Mila & Pheebs Review by Sam & Katie – April 2018

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Alexis for sending us this box to review.

Katie was so excited when it landed, she loved Octobers one and couldn’t wait to see what was in this one!

Mila & Pheebs is a letterbox friendly children’s arts and craft box that is packed to the brim with cool stuff to do (seriously the packers must be masters of Tetris haha). It helps to get the kids away from the electronics, and using their creative side again and give you some much needed family time.

 If you missed our live unboxing you can catch it here:

So what was in this fun packed April showers box?


This told us the the theme and 11 different activities/items we had. As well as some fun facts, a joke corner, dates for your diary (superhandy for us mums), a did you know section, and of course the golden ticket winner from last month. (This is a brilliant idea!!!! Every month a golden ticket is packed into a random box and the lucky boy or girl that finds it gets a free gift on their next box!).

Flower notebook craft kit

This is the first thing Katie made she loves the little flower power notebook and added her own extra design using the foam stickers pack.

Greeting cards and envelopes

The quality of these is really nice I love the embossed mother and baby ducks on it.

Raindrop colouring pencils

Wow! There is literally every colour you could possibly need here, and they are small so great for traveling or smaller pencil cases (or in Katies case pun intended one that is too full of cute erasers to fit normal pencils in haha).

Frog eraser

This is super cute and is now her new school companion alongside her whale eraser; that is also too cute to use but a pencil case must have.

Umbrella collage craft kit

This is Katie’s next quiet time activity she really looking forward to it.

Foil stickers

If you didn’t watch the live the first thing Katie did was stick one on my head! We may have got a little bit distracted sticking them on each other. Don’t despair though they also added in decorating a bedroom door as well as a few pictures.

Foam stickers

Katie used these alongside her flower notebook craft kit to add her own flare to it, and to stick round the house of course what else are stickers for?!


Who doesn’t love a good word search? Katie had loads of fun with this.

Criss Cross

There is something extremely satisfying about completing a Criss Cross!

Colouring in sheets

These are yet to be completed but will be great for car journeys and rainy days.

Frog Bean Bag Craft Kit

Even Dad had fun helping to make this, though it did nearly end up half upside down haha. Katie is very proud of her froggy!

We are both big fans of Mila & Pheebs, it gives us lots of laughs and some good old fashioned fun and creativity. It’s great to pack up in the car for long journeys and easy to pop in a bag for a day out. It’s brilliant value for money! I honestly don’t know how they manage to get so much in!

Katie has thoroughly enjoyed spending some time away from her devices being creative and making something she is genuinely proud of. Her favourite part so for this month was the froggy bean bag that now lives pride of place on her bed.

How do I get it?

There are so many options you can get:

  • Monthly rolling £10 per month plus £2.99 p&p
    This is great for gifting as you can cancel with no fee and they will even add a personalised note for you in the first box!
  • 3 monthly £30 plus £2.99 p&p you only get charged postage once for this option meaning you get 2 boxes posted free saving you £5.98
  • 6 monthly £60 plus £2.99 p&p yet again you only pay to post one box saving you £14.95.
  • Sibling boxes great if you have more than one child £18 per month plus £2.99 p&p saving you £4.99

All of these options allow you to add a personalised message in your first box so would make a fab gift! Boxes are letterbox friendly!

You must sub by the 10th of the month and boxes ship on the 22nd via Royal Mail. payments are taken on the 10th every month via Paypal. You can also buy one off themed boxes

You can check out there sleek new revamped website that is well laid out and now includes a blog here:

You can also get the latest news and updates on:
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