Secret Scent Box Review by Bonnie-Jo – February 2018

Firstly I would like to thank Anil, owner and founder of Secret Scent Box for sending us these boxes to review.
So after having this box sitting and screaming for me to open it since the beginning of February, and having to practice patience and self control; when Saturday FINALLY came around and it was time for me to unbox I could barely control my excitement. If you don’t believe me you can check out my live unboxing for yourself here…

So where do I start. It arrived via Royal Mail onto my doormat, YAY no dreaded red card of disappointment from my postie, as it is letterbox friendly.
It was a little white box with Secret Scent Box above my address, (no excuse to be able to open it and sneak a peak at what to expect).
Inside the white box was a beautiful sleek black box with Secret Scent Box embossed in silver (I may have to reuse this as a jewellery box).
Inside the box was a card telling me it is the February edition for her, a card telling me about the refer a friend info, and 3 cards letting me no which perfume to look forward to. Each card had a picture of the perfumes original bottle, a brief bit of info about the perfume and info about the top, middle and base notes in the perfume to help you find other scents you may like. The 3 perfumes inside the box have been repacked into a lovely travel size bottle, which is the perfect size for any handbag.

Each perfume should last 10 days each based on 4 sprays per day. This should give you plenty of time to get the full effect and be able to make an informed decision on each perfume without having to spend a fortune. So by the time all 3 have run out your next box should be with you.
I can see why this could be unisex it has a light floral scent but also has that manly musk which could be the mint in this.
With top notes of mint, watermelon, pineapple, and blackcurrant.
Middle notes of may rose, jasmine, and muguet.
Base notes of iris, vetiver, peach, and mulberry.
I love this; the fruity citrus smell really came through. I could see myself walking into a sweet shop and smelling the delicious scent. This was the one that stayed on the longest. I could still smell it after waking up over 10 hours later although it wasn’t as strong I was still really impressed and for the price I cant wait for payday to purchase a full size bottle.
Top notes of mandarin orange, pink pepper, red berries.
Middle notes of jasmine, gardenia, and rose.
Base notes of amber, woody notes, and vanilla.
I would say this was the strongest smell but after about 10 mines I had either gotten used to it or it had worn off. I had tried this perfume before and do love the smell but found that I would need to reapply several times throughout the day, which I find rather annoying. It has a very floral smell like walking into a blossoming garden in the height of summer.
Top notes of Rangoon creeper
Middle notes of jasmine bud
Base notes of natural tuberose
Overall I would say my favorite of the 3 was FCUK3 for her, then Gucci Bloom, then the Davidoff Cool Water.
The idea behind this box is brilliant, it has given me the opportunity to try 2 new perfumes that I wouldn’t have normally. I tend to stay clear of shops as I find it really awkward trying new scents as usually find the sale assistants trying to push the most expensive.
If you like the idea as much as I did this is the need to know…


Gives you 15% off your first box making it an amazing price of £12.75

You can sign up to a monthly, 6 monthly or 12 monthly, which works out at £15, £14 or £13 per month. This could make an amazing present for anyone of any age, as there is a female and male version.
You can order here…
Or check out their Social Media…
Thank you for reading my review,

Bonnie x

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