Vertue Box Review by Jasmine – April 2018

Vertue isn’t just an online store, but is also a bi-monthly subscription box service that is clean, green and cruelty free. The founder behind Vertue is a former makeup artist, who after being diagnosed with auto-immune disorder decided to live a healthier and greener lifestyle; so that is how vertue was born. Vertue believes health and nutrition play a large part in how we look, feel, and also that beauty starts from within. Since Vertue is a green business they choose the most ethical and natural brands as well as packaging, even donating 10% of all profits to charity! Every month has a different theme and this month is Vitamin Sea so to be perfectly frank I absolutely adore this theme as I love the Sea and have since I was a child, it always made me come to life giving me all this energy as well as soft skin.

Vertue arrived via Royal Mail with no extra packaging to waste, but the downside to that is that the box had a few indentations, no need to worry though as the box did its job and got all the products to me safely. The box is white and had a big stick on label with the logo and my address that went from the centre of the box down over the flap opening then onto the other side. The box depth and width is good as well so will definitely re use to hold my beauty products so won’t go to waste. When your are subscribing you will be asked to fill out a survey asking various things like skin type and favourite season colour. For example spring will be peach, beige and violet where as winter is red, dark purple and black as these answers will help Vertue personalise your box. Vertue also ask if you have any special preferences like Vegan, Nut allergy, dairy-free or/and gluten-free.

Once you open the box you are greeted by custom eco-friendly tissue paper from noissue, since it was custom made Vertue chose a crisp white colour with a shiny silver writing saying ‘Vertue’, it looks and feels of exceptional quality.

You can watch my unboxing video that was recorded live on the Boxession Facebook group here via our YouTube channel:

So, let’s have a peak at what’s inside this clean, green and cruelty free box!

Hydrèa London Premium Quality Fine Silk Sea Sponge 3-3.5 RRP £10.65

I have seen this product feature in a few boxes but was never lucky enough to get one myself until now, and I must say oh my as it is so soft and feels amazing against the skin. Even my almost 2 year old daughter Ariana-Joy loved it as she tried to take it to bed with her after her bath the other night. All Hydrèa sea sponges are harvested in the Mediterranean Sea then hand processed in the UK. They can last two years with normal care. This particular Sea Sponge from Hydrèa is known as a honeycomb sponge also it comes in different sizes as this one is the 3-3.5 perfect for facial cleansing and babies. Wash the sponge in warm water and allow to dry naturally, do not bleach or put in washing machine. The natural sea sponge will help you have a luxurious cleanse as it encourages a rich lather. I know you are probably thinking who would pay £10.65 for a sponge, well now I have tested this product I most definitely will be buying again and I highly recommend this especially if you have sensitive skin as it’s so soft and gentle.

Earth Harbour Rose Ruby Gemstone Face Mist 60ml £14.51

Rose floral water mixed with pure red ruby gemstone is an incredible toner, makeup setter, hydration-enhancer,  and youth-booster. Enriched with beautifying hibiscus flower extract, antioxidant rich white tea extract and nutrient-giving seaweed extract. This face mist softens skin, locks in moisture, leaves your face fresh as well as rejuvenated and it restores your natural pH balance. It is suitable for all skin types. When I first removed this from the box during my live unboxing I didn’t have to open it to smell it as you could smell the floral rose scent straight away and I must say thank you to Vertue for putting this product in a sealed pink bubble wrap bag saving all other products from possible leakage as it is one complaint I see a lot amongst subscription box lovers. Most boxes when adding a liquid don’t wrap separately so it usually ends up leaking everywhere destroying other products. Rose Ruby is in a glass spray bottle so be careful. In the live unboxing I tried to describe the scent best I could and the best way to describe it is a bath full of fresh roses and petals.

The Salt Parlour Seaweed & Cucumber Hydrate Salt & Sulphur Scrub the mini tin 60g RRP £5.83

This particular scrub has been given an additional boost with the help of kelp powder, fatty acids, amino acids, a good source of trace minerals, vitamins and polyphenols. Basically everything you will need for healthy skin. The Salt Parlour has perfectly balanced all of this with cucumber oil and deeply nourishing sea buckthorn to give your skin a 2 in 1 treatment (a deep cleanse and intense hydration). For best results use between 2-3 times a week. This product is Raw, Vegan Friendly, 100% Natural, Handmade as well as Cruelty Free and comes with a small wooden spoon. When you open the product you can definitely smell a light seaweed/cucumber scent but it isn’t an overbearing pungent seaweed smell thankfully, the scrub is rough in texture but this is what helps your skin become so soft. The mini tins come in a set of 3 Costing £17.50 with a choice of 6 types or you can buy the 200g for £15 personally I’m going to order the mini set to try the other versions like coffee & coconut.

