Not Just a Mum Club Launch Box Review by Mel – February 2018

I am always excited when I get to be the first to open a newly launched box. This one is no exception to that. I am a Mum of two boys aged 3 and 10, and my life is hectic. I run my partners business and as you all know I am a full-time Blogger and the founding owner of BoXession.
I started buying boxes years ago as a way of treating myself, and that extra element of surprise as opposed to ordering from a Website and knowing what I am getting in the post has always attracted me to Subscription Boxes – Hence the name, BoX-Obsession!
When I was asked by Alex and Georgina to review their Launch Box, I was over the moon and still, despite the astonishing growth rate of BoXession, I am always humbled to be recognised as a serious influencer. This is my love, passion and my life! Writing is a pleasure to me and I consider it my down time and not a chore.
The idea behind Not Just a Mum Club is a unique one, Alex and Georgina are both Mum’s and recognise that need for recuperation and relaxation time once the Children are finally tucked up in bed, or at School. The potential for this Box in my opinion is huge, I have ran BoXession since May 2017, and a large amount of my audience I have discovered are people exactly like me. To be honest, you don’t need to be a Mum either to love this and Subscribe.
I notice a lot of detail after reviewing in the region of 200 boxes. This box has its identity. The design is pretty, sleek, and sophisticated. The bow absolutely had me before I even pulled it and delved into the box contents. I do have a not so secret bow obsession though! This has been perfected before the launch, which is a joy to see. I can tell that these ladies have a huge amount of love and dedication for what they have created. There is even a Mum of the Month section on their insert card (which I find myself wanting to be featured on haha), and a ‘Welcome to the Club’ sticker teamed with tissue that matches the colour of that gorgeous bow.
If you missed my live unboxing you can watch it back either on the Video section of the BoXession Group, or here on our YouTube Channel. I could not contain my excitement…

 So What’s in the Box?

  • MOA Green Balm – 50ml Full Size – RRP £15
  • Blotter & Brush Print – RRP £5
  • Zerreau Towel Off Strawberry Shampoo Foam Full Size – RRP £7.95
  • Maybelline Lip Crayon in ‘Stay Classy’ Full Size – RRP £4.99
  • Indie Bay Snacks Quinoa Pretzel Bites Full Size – RRP £2.49
  • Boomf Marshmallow – RRP £19.99 for a box of 9 so worth £2.22
  • Little Heart Gifts English Rose Artisan Soap Full Size – RRP £6

TOTAL Box Value = £43.65

Cost of Box = £17.99 (Free P&P)

A MASSIVE Saving of £25.66!!!

You can also buy the box upfront for:

  • 3 Months – £49.00
  • 12 Months – £199.99

Making you a nice little saving on the monthly cost. Or even a one-off box at £22.99 inc P&P if you wanted to gift it or just purchase one box for yourself.

I know you are all dying to know my thoughts, so here goes!…

MOA Green Balm

This is a product I have purchased before, it was a selection in another build your own style box. I only had the tester size though so it is amazing to see this included as a Full Size! It has a slightly antiseptic smell to it, not overpowering. The uses for this is endless. I actually gave the last pot I had to my other half, as he goes fishing and often cuts or grazes his hands on fishing line or hooks. This balm has healing properties so was perfect for him, and it isn’t a scent that is only suitable to us ladies. This can also be used for your children. It is multi purpose, can literally be used anywhere. Cuts, bruises, elbows, and toes! Being full size I am going to get a lot of use from this for my entire family.

Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam

I was very tempted to try this live on my unboxing, but I refrained just in case of a foam explosion. I never have the time to shower before the school run, I am always either jumping in before pick up time, or late evening. I have tried dry shampoo spray, and the powder type and disliked both.
So admittedly I was intrigued by this. It is also an unknown brand to me, this is not a negative as I have found some hidden gems among the unknown before to me products that have been in Subscription Boxes. I was very pleasantly surprised by the Strawberry Scent, it was nice for it to not be floral for a change as often Shampoos are; and I am a fan of anything sweet smelling. The foam itself was very light and easy to distribute through my hair. It goes on wet and then you use a towel to rub your hair dry. I couldn’t feel any residue and I used it this morning and still can’t tell. So I think I am onto a winner here. I will continue to use this now.

