Simply Argan Arbre D’or Body Lotion Review by Michelle

Back in August the lovely people behind Simply Argan sent me one of their mystery boxes to review. I loved that box, especially the arbre d’or eau de parfum sample, so when they asked me if I’d like to review their new arbre d’or scented body lotion I jumped at the chance.
The perfume sample had a heady, deep, sexy, musky scent to it, that I absolutely adored, so I was really excited to find out if their body lotion would have the same distinctive scent.

My body lotion arrived beautifully packaged in Simply Argan’s signature black box, which made it feel even more special to receive. On opening it I was surprised at the size of the bottle, as I had imagined it would be much smaller than the large 250ml that I received. Like all of Simply Argan’s packaging, the bottle itself is simple, but with that little bit of added glamour and class with the gold lettering.
Obviously the first thing I did was have a good sniff, to see if it smelt the same as the gorgeous perfume with the same name. I’m so pleased to say it smells exactly the same. It has floral notes of jasmine and orange blossom mixed with the exotic touch of patchouli, all brought together to make a beautifully elegant scent.
The first time I tried the body lotion out was when I got out of an evening shower before bed. Initially I thought that I was going to have issues rubbing it into my skin, as the silky texture took a few seconds longer than most body lotions I’ve tried. After that extra couple of seconds though, it sank into my skin leaving just the subtle beautiful scent to let me know I’d used it. There was absolutely no greasiness, which is surprising seeing as this body lotion is packed full of skin loving oils and butters, including argan oil (obviously), shea butter, and almond oil. That night I went to bed happily surrounded by the beautiful abre d’or scent. The next day I’ll admit I’d forgotten I’d put it on the night before, as I was having a hectic day at work. Every now and then I’d get a beautiful whiff of something gorgeous smelling, I initially thought one of my colleagues must have been wearing a new, but familiar smelling perfume. At some point in the day, something made me sniff my arm, and I realised that beautiful scent was radiating from my skin. I was pretty amazed when I realised how well the scent had lasted, all from an innocent looking body lotion.

Usually I only use body lotions if they are scented, as my skin gets very dry and needs something more intense to keep it feeling soft and subtle. This body lotion seems to have the perfect balance of beautiful scent and moisturising power, as I’ve found that all but my very driest skin patches have stayed soft and smooth while I’ve been using it. My skin absolutely loves argan oil, and with this being the first argan oil body lotion I’ve tried, I think it must add just the right amount of extra moisturising power that my skin needs.
If I’m honest, even if the Simply Argan arbre d’or body lotion didn’t have the moisturising power it does, I’d love it just because I can’t get enough of the gorgeous scent. This is definitely a product that I’ll look to buy in the future, and I’ll also consider more argan oil body lotions to add to my skin care routine.

The Simply Argan – Arbre D’or Body Lotion retails at £22 for 250ml

It can be purchased from:
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