Seatox Kelp Help – wild kelp powder 70g RRP £8.95

This incredible superfood is bursting with essential vitamins & minerals like Iron, Calcium, Iodine, Magnesium & Zinc. Seaweed is a natural source of Iodine which is essential for a healthy thyroid and it is great for your metabolism but do not ingest more than 5g (a teaspoon) per week. The powder is fine, green in colour, has subtle seaweed scent also it is perfect for anyone on a plant based diet, sports and fitness workouts. You only need to add a pinch to your smoothie or go to Seatox website for ideas to add to meals. It is multipurpose so it can be used in soups, hair/face masks, breads or if you don’t use it all before it goes out of date you can use it as fertiliser for plants so there is zero waste. I personally added some to a green smoothie and it didn’t change the texture or taste of my smoothie which to be honest I love as some health powders can have a nasty aftertaste or make liquids thicker and lumpy; but this powder didn’t effect my smoothie at all so I get all the goodness without any of the nastiness.

Seatox Selkie Smooth Seaweed Bath Soak RRP £6.95

Fucus Serratus is bursting with essential vitamins and minerals like Iodine, Zinc and Magnesium so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is said the goddess of love Aphrodite used to soak in baths filled with seaweed. This particular seaweed (Fucus Serratus) contains extra extraordinary amounts of retinol otherwise known as Vitamin A which is the secret to supple and youthful skin. This seaweed is hand harvested in the pristine shores of the Irish Atlantic so it will bring a little bit of the Atlantic sea to your bath, using this in your bath will bring Zen, achieve rejuvenation and detox making it the perfect pamper bath especially before bed. 70-80g can be reused a couple of times. To get the best use off the seaweed add to a warm bath as this will rehydrate it, squeeze all the natural gels over your body, face and hair then soak in the bath for 20-40 minutes so your skin can absorb all the powerful nutrients of the Atlantic sea. I was excited when I saw this but after it rehydrated in my bath I was bit like *eek/eww*, but after entering the bath my skin started to feel silky and I enjoyed the feeling and when soaking I completely forgot the seaweed was in the bath with me. Also a bit of warning your bath may become a bit slippery!

Pacific Enlighten Mineral Eye Shadow Pallet RRP £15.49

This pallet has 4 beautiful shades nude, peach, gold and purple, all four are highly pigmented! I personally enjoyed creating a nice summer glow eyeshadow style set off with my liquid eyeliner. In my personal opinion for best results apply with your finger or maybe use a primer before applying. This pallet will definitely be used on sunny days as it gives off a real spring meets summer vibe.

The box content is worth a massive jaw dropping  £62.38 (to buy these products separately will definitely cost a lot more as you will need to pay P&P on top of the RRP price.

Vertue bi-monthly 2 month (1 box delivered every 2 months) subscription costs £37; so you are saving a minimum of £25.38 by buying this box instead of buying the products separately.

Subscription prices are as follows:

  • £37 – Bi-monthly (1 box every 2 months)
  • £105 – 6 month Bi-monthly subscription (1 box every 2 months so 3 in total)
  • £195 – 12 month Bi-monthly subscription (1 box every 2 months so 6 in total)

*Free Delivery in the UK*

My Verdict

This box has swept me away and has made me yearn to be by the sea almost like a mermaid would. That comes as no surprise to me as growing up I would be in the sea at any one of the Lossiemouth in Moray beaches every holiday as I would go and stay with my aunt (I even spent my 15thbirthday on the beach in the pouring rain). I also do feel a bit healthier since using these products a definite mood boost is for sure as the sea is one of my happy places as a child no one could keep me from it even if the rain was pouring I would still run into to sea and breathe in the fresh crisp sea air as it always calmed my heart. It has been a few years since I was last in Moray and this box has made me even more determined to go back up north for even a few days. For the price this box is an absolute steal, a complete bargain especially with free delivery. I don’t know how else to explain this box as it’s like the founder personally knew me and tailored the box to things they knew would pull at my heart strings making me fall ever so deeply in love with this box. I can’t pick one product as my favourite as I love them all and I won’t let anything go to waste. I would definitely recommend this box and I would be happy to pay £37 bi-monthly for such a high quality box personalised to your personal preferences that also fits into their theme every month. Also can I just say a massive thank you to Vertue’s founder Laila for sending me this outstanding and unique box.

Website and social media links can be found below, and orders can be placed on their website.

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Thank you for reading,

Jasmine xox

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