Mask Time Review by Sam – March 2018

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Estee from Masktime for sending me this gorgeous box to review and for the exclusive 15% discount code SAM15
Masktime (if you haven’t already guessed it from the name), send you a selection of Korean masks and the occasional k beauty product every month. Being a huge mask addict I love this box!
Don’t believe me you can watch my live unboxing here…

Every month they carefully curate a box to help give you the glow you need. Gorgeously packaged in a sleek white box with the Masktime logo and inside wrapped up in sparkly tissue paper was

A product booklet detailing all the goodies in the box.
Much needed as let’s face it few of us can actually read Korean, so this detailed guide helps us choose the right mask at the right time and use the mask the right way.
A thank you card
It’s always nice to feel appreciated for our custom and I truly believe Masktime do, little touches like this make me feel valued!
A card with tips on and the Korean word of the month, I love that they do this it adds a really fun touch in my opinion and helps to expand my vocabulary.
A sample
IMG_7307iSOi BR intensive lifting spot
I love trying new Products so this is a really nice touch, it allows me to try some awesome new k beauty and skincare treats with no regrets or price tag attached.
BANOBAGI Baby Face Injection Mask
This 100% cotton mask wowed me, I thought a name like baby face was a bold claim but it really did leave my skin smoother and plumper than a baby’s bum. I even passed for 25 after using this mask, so a huge win in my books!

TREEANNSEA Carat Plane A280 Mask
This is one for the sensitive skin users or the eco conscious, made completely of naturally derived ingredients! It’s hypoallergenic, free from parabens and has no synthetic fragrances! It’s another of my favourite masks a cellulose, these feel more like a second skin to me,it left no sticky residue and I felt like my skin absorbed its complete awesomeness. Plus I felt a little smug knowing the mask was doing amazing things to my skin and no harm to the environment.
SCENTNCE Acidic Green Refreshing Sorbet Soothing Mask
Oh my, this mask was so cool and refreshing it honestly felt like it gave my fave a new vitality! The citrus fruit are said to help combat the signs of ageing whilst the other ingredients work in harmony to help brighten and boost the moisture levels.

I used this at night (lol obviously) whilst relaxing in the bath, masking is bliss!
The next day I noticed difference in my skin, it seemed a lot firmer and plumper and felt refreshed.
MEDIHEAL Airpacking Mint Wrap Mask
This has to be one of my favourite masks in this months box and it’s not just the gorgeous metallic mint colour of the mask, it’s also a half and half Mask! My new obsession thanks to Masktime haha. This mask comes in 2 pieces top and bottom allowing more movement of the face. The scent was not to overpowering and the mix of sage,apple, mint extract, rosemary, peppermint and lavender soothed my sole as well as my skin. I noticed a huge difference in my pores I think it has something to do with the unique 3 layer air packing fabric system, whatever it is this mask is a firm must repurchase!

A.H.C Essential Moisturising Mask
This mask is made from 100% cotton and targets pigmentation, something my skin really does need help with!
It left my skin a lot brighter and my tone was evened out. Yet again another for the repurchase list!
EUNYUL Coenzyme Q10 Natural Moisture Mask
I am terrible with forgetting my sun cream so this mask is right up my street. It helps to repair sun damage to your skin and it’s packed full of vitamins to deeply nourish whilst the anti-bacterial properties work on our not so welcome visitors.

 JAYJUN Baby Pure Shining 3 Step Mask
I have to confess I am saving this for my next night away from home, it sounds amazing basically a whole skincare routine in a packet!
It has 3 steps:

  1. Step 1 blooming essence – An after cleansing serum/ toner
  2. Step 2 Baby pure shining mask – Made with damask rose water boasting to leave my skin vibrant and healthy
  3. Step 3 hydro eye cream – A light cream that targets fine lines and wrinkles

As I said amazing for a night away and minimal so you can easily pop this one pack miracle into your handbag!
I think Estee really filled a gap in the market with Masktime! It’s my favourite goto box for skincare. I don’t know what my skin needs each month/ season but Masktime does.
I always get compliments about my skin after using the masks and I love finding new Korean brands.
Korean skincare and beauty are lightyears ahead of us and so hard to get your hands on over here. Let’s face it even if we do manage to find the odd one or 2 we have no clue what it targets and the price is hugely bumped up. Masktime makes it simple they tell us what we need to know, how to use it for best results all delivered to our doors for a reasonable price.

Don’t believe me here’s the numbers!

The box is £24.99 including free uk shipping and included 8 masks and a sample

  • Sample approx RRP 50p
  • BANOBAGI Baby Face Injection Mask RRP £7
  • TREEANNSEA Carat Plane A280 Mask RRP £5
  • SCENTNCE Acidic Green Refreshing Sorbet Soothing Mask RRP £3.50
  • MEG COSMETICS Good Night PM Mask RRP £4.50
  • MEDIHEAL Airpacking Mint Wrap Mask RRP £3.50
  • H.C Essential Moisturising Mask RRP £3.50
  • EUNYUL Coenzyme Q10 Natural Moisture Mask RRP £3.00
  • JAYJUN Baby Pure Shining 3 Step Mask RRR £4.00

Giving you a total RRP of £34.50

Saving you £9.01

Or £13.26 if you used our exclusive discount code SAM15!

As I mentioned before you are also finding quality Korean skincare that’s not at hugely inflated prices or waiting 2-4 weeks and paying extortionate amounts for shipping!
This box is perfect for Mask lovers and those wanting to get more into k skincare and beauty. I can’t recommend this box enough! Iv also heard from Estee herself next months box has a special treat in(que googly heart eyes) so there is no better time to subscribe! But be quick as they sell out fast!

And there’s a few options for you here!

Pay attention as this has changed

  • Glow setter Monthly rolling £24.99 or £21.24 if you use code SAM15, free uk shipping!
  • Glow starter £9.95 there is a code going around on this one making it half price! And you can also use code SAM15 making it just £8.46, with free uk shipping.
  • You can also get a range of one off boxes and limited edition boxes ranging in price.

Last day to order is the 27th of each month and All boxes ship out on the 28th of each month. You can Cancel Anytime And there are No hidden costs or cancellation fees.
The subscription and box options are constantly growing. Honestly this box is one to watch it even offers its own loyalty points program!! Yes girls points make prizes! You can also find a range of fun and cool masks you can order alongside your subscription on the website.
The website is so easy to use I love the lay out and the clean cute design it also includes a blog section as well giving you all the latest tips and trends you can check it out here:
You can also find them on:
Thank you for reading and once again a huge thank you to Estee from Masktime I honestly can’t wait to see what comes next XOXO

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