TOPPBOX Review by Jacey – November 2017

Once again I was sent this fantastic box from the lovely Alham at Toppbox. Their mission is to find the right routine so you can look good, feel great and smell even better! After the excitement of receiving it last month I was yet again excited to receive this months box. My partner Curtis was constantly asking when it was being shipped and even asked if he could unbox with me. He is not one for showing much emotion but I can certainly tell when he’s excited about something!
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I love this box, as it’s absolutely perfect for gifting too! I plan on purchasing a subscription for some family members as Christmas presents. With the personalised questionnaire I know that the boxes are definitely going to be suited to that particular person, and they won’t receive something they cannot use. Questions include what skin type they have, whether they have facial hair and what length hair they have. I love the fact that they ask these questions as I’ve had a couple of boxes in the past for myself that require you to fill out a profile but I still got sent things I couldn’t use. But with Toppbox I know for a fact they send things close to your questionnaire.
The box came very quickly by Royal Mail in its usual protective postage bag. It included some leaflets from different companies and discount codes that could be helpful for Christmas. It states on the website that they are dispatched on the 15th of every month and renews every 25th of the month, so gives you plenty of time to suspend or cancel your subscription. The box itself was its usual sturdy box with TOPPBOX printed on the top. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter symbols are printed on the side to show that they are available on these sites. Inside the box it was very neatly presented in blue tissue paper cushioning each item, a small business card and item description card was also inside the box. I love to see item description leaflets in the box as sometimes the items don’t always have full descriptions on them, and the writing on them can be very small which is hard to read by a lot of people who need glasses or contact lenses. Everything in the box looks very professional.
The first item we pulled out was a large packet of The Coffee Scrub Co. peppermint coffee scrub. Curtis has never actually tried a coffee scrub before whereas I have and I love them. He was excited to try it out that night and he wasn’t disappointed. He found that he skin felt softer and rejuvenated, the peppermint and cucumber scent was extremely refreshing a bit like a little wake up call like the feeling you get from waking up with a fresh pot of coffee. Do not try and drink this folks, it most definitely is for your skin no matter how great it smells! This item is priced at £8.50 for 150g.
The second item in the box was a small tub of Lumberjack The Original Beard Wax, Curtis collects these. He literally has tried every brand of beard wax apart from this one. It’s a great size as well to travel with, as the amount of beard items he has would make one very heavy suitcase! There wasn’t much of a scent to it, which we didn’t mind as he usual’s pops on scented beard oil on afterwards. The item was easy to work with and melted nicely in the palm of the hand. The beard wax is priced at £5.99 for 15ml.
The third item is this fantastic box was one of Curtis’ favourite brands, a full sized Percy Nobleman Face and Stubble Moisturiser. Although this item is more for the shorter facial hairstyles Curtis does shave slightly on his cheeks to shape his beard and is always complaining about irritation and dryness, so this item will come in handy. This one is also scented in peppermint and cucumber so it would compliment the coffee scrub quite nicely. Nothing like a fresh face after a little bit of a shave. We have bought a lot of Percy Nobleman products in the past so we know they are good quality and the price has always been high for these items. This one was priced at £16.99 for 75ml, which is about right for this product. Even so I was really happy to see the moisturiser in the box as this product alone covers the cost of the box!
The last item in the box was one we haven’t seen before it was a bottle of Morgan’s 3-in-1 Shampoo, Wash and Shave. Even though this product says shave it’s also a great beard wash. This also has a very refreshing scent, with notes of bergamot, jasmine, sandal and patchouli. It’s not a brand we have come across before but Curtis was still happy to receive a beard wash as he goes through that much. It was in a water proof container with a easy usable pump so no mess guaranteed which is a win for me as I seem to find more beard wash than anything else in the bathroom! The cost of this product is £9.50 for 100ml.
I love how each product compliments itself, it seems as though the lovely people at Toppbox has really thought about what they are putting in the box. Another fantastic box for a very happy bearded man! We always look forward to the next box as I get so many for myself it only seems fair for the other half to also get a pamper box.
The total rrp of this box is £40.98 but the box itself is an amazing £16! Which has a fantastic saving of around £24.98!
That is a brilliant saving as we purchase a lot of these items individually while out shopping as Curtis goes through a lot of these things so will save quite a lot of money for us in the long run. Again, what a fantastic box this is and I look forward to any boxes we receive in the future. Thank you so much to Alham for sending us this box.
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