LengBox Review by Jasmine – April 2018

I just want to start off by saying a massive thank you to Ting and Phil for sending me the March edition of LengBox. To say I was ecstatic is an understatement as I’m obsessed with Korea from their culture, history, and music to their TV dramas and obviously Korean beauty products!!!

I personally have been stalking LengBox’s Instagram since their very first post so its safe to say I was bouncing off the walls when I was told I would be unboxing LengBox for BoXession.

LengBox is the dream of anyone and everyone who is obsessed with KBeauty, as the box is overflowing with full sized Korean Beauty products and some lovely samples.

Paying only £30 a month for this beauty is an absolute steal as not only do they give you free delivery but also no import tax or any nasty hidden fees, we also have an exclusive discount code:

Boxession10 gets you 10% off your first box!!!

You can watch my unboxing video that was recorded live on the BoXession Facebook group here via our YouTube channel:

So, lets have a peak at what’s inside this beautiful box!

  • Chateau Labiotte Red Wine Lip Balm 12M – £6.00 RRP
  • Cosrx Salicylic Daily Acid Gentle Cleanser 150ml – £10.00 RRP
  • Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch (24 patches -2 sizes) – £3.90 RRP
  • Real Nature Red Ginseng Sheet Mask 20g – £4.43 RRP
  • Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off Scrub 100g – £8.93 RRP
  • Cosrx Ultimate Overnight Masks Honey Sample 1.2ml – £13.43 RRP (not available in 1.2ml only 60ml)
  • Cosrx Ultimate Overnight Masks Rice Sample 1.2ml – £13.43 RRP (not available in 1.2ml only 60ml)

The box content is worth a massive jaw dropping £60.12!! That isn’t including all the delivery costs and possible Tax or other hidden fees you would have to pay on multiple items, as not all products would be available from the same retailer.

LengBox month-to-month subscription costs £30.00 so you are saving a minimum of £30.12 by buying this box… more if you use our discount code!

LengBox subscription prices are as follows:

  • Month to month subscription (Cancel anytime)
  • £30 + Free Shipping to the UK
  • £34.99 + Postage and Packing if buying in the EU outside of UK
  • £40.00 + Postage and Packing for USA & Canada

If you want to pay upfront for 3, 6 or 12-month subscription it would be a gift subscription you would need to buy and prices are as follows for the UK.

  • 3 Month gift subscription – £88.50
  • 6 Month gift subscription – £174.00
  • 12 Month gift subscription – £336.00

You can also buy previous boxes for £30 with 4 choices currently available.

The box arrived in a pink plastic bag so I ripped it open with excitement to find the gorgeous LengBox box which is a pale pink box with the LengBox logo front and centre then on the flap there is a little pun “The Heart and Seoul of UK Beauty” do you see what they did there as Seoul is South Korea’s capital.

Once you lift the flap it says “Welcome to the LengBox Way of Living” then you see the pink tissue paper and on the lid the logo is printed along with some information “THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING LENGBOX! YOUR SUPPORT MEANS THE WORLD TO US. 5% OF THE PROFITS FROM EVERY LENGBOX IS DONATED TO THE INCREDIBLE LIBERTY IN NORTH KOREA; A CHARITY DEDICATED TO STANDING WITH THE PEOPLE OF NORTH KOREA.



WWW.LIBERTYINNORTHKOREA.ORG all surrounded by a beautiful galaxy theme transporting me through time and space.

Under the pink tissue paper there is a stunning glossy paper card with LengBox printed in vibrant colours made to look like paint with paint running/dripping from the letters then on the other side it has the box content and product information including how to use each item.

The products included and my thoughts on each are as follows:

Chateau Libiottee Red Wine Lip Balm 12M

This adorable wine lip balm is highly pigmented so when applied to your lips it looks and feels like you have been drinking red wine, as your lips are kissably soft and tinted a nice soft red. The luxurious Chateau Libottee Red Wine Balm is a nourishing jelly balm made with French grape seed oil and is best applied lightly with your finger tip to the inner centre parts of your top and bottom lip and rub your lips gently together to give a bitten lip style. Personally I absolutely love this and will be buying more, as my lips are normally dry and cracked but this product made my lips silky smooth also the colour is perfect even for my super pale completion.

Cosrx Salicylic Daily Acid Gentle Cleanser 150ml

I love this but I must advise you to be careful especially around the eye area as I used this to remove my makeup after the live unboxing to test how good of a cleanser it really is and accidentally got it in my eye giving a stinging feeling but after a quick rinse all was ok. I love the smell it is amazing there is a lovely zesty citrus scent to it, and it feels luxurious when applied then once washed off your skin is left smooth as a baby’s bottom. For best results massage some cleanser with warm water into your face and neck then rinse off.

Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch (24 patches -2 sizes)

These are a god send no joke a massive spot appeared before I done my live unboxing but it had no head so was just a massive red lump, when I applied the larger size of Cosrx acne pimple master patch to the spot it almost instantly started to reduce the redness as it extracted the impurities while creating a protective barrier keeping nasty external irritants from the spot. For a natural look during the daytime use cosrx clear fit master patch to cover blemishes remembering to change the patch once it has turned white. I was really impressed with this product.

Real Nature Red Ginseng Sheet Mask 20g

This facemask is full of the amazing red ginseng extract that has a beautiful earthy and woody scent to it as well as making the mask have an orange/red but also brownish tint. This mask felt absolutely amazing on my face nourishing as well as firming my skin and left my face so so soft. I will be buying more of these facemasks definitely. For best results apply to cleansed skin leaving it on for 20-30 minutes then gently pat the remaining serum to your skin to give it a much needed boost especially if your skin has been looking tired and dull like mine.

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off Scrub 100g

This is a must buy for any skincare lover not just KBeauty addicts like myself as it smells so sweet but fruity as well as earthy all at the same time just absolutely divine. After cleansing your skin massage onto a damp face avoiding your eyes and mouth area, to minimise irritation if you have sensitive skin you can add some water or toner while you massage into the skin then leave for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water for the best results possible leaving your skin so smooth you cant stop touching it.

Cosrx Ultimate Overnight Masks Honey Sample 1.2ml

This indulgent little sample is more than enough for a full face so after cleansing apply just before bed and leave on all night then wash as normal in the morning revelling super soft skin. The product smelled lovely and felt soothing when applied.

Cosrx Ultimate Overnight Masks Rice Sample 1.2ml

Like the Honey sample the Rice also had more than enough for a full face and neck so just apply to cleansed skin before going to bed and wash as normal in the morning. The rice mask looks more like a lotion/cream and has a very soft light scent to it.

LengBox website and social media linkscan be found below and orders can be placed on their website.

Website Facebook Instagram




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