The Spicery Box Review by Chloe – February 2018

If you would like to watch my live unboxing you can do so on the BoXession Group, or also here on our YouTube Channel to see my first impressions!…


  • Subji spices – 4g
  • Saffron blend – 2g
  • Lobster marinade – 4g
  • Rose petals – 1g
  • Cardamon blend – 1g
  • Ground spices – 3g
  • Rice spices – 4g
  • Carnival lime pepper sauce blend – 6g

RRP £6.00

  • Lobster masala with asparagus subji recipe RRP – £2.95
  • Mango, chilli and saffron sorbet RRP – £2.95
  • Cardamon shortbreads recipe RRP – £2.95
  • Carnival lime pepper sauce RRP – £2.95

Total cost of box: £8.00 including delivery
Value of box: £17.80
Saving you £9.80
Subscription Prices:

  1. £24.00 for 3 months (£8.00 per month)
  2. £44.00 for 6 months (£7.33 per month)
  3. £84.00 for 12 months (£7.00 per month)

Discount code: ‘boxession’ for 15% off any subscription!

Types of Subscription Boxes:
Spicery Highlights for 2 – Our two favourite recipes from each month’s subscription boxes.
Sunday Roasts for 6 – Recipes ranging from Sri Lankan Roast Beef with Cinnamon Masala Potatoes, to Jamaican Jerk Roast Chicken with Sweetcorn Fritters. Includes recipe for the main dish plus tasty sides and condiments.
Meat Free for 4 – Delicious and unusual meals which just happen to be meat-free from all over the world.
Date Night for 2 – All the fresh spices and recipe cards you need to impress your significant other with a fabulous home-cooked three-course meal.
Indian restaurant favourites for 4 – Recreate the familiar flavours of your favourite Indian restaurant! Recipe and spices for main and sides.
World kitchen explorer for 4 – Take your taste buds on a tour with a main that comes with either a starter or a variety of sides. Or a main with a delectable dessert.
Friday night curry for 4 – Contains all the fresh spices and recipe cards you need to create delicious curries plus sensational side dishes. Inspiration from Spicery’s founder James’ legendary curry club.
Food truck for 4 – We’ve taken inspiration from cutting-edge vendors from food truck capitals to provide you with recipes for mains and sides.
Initial Impression
Again this month’s packaging was colourful and eye catching. This month I had a sneak peek on their website of the possible recipes and chose the lobster masala as I have always wanted to try it! All of the recipes are easy to follow, laid out well and fun. I managed to find all of the needed ingredients in my local supermarket which was convenient. You get a wide variety of spices and recipes and the box is worth more than double what you pay.

After Cooking
So this month I gave the lobster masala a try! I have never attempted to cook lobster before so it was a nice change and achievement. The recipe did not give clear instructions on how to crack the lobster etc so I did have to do some extra googling. Once I found some instructions it was clear and a new experience. As for the actual curry it was quite sweet and if I were to make it again I would add some chillies as I am a sucker for spice. However I really enjoyed trying something new and now know how to make it again and adapt to my personal likes/dislikes. I am also going to give the mango, saffron and chilli sorbet a go as it sounds right up my street!
Final thoughts
Firstly I would like to thank The Spicery for sending me this fantastic box to try. It has opened so many doors for me regarding experimenting in the kitchen. I would highly recommend this box to anyone that is looking to try something new and different, improve their cooking skills, experiment with recipes, and have some fun! You can turn this into a family activity by including the children or save it for a date night instead of getting a take away! It is a great way to spend time together and enjoy the finished product. Not only is the food tasty but it is great value for money too.

Chloe x