Pink Parcel Review by Mel – November 2017

Last month was my first time reviewing Pink Parcel. I was by no means a newbie to them and I was absolutely elated that following my review the lovely Laura has asked me to do a further 6 months Collaboration! I explain to the man of the house that is like catching a very big fish, he relates (I hope).
This landed on my doorstep very early this month, and I wasted no time at all in telling our members that I had the goodies.
I unboxed this live on our Facebook Group, which has now been uploaded to YouTube, you can view this by pressing play below…

For those unaware of how Pink Parcel works, it is a monthly subscription service that not only includes a box of Beauty, Lifestyle and Food/Drink treats every month; but also the necessary items for when mother nature comes calling.
You can tailor the sanitary items to brand, flow and type (Tampons or Towels) and you also get a handy little discreet bag to carry them around in your handbag.

So What’s In the Box?

  • Lipcote Lipstick Sealer, Full Size RRP £3.99
  • Swiss Clinic Cleansing Spray RRP £18
  • Nail HQ All in One Oil RRP £6.95
  • The Beauty Crop Glamazon Stick RRP £9
  • Beautaniq Beauty Radiant Glow Face Mask RRP £4.44
  • Cuppanut Tea Ginger & Tumeric RRP £4.50 for 15 so worth 30p
  • Cocoba Truffles approx weight 12g (RRP £6.95 for 200g) so worth 83p

Total Value = £43.51

Sanitary Items I received:

  • 21 Tampax Compak – Lite, Regular, Super & Super Plus Mixture
  • 5 Night time pads
  • 5 Panty Liners

Approx Value £4 altogether

  • Value of all items = £47.51
  • Cost of Box = £12.99
  • Saving of £34.52!!

So lets talk about the items. Firstly the Lipcote… oh my this takes me back to my youth. My mum used this when I was a little girl. I remember the smell! It still smells the same. I wanted to try this out of curiosity as I do love a red lippie. Who doesn’t? I pulled out my favourite bright red Estee Edit and used that followed by the Lipcote. Yes it still tingles; its not too bad actually, I remember it being worse as a child but I likely used it without the lipstick! I wouldn’t have gone out and bought this, but it has its use and I know so many people love this. I still got transfer onto my glass and a willing Mr Wilkes (pucker up!), but I am a Lime Crime lover and that stuff does NOT budge. This is staying in my hoard for now ladies.
The Swiss Clinic Cleansing Spray I haven’t got around to using as I don’t use Makeup Brushes regularly. It is quite expensive which hikes up the price of the box, and it is an unknown brand to me too which is never a bad thing. I am unsure yet as to whether I will use it but I do like the handy size of it. Us girls always need the extra bag space. I imagine this would be great to take on holiday and would last a couple of weeks at least.
The Beauty Crop Glamazon Stick is exactly my kind of product discovery. I currently use a Clinique Chubby Stick Highlighter, but they are quite chunky and not so handbag friendly if you are out and have only a small clutch bag. This one is fab, it is retractable (bonus), and the colour is bang on trend with gold being the in season highlight must have. I am very happy with this. I would love to see more from this brand.
The Nail HQ is probably the item I overlooked the most… I have my nails done every 3 weeks, they are my own nails so I do look after them as best I can. What an excuse for a mini pamper this was. So it has been over 2 weeks and I am due a new polish next Wednesday; but I thought it would be a great idea to test this out by giving them a spruce up pre appointment. I got out the OPI Hand Cream that came in my Blogger Bag that I was given recently at Professional Beauty Northern, and some nail oil I have not yet tested as I tend to buy the CND Solar Oil (it is not cheap).
I am so Impressed, you wouldn’t know that there is 16 days regrowth on these, they look fresh and bright. The Nail HQ dried within minutes and glided on with ease. I will absolutely be buying more of this when I run out, the price is so reasonable too. This is what I love most about Subscription Boxes… finding great items that you wouldn’t ordinarily just buy off the shelf.

The Beautaniq Beauty Sheet Mask – any excuse to get my mask on, I love a sheet mask as do lots of ladies in the BoXession group. This was the first item I tried from the box. It is Korean for a start which is a good sign, they are far better than the UK equivalents. I have tried in the hundreds, and these are always great and cheap too! The one thing I noticed straight away is it was a nice thick almost cloth like material. This means it soaks up more of the serum and it can then be absorbed into your skin.
The remaining serum after 15 (ok maybe 30) minutes, you rub into your skin in a circular motion. This left a tingly feeling which I presume was the plumping effect, it was  bit of a warm sensation. I accidentally got it on my lips and they were tingling too! I would re buy this, I wouldn’t hesitate to. If you haven’t tried Korean Face Masks yet then I urge you to!
Now I mentioned in my last review, I don’t drink Tea. I am a devout Coffee Lover. But I am saving these up for our Michelle who loves her flavoured and herbal teas, so the Cuppanut won’t go to waste.
The Cocoba I wasted no time in devouring. I love these, I am always so sad there is not more included though, but I guess you can’t just fill the box full of Chocolate (wishful thinking). I have asked the man in the house to add these to my Christmas list, lets hope he does not disappoint me.

The cost of Pink Parcel is £12.99 per month, this includes P&P. We have an exclusive discount code which is ‘BoXession2017’ for 20% off!. This makes your first box only £10.39!! BARGAIN!

I received some lovely money off coupons in this months box, 20% off Cocoba … winner!!  I will be using that or should I say the man of the house will be! ha!
My Verdict?
Pink Parcel you have spoiled me rotten, I have had a full on Pamper session out of this box. I can’t believe still that you fit all of these goodies into one tiny box!
The value is amazing, I say this time and time again like a crazy woman to our members. If you don’t use the sanitary products please buy this just for the treats, and donate them! Homeless Hostels and Foodbanks are crying out for items like these, it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling too!
I am itching already to see the December Box, I am literally like a small child … did someone mention the ‘C’ word, we don’t need the big man in a red suit ladies when we get treats like this every month!
Should you want to buy, you should want to buy!… The links are below as always,
Mel x
Twitter: @thepinkparcel

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