Sticker Swaps Subscription Review by Joel & Mel – November 2017

I have my own house full of geeks and collectors, and so anything like this catches my eye immediately. My eldest is getting a little too old at age 10 for the run of the mill stationery and craft boxes, and some of the Loot ones are very adult.
Like all children, he goes through phases of collecting things and following the latest trend at School. He is hugely into gaming and YouTubing and has his own Channel! I think its great these days that kids his age can express themselves like this, it is something I encourage him to do.
He is always happy to get involved whenever I am offered something suitable to review. A special thanks to Simone over at Sticker Swaps for sending us this months collection!

How does Sticker Swaps work?

You are sent an envelope full of specially curated and selected stickers every month. The company was created by James & Simone who share an obsession for them. I can relate to this for sure! They share an Office together in the UK, when we were live I did not realise this (the subscription cost being in dollars threw me). I noticed the Royal Mail frank on the envelope when Joel was opening it and wondered, but upon further investigation I now know!
The cost of the Subscription is:

  • $9.99 per month on a month to month basis – this converts to £7.41 at todays rate.
  • $27.99 3 months prepay (£20.75)
  • $53.99 6 months prepay (£40.02)

We have an exclusive discount code, ‘BOXESSION50’ gets you 50% off your first month!!

So Joel & I opened them live on the BoXession Group, which I have now uploaded to our YouTube Channel and you can watch it back by clicking play below…

You will have to forgive Joel, he gets a tad over excited about things and he is very blunt. I couldn’t help but to laugh when he read out one of the stickers … ‘congratulations, you’re dead’. He definitely has a dry sense of humour. No idea where he gets it from?
Below is a photo of the November collection in its entirety which consists of a pack of 10 stickers for November, plus the Sticker Swaps logo sticker which came as extra.
I did tell Joel not to put them on my walls, as usual he took me quite literally and you can see below where they have been placed…
This is the laptop he uses for dj’ing, I am supposed to tell you he doesn’t use this one for gaming. He has put the remaining 3 on his book at School.
The stickers themselves are very high quality and I like how they are removed at the back easily so you aren’t there for ages trying to peel them.
What did we think of Sticker Swaps?
It is a unique idea, I personally love that the idea came from two friends with an obsession. After all what I have created is a play on words for Box Obsession.
It is a great idea for any avid collector, it would suit adults and children. Teenagers would love this one too as the market for that age group is very sparse.
Joel was very happy, he said they are awesome and gave me the thumbs up. He has asked me to upload the video to his YouTube Channel about 50 times already, so I had better get on with it!
If you would like to learn more about Sticker Swaps or to purchase a subscription (don’t forget the half price code) then you can do so via the links below.
Thank You from Joel & I for reading,
Mel x
Twitter: @sticker_swaps

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