Love Cocoa Review by Nazia – January 2018

I’d like to thank James Cadbury founder of Love cocoa, for sending me this very delicious package! This box is perfect for anyone who like me, has a sweet tooth and loves chocolate plus there’s also plenty to share if you decide to..!
If you missed the live you can see it here…

Box Contents:

  • Gin and Tonic 70% organic dark chocolate 80g RRP £3.85
  • Crushed coffee 37% milk chocolate 80g RRP £3.85
  • Earl grey 37% organic milk chocolate 80g RRP £3.85
  • Maldon® sea salt 70% organic dark chocolate 80g RRP £3.85
  • Avocado 70% organic dark chocolate 80g RRP £4.25
  • Honeycomb & honey 37% organic milk chocolate 80g RRP £3.85

Total cost of Box: £19.99 including delivery via royal mail.
Value of Box: £23.50
Saving you: £3.51

Subscription Prices

  • 3 bars for £9.99 every month
  • 6 bars for £19.99 every month
  • 9 bars for £29.99 every month.

Postage is included with all subscriptions and orders can be paused or cancelled at any time.

  • One off boxes and individual bars are also available for purchase. One off boxes start from £11.50 and individual bars start from £1.80.


First impressions and taste test:

This collection comes with a personalised gift card that said Enjoy on the front and a handwritten note on the back that said ‘enjoy the chocs, let us know your fav’ which I thought was a lovely little touch. It is delivered in their bespoke “Hello, I’m yours” letterbox friendly box and the 6 bars of chocolate fit neatly inside.
My attention was instantly caught by the cute, quirky and colourful designs on the packaging which corresponded with the flavour of each bar. I also loved the little section on the back that has paring suggestions, so that each chocolate bar can be enjoyed with either a cold or hot beverage which I found very interesting.

Gin and Tonic dark chocolate:

The flavour I found most exciting was the Gin & tonic bar so I obviously had to give this one a try first! There was surprisingly very strong botanical notes of Juniper, lemon and lime that came through with each bite. Even though this bar contains no alcohol it really does taste like Gin & tonic! The floral notes and the bitterness of the dark chocolate compliment each other well and I enjoyed each mouthful.
Pair it with: Gin or green tea

Crushed coffee milk chocolate:

On opening this bar, a strong aromatic scent of coffee arose when removing from the wrapper as the bar itself is coated with crushed coffee beans. This was my least favourite bar but only because I’m not a fan of coffee (I prefer tea!) so this was given to my coffee loving husband to enjoy. He said the chocolate bar has a lovely smooth taste of good quality coffee with the bitterness balanced by the milk chocolate. He enjoyed the bar so much that it was pretty much gone within seconds!
Pair it with: Stout, fruity Rose or an Expresso.

Earl grey milk chocolate:

This sophisticated chocolate bar pairs the floral notes of bergamot with creamy milk chocolate and is a partnership made in heaven. A great twist on an English classic and extremely moreish. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did but I thoroughly loved this bar and will definitely be purchasing more.
Pair it with: IPA or Earl grey tea

Maldon® sea salt and dark chocolate:

The complexity of dark chocolate is enhanced by the addition of the sea salt giving this bar a melt-in-the-mouth taste! The sea salt to chocolate ratio is perfect as it doesn’t taste too salty nor too bitter. I decided to try it with the paring suggestion and indulged with a glass of Malbec which together went down a treat!
Pair it with: Red wine or Lapsang tea

Avocado organic dark chocolate:

As much as I love avos and enjoy them in my lunch they wouldn’t necessarily be the first ingredient I would want to add to chocolate and I was most apprehensive of trying this bar as avocado and chocolate sound like such an odd mix. Oh, but how very wrong I was! The two combined together create a rich, velvety smooth texture that leaves very little bitterness from the dark chocolate. There isn’t a very strong taste of avocado but it is very delicious.
Pair it with: Margarita cocktail or Fruity tea

Honeycomb & honey organic milk chocolate:

I decided to save the best until last as this bar really took my fancy and I must say it did not disappoint. The bar is covered in sticky honeycomb pieces which gives the bar a delightful crunch but not an overly sweet taste. It’s like a warm hug in the mouth and most definitely my favourite of the six.
Pair it was: Honeyed wine or manuka infused tea


This is a cracking little box full of yummy goodness. Very good quality chocolate for a reasonable price. You can treat yourself, or surprise your family and friends with this delectable collection of handmade organic chocolate bars, delivered straight through the letterbox. The enjoyable snap of the dark chocolate bars and smooth creamy milk chocolate ensure the highest quality of chocolate. Definitely a box worth subscribing to as the innovative flavour combinations are second to none and you will not be disappointed.
For anyone interested in learning more about Love cocoa please see their website & social media links:
Thank you for reading –

Nazia xx

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