Society Socks Review by Mel – October 2017

When I set about my personal challenge to unearth every Subscription Box known to Man (and Woman of course), I asked the man in my life what he would love to receive. His list was like this:

  1. Meat
  2. Cheese
  3. Socks

He is a laid back Yorkshireman, and with those 3 things in his life, he is kept happy. He isn’t really into spending hours in the Bathroom, but he is very particular when it comes to his clothing… and his socks! He likes the unique, bright designs; and of course quality is a MUST. He explains to me that cost isn’t an issue when it comes to the basics as these things you need every day. Yes Mr Wilkes I am well aware of the need for Beauty products, you just aren’t aware of my hiding places for these ‘necessities’.
Filip from Society Socks kindly offered to send BoXession a sample of one of their boxes to review, and before we had even been asked I had mentioned to the other ladies about the sock lover in my house! So I wasted no time in replying with my address.
They arrived in a cardboard sleeve, with society socks printed on. The shipping did take some time but they aren’t UK based, and if you are buying monthly then they will land at the same time roughly every month so it isn’t an issue.
How does Society Socks work?
Now this is the part I love the most. Subscription Boxes are into the thousands, yes I do have a list ladies! But where this one differs is that they have a cause. For every pair of socks you receive, a pair are donated to those in need. Homeless shelters only accept new socks, I have only just learnt this… I am so glad that now I know, as I often donate locally too so I will be sure to include new socks when I do this Christmas.
Their mission is this:

‘To serve suffering children of the street, and protect and safeguard all children – with absolute respect and unconditional love.’

Now I personally find this so touching. When you work out the pricing, half of what you pay every month is going to charity. This makes it almost guilt free, you are buying essential items and giving to a worthy cause!
The pricing is as follows:

  • £13 per month for 2 pairs, FREE P&P
  • A 3 month Gift Subscription is £37 (£12.33 per month)
  • A 6 Month Gift Subscription is £71 (£11.83 per month)
  • A 12 Month Gift Subscription is £134 (£11.17 per month)

There is no tie in period, you can cancel at any time. The gift subscriptions are payable upfront but do save you money if you can afford to do it this way, as outlined above.
They also have a Sock Store where you can buy their Socks for £8 per pair.
I unboxed live on the BoXession Facebook group, which has now been uploaded to our YouTube Channel, which you can view by clicking play below…

So What did I receive?
Sorry I mean for the man of course…
2 Pairs of Funky, stylish socks! These are both size 7-13, mens size, so one size fits all. He is a size 11 so they fit perfectly! They are 80% combed cotton, 15% polyester and 5%.
One pair are have little blue crosses on, and the other have owls. I genuinely love the owls!
He said they are very high quality and wear well. I don’t think you can get a man to elaborate too much can you? He did say he would buy more!
The Verdict?
I am impressed! This isn’t just a convenience but also a way of giving every month to people in need. 24 pairs of socks a year should be more than enough and stops you having to do the dreaded clothes shop.
I do think you should consider a ladies and childrens version Society Socks … my boys would also love these! I only wear socks in winter but as it is easy to cancel there is no reason you couldn’t buy for the winter months, or just a 3 or 6 month gift Subscription? Just a thought.
Thank You to to Filip and Sergey, please do let me know if you bring out a service for kids!

Mel x

If you want to try out a Subscription from Society Socks, I noticed when researching on their Website that you can try your first month at 50% off by popping your email address into the pop up…
Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 14.21.15
Below are the links to their Website and Social Media:
Twitter: @societysocks

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