Mud + Bloom Review by Sam & Katie – April 2018

Mud + Bloom is a fun, educational box aimed at children aged 4 -8 with the focus of inspiring children to connect with the outdoors. Activities have been created by teachers and supports the national curriculum with influence from Forest School, Steiner and Montessori education. And it fits through your letterbox so no red card of doom yay!

So far it sounds amazing, I mean we all need to drag our little ones away from the electronics a bit more, and what a better way to do it than helping to introduce and explore nature with them.

My kids love being outdoors. Katie in particular. She visibly changes when she’s out in the open, free to run around, squelch in mud and explore all natures hidden secrets. Brendon being a teen is a little more reserved, but I can tell that it helps bring out his inner child and relive some of those early life memories as well as getting some much needed technology down time.

So what did a little girl think of it?

You can check out Katies live reaction here:

So to inspire us in this months box was:

  • A welcome information card
  • How to grow your own peas information card
  • How to grow your own Nasturtiums card
  • Make your own suncatcher and cards with pressed flowers information card
  • What can you spot in the woods card.
  • 2 tags
  • Organic pea seed
  • Nasturtium seeds
  • 4 mud pellets
  • A tube of glue
  • 2 make your own suncatcher templates
  • A green card
  • 2 sheets of tissue paper

The what’s going on this month card detailed the 6 different activities we could carry out this month as well giving us some nature news. Telling us all about what was going on with plant life, animals and insects and birds this month. We had great fun looking out for all the different things, and even took a trip to a local beach that I had long forgotten about (since my childhood years) at sundown where I knew bats would be emerging to see if we could spot any.

We loved the what can you spot in the woods and quizz card. I love this idea, my daughter adores eye spy and where I live we are rife with woods and forests, that to be honest we don’t explore as much as we should. We had great fun looking out for the things; and it helped give us direction on our walk. It even managed to get the teen interested and excited!


Grow your own Organic Pea’s

Fun and simple to do, and so rewarding in a yummy way! I am a pea snob and will only eat fresh uncooked peas. We opted for outdoors growing in a planter to keep the cats away, we already had the planter and a trailer/support from last year’s pea and bean project. Planting them and tending to them made me reminisce to my younger years helping my dad in the garden and up the allotment. Ok, well maybe I was eating more than I harvested haha! This will be the first time we have grown them from seed though and we can’t wait to see and eat the results.


Grow your own Nasturtiums

We have not knowingly had much experience with Nasturtium, so we did a quick YouTube search and were astounded by what came up. Not only are these colourful plants super easy to grow they are also edible and extremely good for you! Being classed as a superfood herb you can pretty much use the whole plant in various ways, the flower is good for a pretty garnish and the leafs add a bit of a kick to a boring salad. They help a whole range of medical conditions as well from lung infections, to helping to treat Athlete’s foot.

They don’t need top quality soil and are super hard wearing so this was a great project, even for the not so green fingered of us.

We have decided to grow them outside directly in the ground near our brickwork and fencing of the second tier of the garden, in the hopes that they will climb and intertwine with the fencing. Even though we opted to grow the seeds outdoors to make the most of the spring weather that has suddenly graced us. They can both be grown indoors or outside meaning those that live in built up areas and dont have gardens can still get full enjoyment from the box.

Make your own Suncatcher and cards with pressed flowers

This box has kept us busy and is so jam packed with fun things to do and explore that unfortunately we have not got round to making the suncatcher yet. But we are looking forward to our project for next weekend and we will add photos to the Facebook group and Instagram so you can all see our finished project.

A Mums thoughts

I love the box, it’s such a unique yet brilliant concept. I am a big experience lover (over toys etc.), and this is most definitely an experience based box. We did need to add a few items in but they were all simple things we had lying around the house like yogurt pots / plant pots, paper and heavy books. As I mentioned in the live we are extremely lucky with the area we live in and it has really helped us to enjoy all the wonderful things and places on our doorstep. It gave us some much needed family time, we all had fun with the box including the grumpy teen (though he won’t admit it) and we have even arranged to meet up with grandad and explore some more soon! There is so much packed in that even though we have had it for a week so far, I feel like we have hardly scratched the surface. It has taken us to places I wouldn’t have thought about going to explore, the what’s going on this month for example took us to the beach at sunset by the old fort ruins to see if we could spot any bats emerging. There are so many side activities that you can be inspired by as well, I was honestly shocked how much value we got from this letterbox friendly box. This is definitely one worth subscribing to, worth every penny and it’s pocket money prices as well!

A Katies thoughts

I can’t wait to make the suncatcher, the rest of the box has been A-maz-ing, it was really nice spending some time with Mummy and my big grumpy brother; who wasn’t actually that grumpy doing this. I have learnt loads and I am excited to learn more! It was fun looking for bats even if I did struggle to be quiet, and the views were beautiful. We also found a 200 year old oak stump. The peas are going really well. I don’t think we would have done this if it wasn’t for the box. It’s totally worth it!

The box is a bargain at just £7.95 including shipping or even cheaper at £6.75 with our exclusive discount code BoXession15


  • Monthly rolling: £7.95 a month inclusive of shipping if you’re based in the UK.

They do offer worldwide shipping, prices vary for this. The boxes arrive around the 1st every month (unless you start your subscription mid month then they will try their hardest to get that months box out to you asap if it’s still in stock). Re-billing takes place on the 8th of the month, unless you ordered AND received your first box in that month, then you’ll be re-billed around the 22nd of the month, then on the 8th every month after. There is no minimum terms so you can skip a month or cancel anytime.

You can also get a discount for each sibling of 15% great if you have more than 1 little one.

  • You can also gift a box or subscription. The terms and pricing is the same as the monthly rolling.
  • Or buy a previous months box for £7.95.

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