TOPPBOX Review by Jacey – October 2017

So I was sent this incredible box by Alham from TOPPBOX; and I couldn’t have been more excited! I have been searching for a box for my partner as I have quite a few delivered through my door, most he doesn’t know about! My partner Curtis is very into grooming, so when I heard I was being sent this box to review I was over the moon, and so was he!
I had a quick look through the Website; it was very easy to navigate and professional. The brands on the photos of previous boxes gave you an idea of what they include, and some very expensive brands jumped out at me which made it even more exciting to receive! I had also noticed that they have been advertised in many publications like Mens Health, Esquire and GQ; which is a good indication that this box has had some good reviews already and quite a following. Looking on their ‘about us’, it tells me that their mission is to find the right routine so you can look good, feel great and smell even better! What I loved about the Website the most was the fact that you fill in a profile, so they ask you what skin type you have, whether you have facial hair, what length of hair you have etc; and by doing this your box is tailored to you. I haven’t seen many boxes do this if I’m honest; or if I have seen it they haven’t followed your profile at all.
I unboxed this live on the BoXession Facebook Group, which has now also been uploaded to our YouTube Channel…

The box itself came very quickly, it states on the website that they are delivered by Hermes. They are dispatched on the 15th of every month, and renew every 25th of the month so this gives you plenty of time to suspend or cancel your subscription (if you wanted). My box was well packaged, when I opened it up I knew straight away they had listened to what I wrote out for Curtis’ profile. I had written that he has a beard and medium length hair, as he is growing it out what with it nearing winter. With what was inside made me instantly grow to love this company.
The first thing I pulled out was the Henri Lloyd Men’s Ocean Mineral Body Moisturiser. Now can I just say, WOW, this one product got me excited! I have heard of Henri Lloyd before and I knew how expensive it was; so having this one item in the box which alone has an RRP price of £38! £38!!!! That automatically covers the box price twice and more as the box itself is £16. Yet there were still 4 more items in the box! It’s a fantastic product it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. Curtis has a problem with his complexion so he was extremely excited to receive this as it is well-known to improve your skins complexion and elasticity.
The second thing I pulled out was incredibly interesting, it was the Corpore Sanctum Stem Cell Face Serum, this product was very intriguing as it came in quite a heavy skull shaped bottle. Curtis loves these kind of bottles as they are quite collectible; we love anything gothic looking. The bottle has a glass dropper so you just know it’s going to be good quality. It also smelt amazing! The card that was included states that it has Hibiscus Flower Extract to control breakouts, which Curtis does sometimes have a problem with; so this will be useful. The RRP for this product is £13 which is a brilliant price.
The third thing I pulled out of the box was the Bearded Gent Beard Oil in Sir Sandalwood, Curtis loves his beard oils we have quite a collection of them in the bathroom so another one will not go amiss as he runs out quite quickly! I haven’t heard of this brand before so this will be exciting! The RRP for this product is £4.99 for 10ml which isn’t too bad a price for a beard oil; I have seen some that are quite expensive.
The fourth thing I pulled out of the box was a small bottle of Eden Perfumes No.255; Aventis Chypre Fruity Men’s fragrance. I have heard of this brand before and have seen them in a few boxes. They are handmade, 100% Vegan and not tested on animals so that’s a bonus. After a bit of research the fragrance is apparently equivalent to Aventus by Creed. I haven’t heard of Aventus before but this fragrance smells amazing with apple, pineapple, black current with a hint of patchouli and vanilla so it is definitely a must have in our fragrance basket. On the card it states this product is £18 per 30ml so with it being 10ml it works out about £6.
Now the very last product I retrieved from the box was an interesting but exquisite item. It was a Howard Matthews Ashley/Karen Flower Lapel Pin, this lovely orange and dark blue piece was quite interesting as according to the card it was designed by a team of Canadian designers and handcrafted in Hong Kong. Each pin is meticulously put together to give the most natural resemblance of a flower. The pin certainly is shaped like a flower which gives it a daring but charming look. Curtis has a tie in the same colour blue so this will look lovely on his suit jacket. The RRP of this product is £15.

Now this is what got me so excited, the total value of this box was £76.99!! How amazing is that value! With the box only costing £16 you have an amazing total saving of £60.99! Wow, what a great saving! Also on the back of the card which got me even more excited is that this company runs a giveaway. This month’s giveaway is, if you find a silver lapel pin in your box you have to take a photo, tag and follow TOPPBOX and Howard Matthews on social media to claim your free gift from Howard Matthews! It’s always great to have a giveaway included because to me it shows that ToppBox do look after their customers, and who doesn’t like an exciting giveaway?

So I’d like to say Thank You to Alham for sending this fantastic box; I cannot wait to receive the next months as I have been completely blown away by this month’s contents! Be sure to follow TOPPBOX on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

We have been given a discount code for 10% off this amazing box… Use the code ‘TOPP10’ at checkout for the discount to be applied!

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Thank you for reading, Jacey xox

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