Pink Parcel Review by Jen – March 2018

Firstly I’d like to say a very big thank you to the lovely Laura over at Pink Parcel for the opportunity to unbox and review this months box.  As a female I believe it’s important to have some ‘me’ time when Mother Nature comes knocking, something which Pink Parcel provides. This box isn’t just full of sanitary products, it’s a hug in a box!
If you missed my joint unboxing with my Daughter Kaitlen, you can watch it back here…

How much will I pay?

There are currently four membership options, all with free delivery:

  • Monthly – recurring payment of £12.99
  • 3 Months – one off payment of £35.97 saving £1 per month
  • 6 Months – one off payment of £64.95 6 months for the price of 5
  • 12 Months – one off payment of £129.90 12 months for the price of 10

When will it arrive?

The beauty of this box is it works around you and your period.  You can select when you’d like the box to arrive, ensuring you receive your sanitary products and feel good items at just the right time.  The Parcel is also the perfect size to fit through most letterboxes and is discretely packaged.

What’s inside?

First and foremost, sanitary products!  When joining Pink Parcel you have the option of selecting the type of products you’d like to receive – pads, tampons or a mixture.  Not only that, you can also choose which brands to receive along with your favoured fit. I love the way in which this box is packaged, classy and discrete.  A small pink cotton bag contains 6 of my chosen daytime pads along with 5 liners. A ribbon drawstring ensures nothing can fall out and in all honesty at a glance nobody would be aware of its contents.  A grey box labelled ‘for later’ contains a further 10 daytime pads, you really do receive a good quantity! A smaller grey box, labelled ‘for night’, contains 5 nighttime pads from the very same brand. The sanitary products provided are based on an average 5 day cycle, this number is definitely sufficient for myself.
A grey box, labelled ‘for you’, catches my eye.  I’ve been extra good and have tried to avoid all spoilers for this months box, I just love the surprise of all the items.  It feels like Christmas, just without the snow and overeating!

  • Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil 15ml RRP £35.90

With its clean packaging and dropper bottle this facial oil is most definitely a star item for this months box.  The rose scent is gentle and not overpowering as I’d expected it to be. Only 2-3 drops is required onto cleansed skin, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly my skin absorbed the oil.  No greasy residue was left behind as I’d also expected, I’m very much a convert thanks to this product!

  • Whittard of Chelsea No12 English Rose Black Tea 2g RRP £5.50 (box of 25)

I was open minded when trying this tea, purely because I’m not a fan of floral teas.  I like green lemon tea, unfortunately that’s as adventurous as I go. I tried, I grimaced and offered to my eldest daughter.  The aroma is beautiful, however this rose tea just wasn’t my cup of tea.

  • Optiat Pick Me Up Coffee Scrub in Lemongrass Lifter 10g RRP £9.99 (220g tube)

I absolutely love body scrubs with a citrus, zesty fragrance and this Optiat scrub lives up to my expectations!  I’ve found in the past some scrubs have done absolutely nothing for my skin. I suffer with quite dry skin on the backs of my arms so decided this would be a perfect area to try this product out on.  I have to say, although there are no large particles in the scrub, it left my skin noticeably smooth and smelling refreshed.
One to definitely hide away from the kids!

  • Balance Me Hyaluronic Plumping Mist 5ml RRP £16 (30ml bottle)

Now I’ve heard Mel praise the wonder of hyaluronic acid in skincare products on numerous occasions, however never tried it myself.  This spray claims to provide hydration’s and plump out the skin whilst calming and brightening the complexion. Whilst it can be used throughout the day on top of your make up, I only trialled it after cleansing and toning.  I think I was initially too scared it may ruin all my make up given the fact I wear a full face on a daily basis, along with setting spray. When used it did feel quite wet to begin with, absorbing fairly quickly, whilst the addition of chamomile was a pleasant and calming scent.  My skin looked slightly perkier than previously, next time I shall be brave and try it on top of my make up!

  • Jelly Pong Pong The Super Matte Lipstick in Awesome RRP £18

The colour of this matte lipstick is a full on, in your face, don’t mess with me RED!
So vibrant and a very much ‘in’ shade, currently featuring in magazines and runways aplenty.  As loud and proud as I am, I have to confess I’d never be brave enough to wear this shade. This item shall be gifted to the lovely Mel who I know will do this product justice.

  • Ape Snacks Crispy & Crunchy Coconut Snacks

A healthier alternative to a snack, high in fibre, gluten free and with no added sugar makes this temptingly scrumpy.  I’m terrible for having the munchies and reaching for the nearest biscuit therefore anything remotely healthy yet yummy is welcomed.
Coconut and chocolate bites definitely taste as yummy as they look and smell!

  • Puckr Up Lip Plumper 1.2ml RRP £19.99 (5ml tube)

We had an interesting conversation over at BoXession regarding this product.  Most of the admin ladies love the idea of a lip plumping effect for the lips, to be honest I’ve never really paid much attention to the thought.  I rarely wear lipstick, I’m more of a gloss girl, I find this more than enough for my lips.
If you watched the live unboxing you will have seen my eldest daughter, Kaitlen, be a guinea pig as we tested this product on her hand.  After a few minutes she declared it was in fact working, her hand was tingling and had become reddened where applied. This is the result of increased blood flow to the area, providing the desired plumped lips.
In all honesty, I don’t think I’d use this product but that is purely based on personal preference and no reflection on the actual product.  For all those ladies wanting to trial this product and experience fuller looking lips this is a must. It is temporary, less pricey and less invasive than lip fillers which makes this product a worthy try.

Is it worth buying?

When totalled Up this box value is approximately £66.57.  Even when paying £12.99 per month this box has paid for itself five times over, something which I find impressive.  If a box can double the value of which I pay then it’s a winner, Pink Parcel have done than and more this month! Yes, there are a couple of items I’d not use that shall be gifted but having said that the value is still very much present.
A worthwhile purchase of needed products and pick me up treats!

All social media links for Pink Parcel can be found below and don’t forget if ordering Pink Parcel to utilise our exclusive discount code of £5 off your first box – PPBoXession18

Thank you for taking the time to read my review
Stay beautiful
Jen X

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