Vivadogs Review by Jen – April 2018

What is Vivadogs?

Vivadogs is a fantastic take on the monthly subscription box, all for our furry best friends! A box full of 5 different treats ranging from snacks to toys, through to accessories. Our 4 legged, faithful companions provide us with unconditional love so what better way to give a great big cuddle back to them?
If you missed my unboxing, you can now watch it back on our YouTube Channel…

How much will I pay?

The fantastic thing about this box is the one set price for each category of dog. When subscribing you are asked to select the appropriate dog size – small, medium or large. This doesn’t affect the price, only ensures your pampered pooch receives appropriate products within their box.
There are currently 3 time plans available, all with FREE shipping!

  • Monthly – recurring payment of £19.90
  • 6 Months – recurring payment of £14.90 saving 25%
  • 12 Months – recurring payment of £13.90 saving 30%

It’s also good to note that these plans automatically renew. If you decide you no longer require a subscription then you will need to ensure you cancel before the 26th of the month. If you cancel after the 26th of the month you will be billed for a further box. Your first box is billed immediately, subsequent boxes are billed on the 1st of the month.

When will it arrive?

You will receive your Vivadogs box the last week of each month, delivered via Royal Mail 48 hour service.

What’s inside?


  1. SHOO Hornbeam Toy – Approximately £15.00

As you will have seen on my live unboxing, I was immensely surprised by this product. I’ve never seen anything like it before, it reminds me of freshly cut logs for the garden fire pit! Seemingly, this deceiving product is actually full of benefits for our 4 legged friends. This hornbeam is ideal for Rupert (my 4 legged softy) to chomp on, relieving him of extra energy he may have used to annoy our elderly cat! Completely safe to chew and non toxic, I’m pleasantly surprised.

  1. Earth Rated Unscented Bags (15) RRP 69p

What can I say? An essential for any responsible dog owner, ensuring not only public areas stay clean but also protecting from harmful germs. These bags are unscented, pocket-sized and biodegradable which is so much better for the environment than plastic bags that take years to break down.

  1. Armitage Good Boy Lollipop RRP 55p

 Rupert loves a treat and loves trying new products, this lollipop is no exception! Made from rawhide, this lollipop gives his teeth a little workout due to the texture and hardiness. It is advisable, as directed on packaging, to ensure you stay in close proximity whilst your lovable pooch enjoys their treat. This is mainly to ensure they eat it safely, we all know they can ‘woof’ their food down!

  1. Tail Twisters Crunchy Cheesy Crackers 80g – Approximately £3.00

 This is currently Rupert’s favourite treat, I receive the paw of approval when removing them from the food cupboard! Two mini biscuits are sandwiched together with a chicken and cheese combination, doggy heaven. Low in fat, just as well because Rups would eat them all in one go if he could!

  1. KONG Squeezz ZOO Giraffe (Medium) RRP £6.99

Bright orange, durable material and squeaky…. Rups has met his match!
We’ve had a couple of KONG toys previously and always found them worthy of the price tag. This toy giraffe is no different, providing Rups with some much needed chewing time. I love the fact that when he chews on it he is alarmed it squeaks! He immediately drops it, tilts his head and growls!

Is it worth it?

When totalled up this box is worth approximately £26.23. In terms of box value this is more than the cost of the more expensive subscription option, a bonus in my opinion. I know on several occasions I have commented on the importance of a box value being at the very least doubled, in most cases this is true. However, I think a box marketed towards pets is relatively new and products are very much tailored to the size of your pet. For example, the KONG toy enclosed would have a varying price dependent on the size of dog it is provided for, something which must be considered when pricing this box up.
The fact that 10% of all profit made is donated to animal charity organisations makes me feel even better about purchasing this box. Most organisations heavily rely on fundraising to continue their fantastic work, something I’m happy to contribute and support.
Overall, Rupert is a happy pooch which makes me a happy owner!
Would I purchase in the future? Most definitely!
Thank you for taking the time to read my review,
Jen & Rupert
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