BathBox Review by Sam – April 2018

There is nothing that excites me more every month than to be handed that gorgeous flowery box screaming WARNING:PRETTY THINGS INSIDE!

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Ryan and the BathBox team for sending me this box to review. And for the exclusive discount code BathboX giving you 10% off!

This box has extremely fastly climbed it’s way to the top of my favourites list. It’s a box I don’t want to go a month without seeing and occasionally wonder how I got through life without it. In case you don’t know BathBox sends you a carefully curated box of pure bath bliss, guaranteed to relax and help all your stresses melt away.

If you missed it you can catch my live unboxing here:

So upon opening the gorgeous box I was met with the recently revamped guide (you can’t get much better than to open one of your favourite boxes to find it says hello beautiful) I moved that out the way not to spoil the surprise! Then carefully peeled back the bath box logo sticker from the pink tissue paper and removed the hot pink shredding to be met with

Puppy Paw Bath Bomb

Ok I couldn’t resist my daughters puppy eyes on this one and she had a pawsome Sensory bath.

She took great joy watching the paw foam around her.

Doughnut Bath Bomb

I hid this with my life hahaha (I’m a bad mum and forgot to update my card details so my daughter didn’t get one this month, honestly you have never seen a child more disappointed in their mum) but the puppy dog eyes still did not win over this glistening doughnut. I was not left disappointed! It’s swirled around the bath realising unicorn coloured foam and rose gold glitter, it really was mesmerising to watch! And being infused with cocoa butter left my skin super soft and pampered.

Pink Panther Hand Crafted Soap

This clean cut clear neon pink soap lathers well and leaves you feeling fresh and was swiftly stolen by my daughter never to be touched by another humans hands haha

Ylang Ylang, Lemon and Orange Aromatherapy Salts

There is not a lot better in this world than that of the simple pleasure from sinking into a hot bath infused with aromatherapy salts after a long day.  These help relax, unwind and revive your mind body and spirit (granting your children another day of.. happy mummy)

Moon Cake Bath Bomb

This foamed and fizzed around my bath leaving my water delicately scented and the most gorgeous shade of purple. The essential oils soaked into my skin and left my body feeling soothed and my skin soft.

Wild Raspberry Candle

No bath is complete without a candle! Seriously not tried it you need to! There is nothing better than relaxing (for a few to many hours in my case haha) in a hot steaming bath with a glass of wine your favourite aromatherapy salts and the gorgeous purple water from the moon cake bathbomb. This one adds plenty of light and a faint scent so it doesn’t take away from your bath products but aids them with its light wild raspberry aroma dancing with the other scents in the flickering light.

This is the 6th Bathbox I have reviewed and they just keep getting better, I honestly don’t even know how that’s possible! The different themes each month are curated perfectly! you can tell the creators of Bathbox care! The customer service is second to none! They are always super helpful if you have any queries and quick to reply. I honestly can’t  see anyone disliking this box, other than the odd bath hater, Boooo! (Like how could anyone hate baths, puzzles me).

This is a box perfect for the young and the old and would make the most amazing gift.

There were a whopping 7 items this month! Yes 7 gorgeous treats!

  • Puppy Paw Bath Bomb RRP £1.50
  • Doughnut Bath Bomb RRP £3.50
  • Pink Panther Hand Crafted Soap RRP £3.50
  • Ylang Ylang, Lemon and Orange Aromatherapy SaltsRRP £1.50
  • Moon Cake Bath Bomb RRP £3
  • Wild Raspberry Candle RRP £1.50
  • Bonus Tropical Mango Chill Pill RRP £1.50

With a Total Approx RRP of £16, this box is just £12.98 including postage at full price; or a steal at just £11.98 with discount code BathboX !!

How do I get it?
You have 2 choices here:

  • Monthly subscription Boxes are £9.99 per month plus £2.99 P&P
    You need to subscribe by the 15th of the month and boxes are shipped out via Royal Mail between the 15th – 25th. You can cancel anytime you like.
  • A one off box. This would make an amazing gift you need to order before the 15th to ensure you get that months box and the box ships out in line with the monthly subscription.

The website is well laid out and easy to use you can take a look and order you box here:

And find them on:
Facebook Twitter Instagram

Once again thank you for reading and I hope you all love Bathbox as much as I do XOXO

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