Mrs Bubbles Unicorn Box Review by Jasmine – February 2018

Hello lovelies and welcome to my review of Mrs Bubbles subscription box. Every month the Mrs Bubbles subscription box changes its theme from Harry Potter to fairies and this month I was a lucky lass as I received the Unicorn themed box. The Scot in me is ever so happy, unicorn is Scotland’s national animal, also my inner child is bouncing off the walls as I have loved unicorns since I was a wee lass.  Mrs Bubbles subscription box is filled to the brim with lots of goodies, mainly Mrs Bubbles cruelty free handmade bath and shower products, including bath bombs and bubble bars. Mrs Bubbles subscription box also includes quirky items related to that months theme, from beauty to stationery items.
Mrs Bubbles was founded by the amazing Kathy and Emma just over a year ago and they have recently launched their own website,, where they sell their cruelty free and handmade products.
Mrs Bubbles subscription boxes are £20 plus £3.90 signed for postage, however the box I am reviewing is worth over £25.
You Can watch my unboxing video that was recorded live on the Boxession Facebook group here via our YouTube channel:

So, lets have a look at what’s inside this month’s beautiful box!

Mrs Bubbles February subscription box contents and RRP are as follows:

  • Sugar Plums & Unicorn Bath Bomb – £4.00
  • 2 Unicorn Poops – £6.00 (set of 3)
  • Jar of Unicorn Kisses – £3.00
  • Slice of Natural Pastel – £3.50
  • Unicorn Bag – £0.75
  • Unicorn Purse – £2.49
  • 2018 Unicorn Diary – £1.50
  • Unicorn Pen – £1.64 approximately
  • Unicorn Matchbox Nail Files – £1.75 approximately
  • Bath Unicorn/Duck – £2.99
  • Quote Cards x 4 – £1.00 approximately
  • Enchanted Christmas Cookie Unicorn Air Freshener – £1.49

The contents value of the box adds up to £27.47, this does not include the price for the gel pen and quote cards as I’m unsure about their exact prices.
The box is £20 a month plus £3.90 signed for p&p, £23.90 in total a month.
So, buying this box you are saving a minimum of £3.57 as I have not included the gel pen or quote cards, nor individual postage for each item when buying from the various retailers/suppliers.
Time for my favourite part of the review, testing the products!

Sugar Plums & Unicorns Bath Bomb 
The sugar plums and unicorns bath bomb is available to buy for £4.00, bright pink and thick in width, very similar to a doughnut shape! Instead of a hole in the centre there is a unicorn head little bits that resemble sprinkles. This bath bomb has a creamy texture when dissolving but be aware, if you squish it with your hands they may turn pink, however this is easily washed off so do not panic!  The bath bomb smells very sweet, reminding me of a candy that I can’t quite put my finger on.  It fizzes as it floats around the bath, creating a creamy foam and turning the bath an illuminous neon pink. Hints of glitter sparkle and if you remove the bath bomb it will continue to fizz in your hands. The sweet scent fills your bathroom, I loved this bath bomb! It was so much fun and absolutely beautiful to look at, my bath was so relaxing and smelled lovely.

Unicorn Poop 
Unicorn poop is priced at £6.00 for a pack of 3, p purple in colour and drenched in glitter so be warned – you will be covered in glitter.  The bath bomb turns the bath a deep yet vivid pink and is very shimmery due to the glitter. Even though the bath bomb feels more grittier when held, it dissolves perfectly and adds a nice creamy/oil like texture to your bath, leaving you feeling all soft when you exit your bath.  The scent that is released from these is amazing, a sweet floral scent that makes me think of spring. I adore these bath bombs! The scent took me away to thoughts of a beautiful, sunny, spring day which is currently welcoming whilst stuck in the house with all this snow! The scent made me feel so relaxed, I didn’t want to leave my bath ever.

Unicorn Kisses Bath Salts
The bath salts came in a lovely glass jar with a silver screw on lid. Mainly white, blue and grey in colour with a few sprinkles of brighter contrasting colours these bath salts personally smell similar to menthol or men’s aftershave. Inside the jar, hidden in the bath salts, is a tiny green heart soap that has the same scent as the salts. It felt very creamy and lathered up lovely, leaving me very relaxed in my bath.

