RAW PASSION Review of Spicy Muscle Rub Body Oil & Liquid Soap – Divine Sacred Rose, Geranium & Bergamot

RAW PASSION – 100% organic, vegan and ethical skin food handmade in Sussex

Sexy Skin never goes out of fashion!

So ladies, this is my third review for RAW PASSION! I separated the last 4 products I received into 2 reviews to ensure I was giving the products a thorough testing and review.
I gave a sneak peek into what I would be reviewing 2 weeks ago on the BoXession group, you can watch that back on our YouTube Channel here …

Which goodies have I been testing this week?

  • Liquid Soap – Divine Sacred Rose, Geranium & Bergamot

This is available to buy from the RAW PASSION Website at £12 for a 100ml bottle, I have a tester of this (10ml).

  • Spicy Muscle Rub Body Oil

This comes in 3 sizes:

  1. £7 for a Small size (15ml) – This is the one I have
  2. £11 for a Medium (30ml)
  3. £18 for a Large (60ml)

Firstly I am going to talk about the soap.
When I first used this, I was in my En-suite Bathroom and it was before bed. 10 minutes after using it the man followed upstairs and he said wow what have you been spraying in here?! He could smell the rose from the soap! This stuff packs a punch, the smell you get from it is like no soap I have ever used before.
I confess, I do not use cheap soap. I use a well known brand at £18 a bottle. I look after my hands, they are my pride and joy. I have my own long nails that are manicured regularly and I use cuticle oils and hand creams. So using excellent products on my hands is a must to keep them in top condition. This does not mean I get out of housework, I just have latex free rubber gloves! ha!
The consistency of this is very thick, there is no added water or added anything to the soap. It is 100% natural, organic and vegan friendly. After a week of daily use I have used about a third of the little glass bottle. I imagine a full sized bottle would last months.
I could tell immediately after using it how moisturising it was as I did not put hand cream on before bed as I usually do. So I guess you could say using this will save me money on that.
The absolutely only negative I have and it isn’t from me, it’s from him indoors… he doesn’t like the smell! He said it is a bit too feminine. But its ok as he is off back down south to work in the New Year, and I doubt the smell will travel 300 miles!!
I would definitely buy this again, the other scent of soap that RAW PASSION do is Cooling Mint & Tea Tree. I also hope they bring out many more as I really love fruity smelling things, and anything sweet too. So I would love to see more as I know from some of the other products I have tested – BabyLicious and Heavenly Hemp both smell divine and a BabyLicious hand soap?!!… take my bank card off me, I would stock up for a year!!

So some of you may know this, I suffer with a tremendous amount of back pain at this time of year due to damage in my lower back post C Section from 3 years ago. So I have been using this all week on my lower back. Well, when I say I, I mean the man has been asked (made) to rub this in for me before bed.
As soon as he applied it I could feel it warming through my skin. I had to laugh as he gave me a hug and well he said I have a warm tummy, why? Obviously some had transferred to him. Oh well, twice the usage haha! I have used this every night and it applies like a balm but again similar to the Heavenly Hemp it then melts while being rubbed in. I actually really like this, it is much easier than applying a cream, it is less mess too. Viola tells me it is very good for your legs after walking as she hikes daily. I also read on the Website it is great for things like sports massage. The man of the house is a fisherman though so I have not been able to test it for this purpose.
My son is due to start swimming lessons again in the New Year and so this could be used on him too. One thing I have noticed with some of RAW PASSION’s products is that the uses and possibilities are endless. I also read it can be used for sinusitis! I have had this once and it was NOT a pleasant experience, so I really hope I don’t have the need to use it for that purpose. I will continue to use this on my back, there is still a lot left after a week and therefore the value for money in the products is definitely there when you consider it is only £7 for the size I have.

My Verdict?

I am in love with the brand, I have not hidden the fact from any of you. For me in the past the ethical brands never seemed to be up there in terms of quality. But RAW PASSION has 3 qualities…

  • Great Products
  • Great Customer Service
  • Great Ethics

Viola knows fully how impressed I am with what I have tested so far, RAW PASSION are a hidden gem among the world of skincare. For me one that needs to be unearthed. I write from the heart, if something is good I will shout about it.
My two personal favourites to date are the Heavenly Hemp Skin Oil and the BabyLicious Body Butter. Both of which will be a permanent feature in my boudoir from hereon. I know that you are a busy lady Viola, but the world needs everything BabyLicious scented, I am planting the seed and crossing my fingers!!
Please read my other product reviews for more information on the items I have mentioned above.
Thank You as always to my readers, and to Viola for the lovely products,

Mel x