Storm in a Teacup Gifts Review by Bonnie-Jo – May 2018

I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Jenny at Storm in a Teacup for giving me the opportunity to review this fabulous subscription. The thought, time and passion that goes into the making of these boxes clearly shows!

If you missed my live unboxing you can catch it here…

What is Storm in a Teacup?

Storm in a Teacup send tailor made boxes to you every month. You’re asked a series of questions to work out your interests and likes so that they can make a box perfect for you. The detail and questions asked to make you a box that fits you and your likes is amazing, this isn’t a box that has just been thrown together, so much time and effort has gone into obtaining the right products for you. The subscription allows you to opt in and out very easily and they even allow you to choose your own theme and box size too! There are so many different themes to choose from so there is something for everyone.

The amazing thing about this company is that they try to work with other small businesses to provide support to each other. As well as subscription boxes they have an fantastic range of online gifts which they also use in bespoke one-off gift boxes, care packages, home ware, decorative signs, storage, accessories, garden and outdoor products that you can buy and have shipped straight to your door. They can even create a box for your pets; ask them about their Paw Moi boxes!

You can get a FREE £5 upgrade on your box by quoting BoXession to Jenny when subscribing.

Don’t forget to add your date of birth in the questionnaire too, as they try to add a little extra in to help make it even more special (not that it’s needed I think it’s pretty special anyway)

What questions do they ask?

If you follow this link you can see:

I had a £20 subscription, which didn’t come boxed due to the size of items, but it was delivered via Royal Mail securely taped in a brown envelope. Inside, the products are neatly wrapped in blue tissue paper tied up with a thick hessian ribbon in a nice bow. Placed under the bow and on top of the tissue paper was the storm in a teacup gifts business card with all their contact information and social media handles.

What did I get?

The first item I pulled out was a pair of Harry Potter socks. The socks have grey and white stripes at the top and dark grey at the bottom with stars and the signature Harry Potter lightning bolt scar. The toes, heel and scar are a glittery gold. Whilst discussing collaboration I had seen the Harry Potter box and mentioned my like for it.

The second item was a beautiful jet-black hanging sign which suited my personality rather well, the signs says ‘shopping counts as cardio’… there couldn’t be a better excuse to shop haha.  I haven’t found the perfect place for this yet so for the time being it’s sitting on the handle of my window.

The third item out was an Optiat 10g sachet of feel good coffee scrub in mouth-watering mandarin. The size it ample to allow you to try before you buy and a brilliant size to have in your toiletries bag to take with you for a trip away.

The next product was a beautiful smelling pear and vanilla wax melt from Charismatic Cat candles and wax melts. The size is brilliant and the added glittery bits are lovely too.

There were also some lovely butterfly nail art stickers, a pack of Alice in wonderland stickers with lots of different designs, a set of flowery stickers and a reel of black decorative washi tape with gold bats, stars and moons. Although these items are lovely and fit my likes amazingly (I have a Cheshire Cat tattoo) I would have liked to have seen a different array of items. I get my nails done professionally so the patterns are done by hand so I wouldn’t have personally picked the nail decals, I also feel like the stickers would be better suited to a child not an adult (maybe I’ve lost my inner child) or someone who likes crafting. I shall be gifting these to my niece in the hope she will use me as a decorating canvas instead of the living room wall hehe!

There is also a pretty pink tassel, which would be easily attached to a key ring. The only key rings I have are my house key and car key, I feel I would need to find a better place for this as could see it getting easily broken amongst my keys.

The next few items are a weekly planner with every day of the week, the paper is very pretty with a gold border with coloured spots and a magnet on the back which I can use to stick on my fridge and easy to tear off pages. As I had said in my unboxing I’m such an air head I write notes and forget to pick the note up so having this easily accessible on my fridge should help a fair bit (I hope).

And lastly was a very cute decorative piece of card, in a scroll like design with the quote… FOREVER FEELIN’ FINE. This was lovely I think I’m going to stick this on the top of my weekly planner for a little bit of positivity each day.

Unlike most subscription boxes you can choose how much you want to spend, you have the choice of choosing a £10, £15, £20 or £25 subscription, which also includes shipping. To cancel or take a break is very easy all you have to do is let them know by the 20th of the month so they can alter your order before they start to ship the first week of the month.

You can also get one-off boxes – they have Harry Potter, Unicorns, Mermaids and pampering themes to name but a few – just let them know at the checkout the theme you’d like. I’ve also seen on their Facebook page (I’ll pop the link at the bottom) they have created an Alice in wonderland box too!

To celebrate female empowerment and 100 years since women got the right to vote… “We have approached several women led small businesses who have agreed to work with us on this fantastic project. We will be creating 50 limited edition female empowerment boxes that will inspire and celebrate women. Boxes are £30 and contain a number of goodies from our fabulous business collaborators as well as information, stories and historical facts” They only have two boxes available so be quick and snap up yours today!

What do I think about this box and would I recommend it?

I love the thought that has been put into this and unlike most subscription boxes it really is tailored to your likes and interests. So, you won’t be sent items that will go unused or sit in the bottom drawer untouched! You won’t be left disappointed and feeling like you have wasted your hard-earned money. This box is amazing; I personally prefer the one off boxes, as I really like the themed boxes they have at the moment – they are definitely my cup of tea! I would seriously consider buying a box for younger children for a Birthday, Christmas or any occasions present and with the price being tailored (also getting an additional £5 upgrade for being a BoXession member) the value is brilliant.

Thanks for reading,

xX Bonnie Xx

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