Anonymous Jewellery Review by Jacey – November 2017

I was so excited to receive this box as I have read a lot of happy posts about this box! I had a good look at the website Too and everything about it absolutely sparkled. I don’t know if it’s just me but when I see sparkly pretty things on a website I’m drawn to staring at the products for what seemed like a good half hour or so. I’m a bit like a magpie for things that like.
I unboxed this live on the BoXession Facebook group, which can now be viewed on our YouTube Channel…

The website is laid out beautifully and it was quite easy to navigate. You get asked a couple of questions as one of their stylists try to pick out the perfect pieces for you, you get asked things like; tone, age group, if you have ever used their shop before and whether you have any products you don’t require like if you don’t have your ears pierced just let them know and they won’t send ear rings.
I don’t buy a lot of jewellery usually as I find it quite hard to find pieces I really like or I have had things and the quality hasn’t been as great as I would like it to be. So when I saw this box I just knew this was going to be something I would enjoy. I like the fact that they ask what tone of jewellery you prefer, I personally like silver and rose gold as yellow gold don’t suit me but we requested for this box to have a mixture in as we wanted to show a good range of the products and their quality.
The box was posted by Royal Mail in a black postal bag to protect the box inside, which I was grateful for as the box itself was very pretty and definitely something I’d use again. It had a sticker attached to the back on the black bag with Anonymous Jewellery on the label and all the handles; Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. I don’t see many boxes actually have a Pinterest board, so I was more than happy to pin a lot of their images on my account for future ideas for outfits. I have a good amount of special occasions coming up like weddings and parties, even birthdays. I’m always stuck for ideas for birthdays; I mean who isn’t nowadays?
Talking of birthdays this box is a fantastic idea for a present, as Anonymous Jewellery doesn’t have a recurring subscription! I don’t know many subscription boxes that do this to be honest, I like this idea as I have forgotten about cancelling boxes I no longer use; and find out when the money has already left my account.
You can buy one, two or three months at a time straight up front which starts at:

  • £10.90 for one month
  • £21.80 for two months 
  • £32.70 for three months 

These prices are for the two-piece box. If you want a little bit more in a box they actually do 3 and 4 piece boxes too. The price for these starts from:

  • £13.50 for a 3 piece box
  • £16.50 for a 4 piece box 

These prices are extremely reasonable; I have gone into a shop before and paid around that for one piece. All of the prices also include free delivery, which I was extremely happy about as I always grumble at paying delivery on top of a subscription box.
Now for the contents of the box and the box itself! It came in a beautiful small rectangle cardboard box with the logo stamped onto it in a beautiful shiny shade of turquoise. One of my favourite colours! These beautiful little boxes are great for storage and won’t take up too much room but are pretty enough to have on display too.
The items inside took me by surprise, the way that everything is packaged was so pretty. They included a little inspirational card, which said, ‘You are beautiful, you are strong, you are worth it’. I love it when companies include something like that as it makes me feel like they have put the effort into making their customers feel great, and who doesn’t love a little pick me up? Having someone tell you these words always puts a smile on people’s faces.
I also loved how the colours on this card went with the theme on the back cards, which the jewellery was attached to. The backing cards were a fantastic idea, if you decided there was a particular piece you weren’t fond of, or if you wanted to gift a piece or two they were packaged beautifully ready to give to a loved one. The pieces themselves were absolutely stunning! As soon as I opened the box I just knew these were going to look great on me; so I know they have chosen well. They also include a leaflet in the box with the care tips printed on it, which is quite helpful, as I never know the best way to look after my jewellery.
The first piece I pulled out was a silver necklace with a dainty chain and a honeycomb style design pendant. It is a beautiful piece, which can be worn anytime of the day. It is quite unusual and unique, not really something I’d usually buy but when I put it on it seemed to go with anything I was wearing so I was very pleased.
The second item I pulled out was a stunning rose gold bracelet that sparkled in the light. This is by far my favourite item! I am in love with rose gold at the moment; I love anything in that tone. It was a thin bracelet with a pull catch on the end to stop it from sliding off your wrist. This is brilliant as I struggle with some bracelets as I have a big hand but small wrists. It was lined with white gemstones which makes this piece easy to wear with any outfit, I have a rose gold watch that would compliment the bracelet so I’m very happy with this piece.
The last piece I pulled out was a beautiful but unusual set of earrings. They were a gold tone set in triangle shape that dangled below a pearl. I don’t normally wear earrings as I went through a phase when I was younger and stretched my ears regrettably. But when I tried these ear rings they sat beautifully in my ears and didn’t budge, so I was extremely happy about this as I don’t think I have worn earrings in years. They looked so elegant, perfect for dinner with a beautiful outfit.
My favourite item has got to be the bracelet; I love it so much I am going to buy one for a friend as you can actually buy the pieces separately from their online shop.
Their website address is
We also have an exclusive discount for BoXession members, which is ‘Boxession15’ for 15% off your first box, which is a brilliant saving, and even more of a reason to buy this lovely box. 
You can also find them on these links:
* Facebook – 
* Instagram –
* Pinterest –

This is a fantastic box, definitely something I will be using in the future; not just for myself but for present ideas too.
Thank You to Anonymous Jewellery for sending BoXession this box and Thank You to my readers!


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