bettybox Review by Jen & Kaitlen – April 2018

What is bettybox?

Good question…. bettybox is a subscription box for young girls who have joined us ladies in the experience of periods! A box full to the brim of sanitary products this is not. Sure, you receive those vital monthly additions but this box is much more than that….
If you missed our Mother & Daughter unboxing, you can catch it below…

How much will I Pay?

There are currently three membership options, all with free delivery:

  • Monthly – recurring payment of £12.99
  • 3 Months – one off payment of £35.97 saving £1 per month
  • 6 Months – one off payment of £64.95 6 months for the price of 5

When will it arrive?

The simple answer to this is……when you want it to.
That’s correct, it runs in sync with your monthly cycle. You order it for the date you expect your period to arrive and bettybox will be that fairy godmother, there to help! The box is also the perfect size to fit through most letterboxes and is discretely packaged meaning no embarrassing moments.


What’s inside?

Titled ‘April Showers’, this months bettybox is all about those dreaded exams and how not to dread them! I love the fact Betty is addressing the subject, something that many teenagers are currently experiencing the width and breadth of the country. Exams are extremely important, however so is self care – cue bettybox.

Firstly, sanitary products!
Based on an average cycle of 5 days, this box provided ample supplies of both daytime pads along with nighttime and liners. When placing your order you can choose between pads, tampons or a mixture; even changing each month the sizes or brands. In total betty box supplied 14 daytime pads, 5 nighttime pads and 6 liners along with a snazzy cotton bag to keep them inside during the day. The drawstring ensures they stay inside and doesn’t give any clues as to the contents.
As usual, Kaitlen couldn’t wait to see what hidden treats were waiting for her in the ‘for you’ box…..

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Blemish Wand RRP £7.50
As you may have seen in the live unboxing, Kaitlen was pleased to receive this product. As teens battle with raging hormones, their skin can suffer. This blemish wand encourages hygienic practices when trying to remove blackheads and whiteheads, ensuring no germs are introduced to blemish areas by dirty fingernails. We all know that squeezing with our fingers is very bad, often breaking the skin and making area look actually worse. After having a quick trial, I can confirm Kaitlen couldn’t praise this product enough!

Hairon Zero Crease Hair Tie RRP £3.99 (Pack of 3)
Products like these are fast becoming the ‘go to’ as a pain free alternative to old fashioned hair bobbles. You know the kind, metal clasps that yanked half of your hair out when you tried to remove them! These pink spiral mini marvels are a godsend for those with hair needing to be tied back. Stretchy, no nasty metal clasps to catch on your hair….what’s not to love? The fact that they leave your hair kink free amazes me, purely due to the spiral design. It’s true though, no kinks in Kaitlen’s hair! More to the point, no hair loss either!

Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait in Exotic Fruits RRP £15.00 ($18.95)
We thought this product initially was a lip balm of some description. Alas! It’s actually a 2 in 1 product! Lip treatment and lipstick in one, this particular shade looks a nude colour until applied, turning to a nude pink. Very much a Kaitlen shade! The addition of cocoa butter in the product formula ensures lips are well cared for whilst looking gorgeous. The lipstick is very creamy and applies well, lasting a fair while before requiring a quick touch up.

STABILO pointMax Premium Fineliners x 2 – RRP £1.00 each (Pack of 2 pens provided)
A perfect nod to all that hard work, writing essays and revision notes. Kaitlen can easily work her way through a handful of pens in no time, usually resulting in the odd pen of mine going walkies! The blue and pink fineliners brighten up what could be a mundane task – anything to make homework easier gets a thumbs up from both me and Kaitlen.

Amie Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash 10ml – Approximately 33p (RRP £4.95 for 150ml)
This facial wash is the perfect accompaniment to the blemish wand. The scent reminds me of a baby body wash and foams up well when massaged into wet skin. Looking after your skin during stressful periods is a must – one day of poor skincare hygiene and that beautiful skin can be left looking and feeling yucky! Kaitlen is a typical teen, loves wearing and experimenting with make up. That’s the fun part, the washing it off however is sometimes the ‘boring’ or mundane part that she will occasionally skip.
Cleanse + Tone + Moisturise = Clear, Healthy, Beautiful Skin!

Ape Snacks Crispy & Crunchy Coconut Snacks – Chocolate Bites
Kaitlen loved these chocolate and coconut snacks! A healthier alternative to a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps when feeling peckish. When studying, even just out shopping, we sometimes forget just how unhealthy fast or convenience foods can be for our bodies. This delicious snack ensures convenience whilst promoting healthy eating!

Cuppanut Coconut & Cranberry Infusion Tea Bag – Approximately 30p (RRP £4.50 for 15)
The first scent to hit your nose when opening is coconut! Kaitlen was a little dubious as she likes coconut but was worried how it would taste in a hot drink. Needless to say, her concerns were warranted as she declared after the first sip “nope you can have it mum”. The cranberry gave the coconut a sweetness, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Is it worth it?

When totalled up this box value is approximately £29.12, not including cost if the sanitary products. If you were to factor that into the box value then bettybox have easily doubled subscription cost in product value.   Is something I always praise in a box, the ability to provide a fab edit time and time again whilst at least doubling the value. A fantastic ‘April Showers’ box, aimed at making a stressful ‘period’ of life a little calmer.
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Thank you for taking the time read our review,
Stay beautiful

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