Just Passion Review by Bonnie-Jo – April 2018

Just Passion is a subscription box designed to put the fun back into any relationship, creating more enjoyment or just a bit of fun.

Check out my live unboxing here:

The box arrived in a discreet grey plastic bag via Royal Mail. Inside the bag was a crisp white box without any labels, the packaging is brilliant if you don’t want your Postie, family, or anyone to know what you are buying.

Inside the box was beautiful black and pink tissue paper, firstly a sweet floral aroma  hit my senses leaving me excited to see where this amazing smell was coming from!

So what did I receive?

A jet black feather tickler…

This pairs with the next item brilliantly and can be used to tease using the soft feathers; it helps to build anticipation and can work as brilliant foreplay. RRP – £2.85

SXY perfectly bound deluxe neoprene cross Cuffs

This is described as ‘a revolutionary cuff for the NXT level of bondage play’ with firm hold for instant control and passionate power play. These unique pivoting cuffs provide total comfort, strong Velcro fastening fits which allow you to take turns being in control with a D-Ring which gives you the option to use the cuffs in different ways for the more adventurous of lovers. The cuffs are very comfy and quite soft so unlikely to leave any marks which might be awkward to explain. The cuffs fasten using Velcro. RRP – £17.95

FIFTY SHADES OF PLAY sensuous satin black blindfold

The blindfold is super soft and can double up to be used as a black out blindfold to help block out the bright morning sun which is especially helpful coming into the summer. RRP – £4.50


This must be where the sweet floral aroma was coming from. These can be used to set the romantic tone, why not lead them from the front door to the bedroom to entice your lover. RRP – £1.59

GLIDE natural feel water based lubricant

Incase the petals and feather tickler didn’t quite get you in the mood or maybe you want to use it in other ways. The GLIDE natural feel water based lubricant can help you be better prepared before any kind of penetration or can be used for sensation play paired with the blindfold losing the sense of sight. RRP – £4.95 30ml

DUREX intense vibrating stimulating sensations

Now this again can be used in several ways. It can be used as a cock ring to give you both the added pleasure, it can be used on its own to tease or it can even be used with a vibrator for clit stimulation! RRP – £5.00

All of these items have been carefully picked, and can all be used on their own or together to give you a longer experience, it doesn’t matter if you are using this box to add a new element to the relationship or if you want to experiment. This box gives you the opportunity to try at your own pace, the discretion of not being embarrassed by going into a shop and bumping into your neighbour and the confidence to explore.

Total to buy would be £36.84 without delivery fees.

So there are 3 different subscriptions:

  • 1 month would be £44.99 which works out at £1.50 per day
  • 3 months would be £38.70 per month works out at £1.29 per day
  • 12 months start from £34.99 per month from £1.17 per day

Here is some more information from Just Passion’s website: ‘put the spark back in your relationship or just try something new! The cost is less than £2.00 a day are you or you partner worth that? If not we can also recommend amazing relationship councillors. Lets be serious for a moment we have all forgotten how important our partner is, chosen to take them for granted or just forgotten why we fell in love with them well we at Just Passion believe everyone deserves the opportunity to regain the spark that got you together and if we can help then please let us. See you soon and enjoy!’

A Full 12 month Subscription: The complete package totally flexible controlled by you and specific to not only sexual orientation but age and ability, this package offers complete peace of mind and value for money prices starting from as little as £34.99 a month.

With the subscription you can choose the date you wish it to start. You also need to pick your sexual orientation from straight, bisexual, lesbian or gay to make sure the box is tailored and you don’t get items you can’t or won’t use!

My overall thoughts:

I think the concept is good, and I think it gives you the opportunity to explore your sexual side without the embarrassment. I also like that the items can be used in various ways giving them multi-purpose uses. I suppose as long as you have the imagination this box can keep you busy for a long time. Would I buy this specific box? Personally no, I would really like to see all 3 of the subscription options to be tailored and more personalised as not everyone is into the same things and what is great for one person may be someone else’s ‘HARD LIMIT’. Also I am single, so I may not get the chance to use some of these, unless I find myself a willing subject?!

*prices are from a google search of said items and could be different depending on shops items may not be of the same brand if that brand wasn’t found.

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