TOPPBOX Review by Sam & Paul – February 2018

Firstly we would like to say a huge thank you to Alham from ToppBox for sending BoXession this box to review.

And for the exclusive discount code BX20, giving you 20% off your first box!

ToppBox send you 4-5 premium tailored treats a month to keep you/ your man looking and feeling your best at all times!
They are well known in the industry being featured in the likes of The Independent and Gentlemen’s journal and Quite rightly so! as the level of customer care is outstanding and the box value is always amazing.
I was shocked when this came through the door and a little disappointed it wasn’t a treat for me (now I know how he feels hahaha). We could not wait to unbox this live and if you missed it you can catch it here:

So into the box…

Rouge Dual Foam Teeth Whitening Duo RRP £19.99
This was perfect for Paul as boring as it sounds, he is obsessed with high brand oral care. He even has his own special toothpaste no one else can touch (yep).
This is a dual foaming formulation (that was strange at first apparently), the 2 step treatment is said to give you results in 1-3 weeks but paul noticed a difference with in a day or 2! Being an ex smoker he is glad to have found something that helps restore his teeth to their former glory.

UPROAR Men’s Aluminium-Free Deodorant 50ml RRP £8.50 
I think I was more pleased with this than paul and he was pretty pleased. Does anybody’s else’s other spray so much well known brand Deodorant you can taste it throughout the house (I’ll have my coffee with a dash of aerosol please, said no person ever). So I am very relived he has added this to his daily beauty routine, and I can finally taste my morning coffee. And even better, being a roll on means it will last a while!
Percy Nobleman Caffeinated Shampoo & Body Wash 200ml RRP £12.99
Speaking of coffee haha. Caffeine is meant to invigorate the mind body and spirit so the perfect wake up call in your morning shower, or a quick boost after work. He’s got no idea what it is about this formula, but he no longer has his afternoon naps and says it’s thanks to this. It will definitely be a re-purchased product.

Rehab London Back To Matte 50ml RRP£11.95
This gel formula certainly helped his oily skin look it’s best and lets face it the shine is not a good look with a receding hairline (I hope he doesn’t read that back hahaha). It glides on his skin easily and does a good job of mattifying. This is now his go to moisturiser, he has a few and could contend with the best of us women in that area. He also tested this live and everyone could see that it worked instantly.
Beau Brummell Gentlemen’s Shaving Cream RRP £22 for 235ml 
These are so handy to pop in your pocket for a stay away. It contains argan and sandalwood oils to soften the harsh hair leaving you irritation free and next to no redness.  He loves this and I have now been pursued to buy him the full size. Thanks hahaha
This box would honestly suit any man out there! And would make a fantastic gift! I love the fact they ask you to fill out a profile so they can completely tailor it to you / your man, they ask age, style, skin type, hair type and if you wet shave or have a beard. Box company’s that do this and actually take note of your answers are few and far between!
Paul loved the box it was such a nice treat for him, and a surprise as we weren’t expecting it! He’s so used to being jealous of all the nice goodies I get in the post he really enjoyed getting his own personalised box again. There is literary nothing in this box he won’t use! 2 months in a row that’s good going.

Is it worth it?

What you mean getting the man of your life of your back about all your sub boxes? or the joy of being able to enjoy sub boxes together.
Ok well if you’re not convinced yet here’s the numbers:

  • Rouge Dual Foam Teeth Whitening Duo RRP £19.99
  • UPROAR Men’s Aluminium-Free Deodorant 50ml RRP £8.50
  • Percy Nobleman Caffeinated Shampoo & Body Wash 200ml RRP £12.99
  • Rehab London Back To Matte 35ml 50ml RRP is £11.95 so worth £8.36
  • Beau Brummell Gentlemen’s Shaving Cream RRP £22 for 235 ml he got 3 15ml sachets so 45ml worth £4.21

Total RRP £54.04, giving you a saving of  £31.10!

Or £34.89 when you use code BX20 making it worth nearly triple your money!!!

How do I get it? 
2 options here: 

  • Monthly rolling £19 a month plus £3.95 p&p
  • 2 monthly £19 every 2 months plus £3.95 shipping

It’s posted out on the 15th of every month and renews on the 25th. You can suspend, restart or cancel before the 25th. You can also get 20% off your first box using code BX20
You can get your hands on it here:
And you can follow them for the latest updates on:
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Once again thank you for reading xoxo

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