and time again whilst at least doubling the value, if not more. Another fantastic edit for the month of May!

A quick sneaky peek into the month of June for Bettybox – Remember the Suffragettes?

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Thank you for taking the time to read our review

Stay beautiful,

Jen & Kaitlen


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