Blotter & Brush Print

I am a fan of positivity quotes, do you follow us on Instagram? I usually have a little Monday pick up post on there to brighten the School Run blues. My Planner, which contains the entirety of my life has a very similar design to this card. It has a quote ‘I can do this, just watch me’ on the front, and a different quote for every month too. So this has been added into my planner with a little washi tape. I would like to see more items such as this appear in the box, even little notepads, pens and so on. I know that the need to list your entire life is essential when you are on the go.

Maybelline Lip Crayon

This is my favourite item in the Box. For a start I mentioned in my unboxing that the colour is absolutely one I would choose. Being a northern lass, I did have a giggle at the ‘Stay Classy’ shade. Lip crayons are a life saver, I have a large collection of dark shade lipsticks; but I have never tried this one. It is easy to apply, you only need one coat. It leaves a subtle sheen and I just love it! The price is so reasonable it won’t break the bank for a re purchase. These do last a while though, some I have had and used regularly have been in my handbag for a year before running out.
English Rose Artisan Soap
I haven’t had the heart to unwrap this, it is just too pretty to spoil. I have spoken before about my little boudoir. I have my own En-suite and Shoe Room, I am lucky to have this space but believe me it is a god send. I don’t have to share the Bathroom with the boys as they have they own, and I get to display all of my pretty items. So this is now on my vintage cabinet along with my perfumes until I decide I can cope with the guilt of unwrapping it.

Boomf Marshmallow

This is beyond cute with its little yellow striped stick and bow! It sadly lasted all of 10 seconds (oops), but I have been intrigued by these after seeing them on the TV. You can buy a pack of 9 and have a photo of your choice printed on them and then get it posted out as a gift! It is such a fab idea, and they now do Occasion cards too I believe. They are delicious, I hope that the Mr will read this and send me some… Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day soon, hint hint!

Indie Bay Quinoa Pretzel Bites

The bag of these are huge! I have been munching on these while typing this review. They a cross between popcorn and a cracker. I know they are pretzel but the shape makes you believe that they aren’t. I don’t think I can manage the whole bag in one go though. They are a tiny bit spicy, which is ok by me as I love spicy food anyway.
Also included in the box are a 25% discount code for LALALAB, and an information card telling you all about Indie Bay Snacks.

My Verdict?

I am extremely impressed. I would hand on heart purchase this box. The value is there, a great mixture of products and an overall complete feel to it. I mentioned earlier that they have their identity, this is a brand and not a box that hasn’t found its place in the world of boxes.
Being a Mum I cannot justify buying a box that is purely Makeup, or purely Skincare. I may not get the time to use it all, and I do want the odd edible treat in there too. This covers all bases and is affordable, with FREE postage too!
I would say this is one to watch out for, and that I will be stalking next month’s edit, but I don’t need to. The lovely Alex & Georgina have already asked me to review their March Box, and I am informed that it is better than this one. So now I am going to stalk my inbox and the Postwoman like a small child in anticipation for it landing.
I would love to see more edible treats, possibly some accessories, oh and I love a good face mask, lip balm/scrub, and hand products. Not that I am requesting or anything, I know you ladies have your hands full and would like to hope that is not just being Mum’s; but also gaining lots of new subscribers too!
Thank you as always to my members and readers, to purchase this box (you would be mad not to) the links are below…

Mel x

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  1. Hi, Mel, I bought, I love and trust your reviews 😉 Want to ask something, I bought this box, but BOXESSION10 the code is expired I can see, so I a full price. But I hope to get 2 extra free products with my March box. If you only can, please ask Alex and Georgina about the code and gifts. I found info, that: Sign up between now and the 14th of March for our amazing Mothers Day box and get TWO extra FREE products worth more than £20 along with all the other 7 FULL SIZE products that are going to be in there.
    ALSO, as you are all members of Boxession we are giving you 10% off your first box, just use the code BOXESSION10 at checkout!? Thank you 😉

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