Scent & Co Review by Bonnie-Jo – April 2018

Thank you to Scent & Co for sending me this to review.

A bit of info about them…

Scent & Co was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty ambition: to offer choice, flexibility and portability with high-end fragrances at fair prices. Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was that the best fragrances are packed in large volumes and too expensive. Making it impossible to Find Your True Scent. It turned out there was a simple solution. The fragrance industry has overheads that pushes prices skyward – shops, warehouses and middlemen. We created Scent & Co as an alternative.’

There are two ways to choose a scent. You can view all 450 of the scents they offer and pick for yourself; or you can use their help me choose option. Their website is very easy to navigate and the categories are under brand names they have the best sellers also.

When using the help me choose option you first pick male or female, you then pick:

A place you would rather be? the options are private library, seashore, flower shop, bakery, orange grove or spice market. So you would pick the place based on your fragrance preference.

Next you pick what do you naturally gravitate to?Wood, leather, orange, incense, berries, flowers, spices or chocolate.

Next What is your favourite drink? wine, water, coffee, cocktail, juice/smoothie, whiskey, herbal tea or chocolate shake.

Finally you are asked to add three fragrances you like.

If you missed it you can catch my live unboxing here…

So it arrived via Royal Mail in a white padded envelope with a sticker ‘SCENT & CO LONDON’ on. Inside the envelope was a little information about how to use the perfume atomiser, how to replace the fragrance and making sure you know to pick your next scent within two weeks. There is also a contact email address for any queries you may have.

I pulled out a beautiful soft black drawstring bag and inside that is a sleek black perfume atomiser with ‘SCENT & CO LONDON’ embossed on it.

Inside is the perfume which if you twist and pull it out to change the scent. The perfume name has been stuck on the vial so that you know which one it is. The bottle is a brillant size of 10 ml, which should give you about a months worth of use to give you the time to get to know the scent and decide if it works for you. Also to see how well the scent stays and give you the opportunity to make an informed decision without wasting money on a scent you may have liked in store, but didn’t have a proper chance to test it.

I picked to try the VIKTOR & ROLF FLOWERBOMB fragrance as I had never tried this before and as spring is here with summer around the corner I wanted something flowery.

This perfume didn’t disappoint, the smell is amazing like walking into a flower shop! I gave this a test while out, one spray on my wrist and 4 hours later I can still smell it after sitting on the beach, and walking around all day.

The atomiser is such a brilliant thing, it’s not too big that I would hate to take it out with me and it’s not too small that I would lose it in the bottom of my bag (or as my Mum says my suitcase).

So you can buy in a few different ways. You can sign up to a subscription of:

  • Monthly costs £14.95 and you can cancel anytime
  • 3 months is paid in full costing £43.47 (works out at £14.49 a month) saving you £1.38
  • 12 months is paid in full costing £161.88 (works out at £13.49 a month) saving you £17.52

You can buy as a gift as a gift card:

  • 1 month £15
  • 3 months £44
  • 6 months £87
  • 12 months £162

The gift card can be sent via email or post.

One off box:

  • One fragrance is £19.99
  • Three fragrances £49.99

Don’t forget to use code INSTA15 to get 15% off your first month!

You can check out their Website:


Thanks for reading,

Bonnie x


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