No Make No Life (NMNL) Japanese Beauty Box Review by Mel – November 2017

I must admit that I have been stalking this Box for some time now. I am a HUGE K- Beauty Lover already, and I have been intrigued as to whether the Japanese equivalents are just as good. Time to find out then!?
I have emailed NMNL a few times asking them to collaborate with us, so when Adrian replied I was ecstatic. This is definitely the kind of box I would buy, so I raised my hand high to be in with a chance to review this one. They also own Tokyo Treat and Yume Twins, both of which I am hoping they will send us in the future.
This arrived fairly quickly considering that it comes all the way from Japan, it was only a little over a week. I believe that they ship to the UK once a month so you must subscribe before the cut off date to receive that months box. Where this box differs to others out there, is they have their own in-house licensed Beauty Consultants who carefully select and curate the boxes each month! That is something I have never heard of before.
I unboxed this live on the BoXession Facebook group, which has now been uploaded to our YouTube Channel…

How does it work?
Each monthly box contains a mix of 5 – 7 full-sized beauty items of the highest quality from 6 different categories (skin, body, make, hair, bath and tools).
How much is it?

  • Recurring monthly plan – $29.99 = £22.85
  • Recurring 3 month plan – $87 ($29 per month) = £66.29/£22.10
  • Recurring 6 month plan – $170 ($28.33 per month) = £129.54/£21.59
  • Recurring 12 month plan – $330 ($27.50 per month) = £251.46/£20.96

So What’s in the Box?

  • Tonyu Isofurabon Point Masks
  • Honeil Cleansing Lotion
  • Kakima 2 in 1 Mascara Liner
  • Rosy Rosa Oil Blotting Roller
  • Ginger Bath Salt
  • Mapepe Big Ribbon

I usually price up the items and give a total, but I searched all of Google trying to find these products and just couldn’t. I get the feeling they are sourced specifically for the box?

Now onto my favourite part, the testing…

The first item I tried is the Cleanser. I have been using this since the day I unboxed it. It is a very gentle cleanser that leaves no residue. It is a clear liquid, similar consistency to a toner. I usually use a cream cleanser, so it is great to have a change. You use it on a cotton pad and wipe the skin in one direction. I have been following this with a product I have been testing for Raw Passion UK, and so far the results are great.

I am so happy that the pack of point pads have 10 pieces! It always makes me sad that the eye pads are only single use, so I get 5 uses from these. They are little cloth ones soaked in a water like serum. They stuck to my under eyes well and once all of the fluid had soaked into my skin they dried out and were easily removed. I will be using the entire pack of these, which is a resealable packet too.
The Rosy Rosa I was a little confused by, it reminded me of a candy sweet and it looks edible (it isn’t by the way). I am guessing that this is most effective for blotting when you have been wearing makeup all day. I don’t wear too much as I am lucky to have good skin. I am going to be product testing a new foundation though so it will come in handy for that so all is not lost!
I am the worlds worst when it comes to eyeliner. The BoXession members were all asking me to test the eyeliner live on video, but I was too scared I may poke my eye out on camera so I chickened out on that one. I have never seen a product like this before in my life, so NMNL really are bringing new and unseen items to the world of Beauty.
My favourite item in this box has to be the Mapepe Big Ribbon. I have a not so secret bow obsession. I have quite a few of them I am not ashamed to admit! This surprised me, I thought it was on a bobble band until I removed it from the packaging whilst live. It is a velcro strip and it really DOES stick in your hair and not budge. In fact I struggled to remove it. Now can I have a purple one please NMNL? Purple is my favourite colour!
I haven’t used the Bath Salts, I am going to gift these. With all of the time I spend on the group, Blogging and dreaming up new ideas while chasing around after two boys, I never seem to find the time to sit and relax in a bath, I probably should as I do need some relaxation!
My Verdict?
I adore the quirkiness of this box. It is just so random but in a good way. These are items that I have never heard of or seen before, and when you have been buying boxes for as long as I have it still amazes me that there are yet more discoveries out there.
I think the price is so reasonable when you consider that shipping is included, some of the beauty boxes from outside of the UK are so expensive and with shipping on top it means they really are a luxury.
I would absolutely LOVE to review for NMNL again, this box excites me like a small child, you just never know what you are going to get!
Should you wish to learn more about them, or check out their Tokyo Treat or Yume Twins box, then click on the link below.
Thank You mu lovelies as always,
Mel x

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