Cocoa Crave Box Review by Mel – November 2017

Did someone say Chocolate?? no need to say that word twice in my presence! I absolutely love the stuff, I will never be thin, this I have accepted. But life is to be enjoyed, right?! And enjoy it you will with this box…
This arrived via Royal Mail, it is letterbox sized but my postie is used to the masses of boxes that come to my house by now. I need spider arms when I open the door, not that I am complaining. I was curious as the box didn’t immediately give away what it was. Upon closer inspection I figured out that the print is 2 ‘C’s’, but it wasn’t until I removed the sleeve that I saw the huge Cocoa Crave slogan.

Now I am excited, we used to subscribe to a well known brand Chocolate Club. The man and I were so sick of the constant praline. Half of the box contained nuts which neither of us really like. I don’t like them at all and so he was always left with a box of nuts and was too kind, so ate them to ensure I got my half. We did a few months and then cancelled. So when I fell over this box (by accident of course), I was made up when we were asked to review for them. I do share out the boxes with all of my ladies, but this is a Mel box ok, it is the exact kind of subscription service we would pay for. So on that basis I ‘requested’ to get to review the goodies.
I unboxed this live on the BoXession Facebook Group, which has now been uploaded to YouTube and can be viewed by clicking play below. I apologise for my over excitedness in advance…

Upon opening the box, you are greeted with 6 little black boxes. Each box contains 4 of the same chocolates. What I love about these is something which came to me immediately. You could use these as individual gifts. You could ribbon tie these and they would look amazing. Swap the chocolates around so that there are 4 different ones in each box! My boys are both at School, the youngest has just started nursery. I am always thinking of ideas for Teacher gifts, and I think these would be amazing. I now need to buy some more of course as I have eaten half of the box already… oops!
So What’s in the Box?
4 of each of the following:

  • Milk Chocolate Raspberry & Mascarpone
  • Dark Chocolate Ganache in Milk Cup
  • Milk Chocolate Prosecco Truffles with Popping Candy
  • Red Velvet Dark Chocolate Truffles
  • White Chocolate Lemon and Yoghurt
  • Milk Chocolate Gianduja

A Box is priced at £15.95 per month including postage.

Other Subscription options are:

  1. 3 Month Ruby Chocolate Club – £47.85
  2. 6 Month Sapphire Chocolate Club – £79.75 (£13.29 per month)
  3. 12 Month Emerald Chocolate Club – £159.50 (£13.29 per month)

You can add options such as Gift Wrapping and personalised messages too at checkout.
You can select which date you want them delivered, or choose them to be shipped as soon as possible.
Now comes the important part… the testing!!
My favourites were the Milk Chocolate Raspberry and Mascarpone. They are the ones with the pink sprinkles on top. I loved these. Exactly the kind of thing I would go for when buying my own and hand selecting. You can tell that these are not cheap chocolates.
A close second were the Prosecco Truffles with Popping Candy!! WOW! these are so unique, I have never seen anything similar before and I have tried a lot. I wouldn’t hesitate to re buy more of these.
The man of the house loved the Red Velvet Dark Chocolate Truffles. I have allowed him the remaining 2 in exchange for my favourite ones.
The only ones we did not like were the Gianduja. We both aren’t a fan of nuts and these were quite strong nut flavoured.
The white chocolate and lemon were nice but we both agreed they could do with a bit more of a lemon kick to them, that’s more of a preference than a downside as we both like zesty tasting ones.
The Verdict?
I think these are priced so well when you consider the cost of similar services out there are around the £23 mark (I know as I have bought them before).
You won’t go wrong with a box of these for a gift, yourself or for Christmas of course. We have half a box left and shared half last night. They are the type of chocolates you want to enjoy rather than cram all at once. Perfect for a cosy couples night in!

We have 2 discount codes for this subscription:

  • 10% off Chocolate Selection Boxes with the code ‘welcomeGift10’
  • £5 off 3, 6 or 12 Month Chocolate Clubs with the code ‘welcomeGift5’

Should you wish to order, here are the links as always…
Mel x
Twitter: @CocoaCraveClub

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