Natural Pastel Soap Slice 
The natural pastel soap slice is on Mrs Bubbles web page for £3.50 each, to be honest I’m considering asking how much for a big block as it feels absolutely amazing against my skin. Mrs Bubbles describes the soap slice as a natural exfoliating, anti-aging bar that helps reduce rashes and eczema. This is due to its anti-inflammatory properties, enriched with natural Shea Butter and vitamins E, D and A.  On the web page the scent is described as pink sugar, reminding me of sweet candy and fresh flowers on a crisp spring morning near the sea, basically Burghead in spring as they have wooded areas that lead you onto the beach. Waking up early to see the sun rising is something you want to do every day, the smell and feeling you get is phenomenal, this is the contented and relaxed feeling I get from this beautiful scented soap slice. It’s also good to note that all of Mrs Bubbles products are cruelty free, natural and vegan friendly. The soap doesn’t just smell nice, it looks exquisite! The design is absolutely beautiful and is layered in green, pink, purple and finally cream colours. Featuring swirls of red and yellow and a hint of lovely blue glitter.
Unicorn Bag                                                   
The Unicorn shopping bag can be bought for 75p online and is super cute, or should I say Kawaii, as the images have anime styled eyes.  The bag also has little ying and yang symbols and features lightening bolts which stand out against the bags main colour, vibrant pink. My almost two year old daughter, Ariana-Joy, has claimed it as her own and I can’t blame her as it’s absolutely beautiful.

Unicorn Purse                                              
The unicorn purse can be bought for £2.49, personally I would use it to store my minis if going out. Well, that was the plan until my little princess took a liking to this too! The size is perfect for putting in your pocket or bag on a night out. I managed to fit my portable mobile charge bank, full sized Lime Crime product, mini Ciate Wonderland mascara, Vaseline 20g tin and a hair bobble! I still had room to spare for cash and other little items, very roomy!
2018 Unicorn Diary                                      
The unicorn diary can be purchased for £1.50. It is an amazing size, not to small nor too big and fits in my handbag perfectly.  The diary has normal calendar dates, space to write bits in, address and phone number areas as well as a good number of note pages which is perfect for me. I love the design and how it fits in with the box theme.
Unicorn Pen                                                  
I love the unicorn/rainbow gel pen as it can be used with my diary. The pen can be bought for approximately £1.64, however delivery from the USA is £10.52 therefore unless you receive it in this box I doubt many would be willing to justify the price for one gel pen, even if it is super cute.

Unicorn Matchbox Nail Files                     
The unicorn matchbox nail files are beautiful and work well, affordable at £1.75. There are cheaper purchase options available, however these are also accompanied by higher postage costs.
Bath Unicorn/Duck                                    
I love this bath unicorn/duck as it’s so cute and can be bought online in a pack of four, priced at £2.99. I’m considering ordering them as my little one absolutely loves it, running away with it after my live unboxing and having pride of place in the bath.

Quote cards x 4                                       
I really liked the inspirational quote cards, giving me a good giggle and putting a smile on my face. I’m unsure if they can be purchased separately from the box but I have priced them at approximately £1.00. I think these may possibly have been printed by Mrs Bubbles and laminated for the purpose of the box.

My Verdict 

Not only did the box come wrapped beautifully in clear cellophane wrapping, featuring white polka dots, the box itself had been wrapped in a gorgeous unicorn wrapping paper. I must say the presentation was lovely, making the box feel more personal which I adore to pieces.  The theme was spot on and all the products blew me away, as you can see in my live unboxing. I was over the moon with everything! I actually can not find a fault with this box at all and personally love it, you definitely receive your moneys worth.
So my lovelies, what are you waiting for? Go order now as it will be the perfect gift for Mothers Day! Don’t forget to join their fan club Facebook group for exclusive access to competitions, previews of new products, discounts and lots more.
Mrs Bubbles website and social media links can be found below and orders can be placed on their website and Facebook page…


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Facebook Fan Club Group


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