Bathbox Review by Sam – November 2017

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Ryan from Bath Box for sending me this box to review.
And for the exclusive discount code blackfri giving you 10% off! These are limited though so be quick!
I jumped out the bath bundled on my gown and rushed to answer the door, to be greeted by my postie who sheepishly handed over the brown box with the huge Bathbox logo on it into my hands and ran hahaha!
Bathbox sends you 5 gorgeous bath items in a carefully curated box, each one has a different theme; this month it was all sweets.
Being a mum and serious bath lover, (well sometimes the only moments you can steal for your yourself are during a nice relaxing bath in the dead of night);
This box is right up my street! I couldn’t help but get excited to unbox (once I was dried and dressed of course).
If you missed my live unboxing you can watch it here…

When I opened it I was met with the most gorgeous aroma and a card detailing what was in my box. I quickly pushed that to one side, as I love a surprise and carefully peeled back the Bathbox logo sticker from the super cute pink and black dotty paper.
But what’s inside? I hear you scream!!
Strawberry Pavlova Bomb 
Oh my god did this smell Devine and it’s huge! No sooner had I dropped it into the bath it erupted into a volcanic display and gave of the most amazing scent.
After the amazing display had fizzled away, I jumped in the candy pink water and oh my, I felt like I had been immersed in to one of my favourite deserts, the scents danced around me and left me smelling good enough to eat.

Pear Drop Disc Bomb
What a sweet treat this one was!
I thought the last one was big but this literally took up the whole of the palm of my hand, big enough to use a good 3 times. The mouth watering fragrance of pear drops instantly whisked me away to an old fashioned sweet shop and left me smelling of candy.
Dragon Fruit Soap
I love a good exfoliating soap and this is my absolute favourite scent honestly it’s truly Devine. These are amazing for traveling and will be coming with me on my next adventure.

Rose Petal Melts x2 
There is nothing more pampering than running yourself the most gorgeous bubble bath and sprinkling rose petals into the bubbles. They melted away into the bubbles leaving a gorgeous scent and rose coloured water.
Passion Potion Bath Salts 
A little goes a long way with these, they definitely helped me to de stress and boy was I stressed as I sunk into the bath all my worries melted away and I was left feeling calm and refreshed.

Sherbet Bath Fizzer 
This wasn’t on the card but I’m so glad it was in the box it smelt so good I was tempted to eat it! It reminded me of a blackcurrant sherbet. I almost didn’t want to drop it in the bath.
What do I think?
Seriously you need to buy it! Like just stop reading and scroll down to the link, this is pure heaven in a box! This is as good as Subscription boxes get and completely guilt free as it is cruelty free and vegan friendly.
I loved and used every single item each one smelt Devine and added a luxurious feel to my down time. To be truthful this has been by far one of my favourite boxes I have reviewed.
Who would love it?
I will happily recommend this box to anyone who has a bath!! I literally have not stopped taking about it. You can’t beat a good relaxing bath and this box takes it to the next level. This box would make the most amazing gift; my daughter has already begged me to order her one, after eyeing it up from the hall during my live.
Is it worth it?
Humm all my favourite pamper goodies delivered strait to my door with no hassle of shopping and choosing YES!!!
I’m a bit of a bath freak if you haven’t already noticed, so I have priced this up using prices I have seen and paid for similar items.
You get 5 items in you box each month and it costs £9.99 plus £2.99 P&P
This months 

  • Strawberry Pavlova Bomb RRP approx. £3 – £4.95
  • Rose Petal Melts these range from £3 – £4.99 depending where you shop
  • Passion Potion Bath Salts approx. RRP £2.50
  • Dragon Fruit Soap approx. RRP £3 – £5
  • Pear Drop Disc Bomb you can pay up to £12 for a bomb this size!
  • Sherbet bath fizzer approx. RRP £1 – £2
So for the higher end of the market this box would be worth £31.44
And the lower end your still looking at around £20.
Giving you a possible saving of £18.45

Even more if you were one of the lucky ones that bagged themselves the exclusive discount code: blackfri

I couldn’t walk into any bath shop and buy all those items for the price of the box and I would still struggle online the quality of the goodies and the thought that has been put into theming it makes it a real winner in my books.
How do I get it? 
You have 2 choices here:

  • Monthly Subscription 

Boxes are £9.99 per month plus £2.99 P&P.
You need to subscribe by the 15th of the month and boxes are shipped out via Royal Mail between the 15th – 25th. You can cancel anytime you like.

  • A One Off Box 

This would make an amazing gift you need to order before the 15th to ensure you get that months box and the box ships out in line with the monthly subscription.
You can order from their Website:
And find them on:

Once again thank you for reading and I hope you all love Bathbox as much as I do!

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