SoakBox Review by Jen – March 2018

Firstly I’d like to say a very big thank you to the lovely Sarah for sending me her amazing box to review. All the admins love I know a good bath bomb, in fact I have to fight with my 3 children over who gets the best bath bomb! That’s why I was so excited to see this box had my name on it, that’s right…..MINE! Back off kiddos!

What is Soakbox?

Soakbox is a brand new subscription box full of beautiful bath bombs, bubble bars and themed extras. New to the subscription market, it guarantees a minimum of 5 items in each box. We’re not talking tester size either, these are amazing full sized products. Soakbox are very much capturing the current feel of consumers and subscribers by ensuring their products are not only cruelty free but also environmentally friendly, including using recyclable packaging.
All products are also paraben free, microbead free, SLS free, vegan friendly and palm oil free.

How much will I Pay?

There are currently two subscription options, all with postage and packaging included in the price.

  • Monthly – recurring payment of £19.95
  • Bi Monthly – one off payment of £110 saving £10

You can also choose to purchase a one off box, particularly useful if you’re interested but not ready to commit to a subscription just yet. A one off box can be purchased for just £20.95, including postage and packaging. After taking a sneaky peek at the website I was also delighted to see a Baby Soakbox, priced at £19.95. Containing three items to help your beautiful bundle relax before bedtime, completely free from any irritants, leaving your little one ready for sleep time.

When will it arrive?

Boxes are dispatched between the 8th-10th of each month, calendar depending. Delivered by Royal Mail 2nd class parcel service, you should receive your boxful of surprises within 2-3 working days (as advised by Royal Mail).


What’s inside?

If you watched my live unboxing you will have seen how impressed I was with the size of the bath bombs! In this months box I received 3 bath bombs, one of which was an XL luxury bomb. Two further themed bath bombs, a fidget spinner and a unicorn, accompanied a bubble bar melt.

Spinner Bath Bomb
I was amazed at this bomb, a very good take on a well known craze amongst school children! It’s unique, I’ve not seen a bath bomb like this before. To recreate its iconic use Soakbox recommend you gently placed it face up onto the water and watch it spin! Multicoloured with a splattering of gold glitter, one to hide from the kids!
Unicorn Bath Bomb
This bomb smells as beautiful as it looks! Pink and white in colour, this majestic unicorn is strawberry milkshake scented. Now I absolutely love strawberry milkshake and this unicorn bomb has just the right balance of fragrance. A definite hit of strawberry made gentle by a creamy undertone, perfectly mimicking strawberry milkshake to a T!
Blackberry Smoothie Bubble Bar Melt
Vibrant pink in colour, gently scented of blackberries – what’s not to love?
Soakbox recommends this bar is ample quantity for approximately four baths, crumbling a quarter underneath warm running water. I can honestly say the aroma in my bathroom was beautiful, the water turned a beautiful faint pink and there was bubbles! I sometimes struggle with strong fragrances, they have a tendency to either set off my hay fever or at worst a migraine. Not these products, I’m impressed so far!
Party Girl Bath Bomb
This large bath bomb turns bath water a beautiful pink, glittery hue. I used this particular bomb for my youngest daughters bath and she loved it. The addition of shea butter left her skin smelling beautiful and feeling silky soft, no additional nasties within the bombs is also a bonus for younger children. My daughter loved the fact it had minuscule bits of glitter within it. Don’t panic however, not enough to leave a mess in the bottom of the bath!
Angel Delight Bath Bomb
Wow! The vibrant blue shade of the bath water had me envious and my son amazed. He loves bath bombs, however they cannot be “girly” ones apparently! This bomb was perfect for him, smelling more masculine than others within the box. Although labelled as Angel Delight fragranced, I struggled to distinguish this when it was dissolving. It smelt refreshing, still a beautiful scent for bath time, especially for boys.
Candyfloss & Mallow Bath Bomb
I was excited to try this luxury XL Bath Bomb, so much so that I used it the very same night I unboxed it. I recorded and posted onto the BoXession group a video of this bomb, taking an impressive 3 minutes to disperse! As soon as it hit the water it began to foam, trailing a vibrant pink and white hue across the bath. This was my favourite of all the products within this box and I would happily pay for a boxful of these bombs alone!

Is it worth it?

The products within Soakbox, when postage is deducted, equate to £2.84 per item. When compared to leading high street branded products this is an average saving of approximately £1.00 – £1.50 per item, £6.00 – £9.00 total saving. For anyone who who loves bath bombs, this box is a perfect choice. For myself, I prefer bath bombs over soaps so this is a box perfectly matched to its owner! A perfect selection for one individual as a bath time treat or for all the family, this box ticks all the boxes….

For anyone reading this review and wanting to purchase a Soakbox, don’t forget to use our exclusive discount code ‘Boxession’ to receive 10% off your first box. This discount code is only available for the first 10 customers so be quick!

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Thank you for taking time to read my review,
Stay beautiful

Jen X

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