Natural Wellness Box Review by Jasmine – March 2018

Hello and welcome everyone, I have a wonderful treat for you as the box I am reviewing contains 5-7 full size products that are cruelty free, chemical free and vegan friendly. This luxe box is bi monthly, so if you take on a subscription you will get a box every second month. The Natural Wellness Box first theme is beautiful skin and the products are worth over £75!

The Natural Wellness Box arrived wrapped in brown paper with their logo sticker on one side and my address with fragile on it. The box was brown and plain but with the box logo/name sticker in the centre along with a bit of white string and a heart shaped piece of paper with thank you on it just made me fall in love with the box, as it has such a organic, natural, vintage and luxurious feel to it.

You can watch my unboxing video that was recorded live on the Boxession Facebook group here via our YouTube channel:

So, lets have a look at what’s inside this beautiful box!


  • Balm Balm little miracle rosehip serum 30ml – £14.50
  • Balm Balm pure essential oil 10ml – £6.15 (tea tree)
  • Balm Balm super light coconut cleanser 15ml – £14.50 (can only be bought in 100ml or in a Balm Balm starter kit that retails at £15.50 for 5 mini products and a muslin cloth in a cotton bag)
  • KIKI HEAL+H Alkaline Infusion powder 100g – £12.95
  • Guiltless skin nourish organic body oil 100ml – £30.00 (citrus fruits)
  • Pukka blackcurrant beauty 38g (20 sachets) – £2.49
  • SUPERFOODIO himalayan salted caramel 35g – £15.00 (6 packs in various flavours)


The box content is worth £95.59, that isn’t including all the delivery costs you would incur buying the products separately!

The Natural Wellness Box one off subscription costs £35.00 so you are saving a minimum of £60.59.

Natural Wellness Box Subscription prices are as follows:

  • Bi-Monthly – £35.00 bi-monthly
  • 6 Months (3 boxes) – £95.00 making it only £31.66 per box
  • 12 Months (6 boxes) – £195.00 making it only £32.50 per box

Balm Balm Little Miracle Rosehip Serum
I absolutely love this product, not only does it feel amazing on the skin but the smell is unique. Very earthy, but in a super good way. It reminds you that your using a luxurious natural and organic product. Your skin feels rejuvenated, completely new as it feels so good in turn making you feel confident.

Balm Balm Pure Essential Oil Tea Tree
6 drops in my big warm bath and oh my I had to open the window as I felt far too relaxed! I love the smell so much as tea tree oil added to a bath has many benefits as you can research online.

Balm Balm Super Light Coconut Cleanser
Personally I can’t smell anything from this, but it works like a dream. I used this as a cleanser for morning and night, and also used it to remove my makeup. Only a few drops  are needed and you will be left feeling squeaky clean.

KIKI HEAL+H Alkaline Infusion Powder
This tasted a like fizzy citrus drink when the powder is mixed into water, so personally I liked mixing the powder in citrus juice drinks so it was sweet. This powder is full of minerals and vitamin C that has beneficial effects for health, function and appearance of skin, bones and teeth. I have felt better since I had my first glass of the alkaline infusion. I think I’m going to make some smoothies with this mixed in.

Guiltless Skin Nourish Organic body oil citrus fruits
This is my favourite product from the box, not only does it make me feel so pampered but also the smell is like sweet citrus heaven. The smell is exactly like my favourite coffee scrub Optiat Mouth-watering Mandarin so I use it in my shower, then soon as I’m out of the shower I apply this body oil all over my skin making me feel amazing. My skin is super smooth since I started using this. The blends of precious organic oils are prized for their beneficial properties and bursting with antioxidants to protect your beautiful skin.

Pukka Blackcurrant Beauty
This particular tea is not for me taste wise as it tastes like hot Ribena, and that just isn’t for me. The health benefits are worth the taste as all the main ingredients are high in minerals as well as vitamins (mainly vitamin C), so it breathes new life from the inside out. If you like blackcurrant drinks then you will probably like this too.

SUPERFOODIO Himalayan Salted Caramel
So I couldn’t smell anything when I opened this product, I decided to let my other half taste test this product first. When my other half tested it he wasn’t ecstatic as he described the taste more like a Turkish delight. So I had a little taste, and it is a unique taste as it’s a mix of turkish delight and burnt toffee/caramel. So unfortunately this was probably my least favourite product, but that’s my personal opinion. Warning this contains cashew nuts.

My Verdict

This Box is 110% a must buy as there are no faults, even the products I don’t like will be used/drank/eaten so nothing will go to waste. After only a few short days I feel absolutely amazing, like a new person; and I’m feeling ready for spring. This is definitely a steal price wise and standard delivery is free. This box is overflowing with high quality organic, natural, cruelty free, chemical free and vegan friendly products that make you feel good inside and out, helping you be more beautiful as being healthy makes you more energetic and confident making you look and feel more beautiful.

The Natural Wellness Box Website and Social Media links can be found below, and orders can be placed on their website…
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