Mask Time Review by Sam – February 2018

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Estee from Masktime for sending me this gorgeous box to review and for the exclusive 15% discount code SAM15
This will be my 3rd time reviewing this amazing box. I have previously reviewed the launch box and the first ever masktime subscription box, this time I am reviewing the limited edition one off valentines box.
I love being handed the pink Jiffy bag wrapped box, it’s always packaged so well! wrapped in bubble wrap to keep the box safe, you can see the care and attention that goes into each and everyone.
Before I delve into the box, I will tell you a little bit about Masktime. Estée it’s the brains behind the box and each month she puts together a carefully curated box to aid your skin for the weather and current season. Being a busy mum she knows the struggle getting time to yourself let alone researching what’s best for when que Masktime.
Masktime is full of Korean skincare, if you haven’t tried Korean beauty yet, where have you been! Korean beauty is years ahead of us in terms of performance especially skincare, but it can be costly to import so when we eventually get the odd bits hit the uk they can be quite pricey.
As I mentioned above this was a one off valentines box to help you look your best whether celebrating valentines or galentines. It would be great for a girly night in pamper as well as the big date prep.
So now you know a little of the back story let’s get to the exciting bit the unboxing. Here is my live if you missed it…

So into the February Be Mine box:

Inside was carefully wrapped in pink tissue paper with a thank you card and 2 samples nestled on top.

Carefully pulling back this tissue paper I could see the Be Mine box information sheet and a smaller card detailing about why the one of box was created and giving us a Korean word of the month a really cute touch I thought. And a sea of face masks nestled in a lilac shredding, It looked affordable!

The 2 samples I received were:

  • It’s skin power 10 formula VE Effector
  • The face shop Bifida all in one treatment

I love that they include little samples each time it’s a great way of trying new brands and products that are hard to get hold of in the uk before shelling out on them.
IT’S SKIN Color Solution Pink Mud Mask RRP £5.00

This is a half and half mask (I’m now kinda obsessed with these thanks to masktime haha)
It’s said to Give tired skin a boost with natural pink clay, it balances the sebum levels in the skin whilst clearing out clogged pores. Rosehip fruit extract is used to promote skin health and increases the collagen levels within skin to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. The lemon extract acts as an antibacterial agent clearing out blackheads and helps with acne, after using this mask you’re left with clear fresh skin ready to shine!
I was really looking forward to this one with the recent hype about pink clay masks and to get it in a half and half sheet form is a mask lovers dream.
Half and half masks come in 2 parts (top and bottom of face halved) they are easier to apply and allow for more movement of the face.
I left it on for the full half hour, it hardened as it dried. I gently peeled it away and lightly rinsed with warm water and wow I saw and felt a huge difference in my skin it was tighter more toned and my pores were reduced.

DUFT & DOFT Pink Milk Mask RRP £4.50
I’ve never heard of a pink milk mask (or a milk mask for that matter) it sounds so intriguing:
This Pink mask with pink essence contains milk extracts to brighten dull skin and bring back a healthy glow! The mother of pearl powder which is high in niacinamide boosts the luminosity within the skin, strengthens the epidermal barrier whilst also improving the tone and texture of the skin.
Don’t let that pink milky essence go to waste! It’s recommended that you cut the bottom corner of the mask package and pour the extra essence onto your face before placing the sheet on! Remember to peel off the white mesh protector before placing on your face! I honestly can’t wait to try this!
MERBLISS Wedding Dress Intense Hydration Nude Seal Mask RRP £4.00

After trying another MERBLISS one in a previous box I was super excited to try it! I was not disappointed the mask felt lovely on more lightweight and not as heavy on my skin. Its Enriched with caviar and pearl extracts this ultra hydrating mask fits perfectly to the face and is targeted for dehydrated and dull skin. The niacinamide fills the skin with moisture and forms a water repellent coating for long term moisture retention! The transparent nude sheet has excellent ventilation allowing skin to breathe whilst absorbing in the nutrients.
it decently gave my sky a much needed hydration boost.

The cherry blossom extract is high in antioxidants and has soothing properties, rich in fatty acids it repairs skins natural barrier to promote soft and supple skin. Cherry blossom also brightens uneven and blotchy skin leaving you luminous and glowing!
I have not been well recently and my skin always seems to suffer when I get ill. This mask really did help to restore my skin back to its even, unpatchy glowing self. Hey a girl has to look good when she’s under the weather and this helped me to do just that!
FullSizeRender-3ETUDE HOUSE Cherry Lips Patch RRP £3.50

I love the jelly lip masks they are adorable this one is Infused with cherry extract, collagen and Sodium hyaluronate (naturally found in the fluid that protects our joints) gives skin volume by holding onto water molecules. This lip patch keeps your lips nourished and deeply moisturises dry chapped skin, leaving it plump and kissable. I used this under the pinkmud mask and noticed an instant difference in the softness of my lips.

This box was £15 including postage

And the total RRP is £20.50

Saving you £5.50

Even more if you use code SAM15 giving you 15% off

But as I mentioned before if you were lucky enough to find some of these amazing products in the uk shops they would cost you a fair bit more than that!
I have always found Masktime to be brilliant value for money and quality, as well as being perfectly curated for your current skin needs. I received so many compliments on how amazing my skin looked after using the Masktime box! I’m clearly not the only person with this view as well as February’s subscription was a sell out!!
Being a huge mask and Korean beauty fan I’m shocked this box has been able to introduce me to some new amazing masks and brands! That just goes to show how far they go to source the latest and best skincare for us. It’s hands down my favorite skincare box on the market. Sheet masks are so convenient to give your skin the boost it needs! We all know what it’s like, end of a long day slumped on the sofa really can’t be bothered to put a clay mask on and deal with all that washing malarkey, so our skincare starts to slip. Now we can pop on a sheet mask and relax knowing Masktime has our back or face as the case maybe.
You can get your mask on by:

  • A one off box like the BeMine edition I have reviewed

Or (what I most recommend)

  • A rolling monthly subscription

It’s £24.99 a month (p&p to mainland uk included) and Iv found it’s always been worth around double.
They also ship to N. Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United States.
Meaning you can easily gift a box across seas so your loved ones aren’t left out. ( p&p varies for this). Payment for your first box is taken immediately then billed every month you stay subscribed after that. Both subscriptions and one off boxes ship out on the 28th of the month.
You must subscribe by the 25th to get that months box! Get in there fast though as they are selling faster than hot cakes! Don’t forget you can get 15% off with code SAM15
You can also make one off purchases from the huge range of masks on their website as well and orders over £30 get free shipping (£3.50 for orders under) and these are shipped out in 24 hours (excluding weekends) so no waiting around.
The website is fun and easy to use you can have a nosey here:
You can also find them on
And Instagram:
Thank you for reading XOXO

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