PurrBoxes Review by Sam – February 2018

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Charlotte from PurrBoxes for sending us this box to review.
Purrbox is a reasonably priced treat box for our much loved cats! They send you a selection of 4 or more tailored toys and treats for your 4 legged friends each month  from brands such as Lily’s Kitchen and Webbox to name a few. Along with a months supply of cat grass and catnip and a little treat for you of course. Its letterbox friendly so no dreaded red card of doom; but be warned its so good the kittys may jump on it as soon as it lands.
My furry friends loved this box and if you don’t believe me just take a look at our live unboxing:

It came in a brown, letterbox friendly box sealed with the PurrBoxes sticker, Cat happiness inside boldly stated on it.

Inside were 2 cards, a newsletter and all the items were wrapped in a purple tissue paper sealed with a gold sticker.
The care, love and attention that goes into these boxes is clear and I love the fact its run but cat owners like myself. (ok maybe they aren’t quite as crazy cat ladyish as me hahaha)
What was inside the tissue paper?
Cat Grass in an envelope and 2 Compost Pellets
Cat Grass is a brilliant helping hand for your kitty as they don’t have the enzymes to digest the grass it helps them bring up the clogged up fur and god knows what else they managed to get their paws on when you turn your back for 2 seconds. I currently have this growing as we speak, even I think this is easy and simple to grow and i have the tendency to kill most plants. I think this is going to be most beneficial for my youngest cat angel she tends to stay indoors and for some reason likes to chew her foam balls up, i swear she thinks she’s a dog as she also plays fetch.
A Treat For You Fox’s Glacier Mint
This went down, well like a treat! let’s face it there’s nothing better than a good old classic sweet.
Catnip in an envelope
We all know and love the effects of catnip they are entertaining to our pet and to us. There is nothing funnier than watching 4 cats high on catnip play! If you weren’t aware of how it works they have included a handy information guide for you.

Harringtons Fillets With Salmon in Gravy 85g
This was gone in a flash! So it must be good. Its formulated with Spirulina, Rosehip, Chicory Extract and Botanical Herbs making it rich in protein, essential fatty acids, minerals and antioxidant Lycopene and no dairy or soya in sight! From the looks of it not only is this tasty and gone hahaha it’s also perfectly balanced for a good diet.
Natures Menu Country Hunter Turkey and Rabbit
This all natural cat food went down a treat. and we try to put better things inside ourselves so why not give out pets the same treatment. This one will have to be a repurchase I think, as they were not impressed with the normal cat food after trying this!

HiLife Tempt Me Treats Chicken with Cheese
I think other than the catnip this was the cats favorite part, my cats love treats, well don’t we all? These aren’t any old treats; nope they were their no 1 favorite chicken a cheese! typing that is even making me hungry.
4Cats Heart Cushion
This is so cute and perfectly themed to the month: with it being just gone Valentines Day. My cats loved this catnip filled cushion of cuteness and after chasing it, fighting over it one decided to cuddle up with it and groom it!
There is honestly no better way to treat your loving pets! This box is well thought out and you can see the love and attention to detail that goes into it, they even tailor it to your feline friend. Its has received a rating of Purrfect and rip your owners arm off worthy from my furry friends. Them being happy and not climbing my curtains makes me a very happy owner.
The box is only £9.95 a month including postage and this month I received 7 items including a little treat for me.

  • Cat Grass in an envelope and 2 Compost Pellets a months supply approx RRP £2.50
  • A Treat For You Foxes Glacier Mint approx RRP 2p
  • Catnip in an envelope a months supply approx RRP 99p
  • Harringtons Fillets With Salmon in Gravy 85g RRP 55p
  • Natures Menu Country Hunter Turkey and Rabbit 85g RRP 86p
  • HiLife Tempt Me Treats Chicken with Cheese 60g £1
  • 4Cats Heart Cushion RRP £4.45

Making the RRP of the box £10.37
ok so no amazing saving here but I truly believe this box is all about the concept and making your pet as happy as they make you!
I still love the way they have put this together and tailored it to my cat, it takes a lot of stress of me as it’s all done for me and my cats loved it and let’s face it they need a little treat.
It’s a perfect and simple way to show how much you appreciate your faithful friend.
You can get your paws on it in a few ways:

  • Monthly rolling Subscription this is the cheapest way costing just £9.95 per box as shipping is completely free with this option! It ships out around the 15th every month and is billed on the 10th.
  • One off box this is slightly more at £9.95 plus £1.99 shipping but a brilliant way to try it out.

You can also gift either of these options at the same price and they released a special christmas deluxe PurrBox for £14.95
Head on over to their website to get your paws on it here:
you can also find them on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/purrboxes
Twitter: https://twitter.com/purrboxes

Thank you for reading xoxo

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