Handsome Fella Review by Chloe & Dan – April 2018

Dan and I were lucky enough to be sent this luxury body care box by Handsome Fella to review and test for you all! It includes grooming items that you can fit into your day to day routine to make it more luxurious. This is the first curated grooming box they have released, and I am sure they will soon be releasing more! *Eeekk exciting* Personally I think it is great that companies are focusing on men’s boxes as there is a wide market, and they are great gifts for family/partners.

If you missed our live unboxing you can watch it here on our YouTube channel:

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Items in the box:

  • Handsome Hog Body Wash, Lime, basil and mandarin – 250ml
  • Handsome Hog Intensive Moisture for men, Lime, basil and Mandarin – 100g
  • Reyt Good Dead Sea Salt Scrub, Ginger and lime – 200g
  • Top Forge Men’s Hard Working Body Butter, Frankincense and bergamot – 200g


Box price – £35.00 plus £3.00 p&p = £38.00

Value of box – £38.00 plus £3.00 p&p = £41.00

So if bought with our discount code it would cost £32.75 all in


I am impressed with how easy their returns policy is. They include a pre paid label, that you can use to return any items within 30 days if you are not completely happy with them, which is practically unheard of in the world of boxes!

What Dan thought of the items:

Handsome Hog Body Wash, Lime, basil and mandarin

Firstly he pointed out how fresh it smelt, it can be described as a spicy citrus fragrance. It comes with a pump which makes it easy to use in the shower compared to other bottles. I think men are more compelled to pamper themselves if the products are easy to use which is an advantage to this product is. It is now part of his shower routine and he has said he will be purchasing more!

Handsome Hog Intensive Moisture for men, Lime, basil and Mandarin

Dan has made sure to tell me how much he enjoys using this moisturiser; it is his favourite product from the box! The scent isn’t overwhelming which is good for subtle everyday use. It is multi-purpose so can be used on hands, face and body which is great for Dan as he suffers from dry skin due to his job. I know Dan has been keeping this moisturiser in his car and often uses it on his breaks and after work as it gets the most use out of it.

Reyt Good Dead Sea Salt Scrub, Ginger and lime

This body scrub has a strong scent of lime with a hint of ginger making it very refreshing. Dan noticed after using it his skin was much softer and it removed a lot of dead skin cells. Combining this product with the body butter is the best way to get the smoothest results!

Top Forge Men’s Hard Working Body Butter, Frankincense and bergamot

This body butter is slightly more heavy duty than the other moisturiser in the box, thus making it better for night time use or in the evenings whilst relaxing. Yet again the smell is amazing! Dan found it to be a little oily which he didn’t mind however prefers to use it when he knows he won’t be doing anything afterwards as it then gives the product time to soak in.

Our Final Thoughts:

In all honesty we both think this box is great for many different reasons. Opening up the world of skincare to Dan was exciting and also great to see him get involved; he actually really enjoyed using these products. I think men often need a push or shove to pamper themselves and this box is the perfect excuse for them to do that! I know many ladies who order subscription boxes and their family members or partners often question them about the boxes, this is a great way to get them off your back with their very own box! It would also be great as a gift, e.g. a birthday or even as a surprise treat! The concept of this box is unique and I look forward to what they release in the future!

We would both recommend this box.


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