The Travelling Reader (Fernweh Fiction) Review by Jen – September 2017

The Travelling Reader from Fernweh Fiction is a subscription box very different to any other I’ve reviewed so far.  A box for avid readers who also love the element of surprise, this monthly subscription will provide a good read along with some much-needed treats!
Fernweh Fiction base their monthly subscription box on a selected location within England, visiting it in order to curate the perfect box.  An author is selected from the location, along with corresponding products relating to either the book or location.  I have to say, something which I’ve never actually came across before and a really novel idea of curating a subscription box!
Fernweh Fiction guarantee a minimum of 4 items included within the box, a selected book and reassurance that selected novels shall be from 2010 publication onwards.  This is something which I think appealing as I would personally be concerned to receive a very old novel such as Wuthering Heights!
I unboxed this live on the BoXession Facebook Group, which can now be viewed on our YouTube Channel…

The Travelling Reader can be purchased on a monthly basis as a rolling subscription or as a one-off gift for a friend or loved one.  Billed on the 1st of every month and shipped on or around the 23rd of the month, you have complete control of your subscription.  If you feel the need to skip a month or cancel at any time this is easily done via their website.  It is also good to note that if you subscribe before the 10th of the month you will receive that months corresponding box, subscribe after the 10th and you will receive the following month’s box.  
Priced at £35 per month, plus postage of £2.90, this is a niche market for book lovers.  In a world of beauty subscription boxes I feel this is a breath of fresh air, combining a passion for books along with an insight to local products available.  
Now for the contents of the box……

  • The Sea Change by Joanna Rossiter R.R.P. £7.99

The Sea Change by Joanna Rossiter is partially based within the idyllic village of Imber in Wiltshire, the selected location for this month’s box.  A tale of lost love from two individuals, this book is an emotive read.  I really enjoyed the additional touches of photographs hidden within the pages, giving an insight to the location.  When reading a book I always try to envisage scenes, locations and characters therefore this helped to ‘paint the picture’ of my imagination.  The additional note from the author was also a welcome read, showing appreciation from a writer to their readers.

  • Roly’s Fudge R.R.P. Approx. £7

I have to confess I’m unsure of the pack size of this scrummy chocolate fudge, it was immediately tested by myself and children!  Rich and chocolatey, this soft textured fudge was every bit luxurious as I’d hoped.  Enclosed within a cellophane bag, tied with a British flag ribbon, this was a favourite from the box.  Roly’s, based within Salisbury in Wiltshire have a new fan!


  • Fernweh Fiction Exclusive Bookmark R.R.P. £3.99

This beautiful bluebell bookmark is eye-catching and beautiful.  Incorporating aspects of the selected novel in its theme this bookmark also adds a little extra to page saving.  I’m not a fan of folding page corners over therefore this is a must.  Silver in colour with miniature bluebell charms, page saving never looked more beautiful!

  • English Breakfast Tea by Ramsbury Tea R.R.P. £3.99

If like me you love to snuggle down with a good book and cup of tea then you will appreciate this blend from Ramsbury Tea.  Enclosed in a brown paper bag, which can be resealed, are these beautifully tasting English breakfast tea bags.  A subtle but enjoyable blend, this Wiltshire based tea company have the balance just perfect!

  • Eastern Dream Bath Oil by Honeystreet Homemade R.R.P. £10.99

This is a bottle of luxuriousness!
An array of scents are combined with spices to provide this moisturising bath oil which can be used not only within a bath but also directly onto the skin after showering.  Gentle on the skin, this bath oil guarantees not to contain any harmful chemicals, promoting an enjoyable bathing experience.  Whilst produced within Wiltshire, exotic scents give a knowing nod to the selected novels additional setting of India.

  • Bluebell Scarf R.R.P. £9.99

Incorporating bluebells from within the novel, this 100% cotton scarf is not only beautiful but also eye-catching.  Perfect to set an outfit off, this scarf is also lightweight but warm.  The length also allows for different wear, I’m a fan of wearing longer scarfs doubled up in colder weather.

This subscription box was a delight to unbox, read and experience.  I feel the way in which products are selected is very different to any other box I’ve experienced.  The thought process of selecting a location, researching an author, products and the area in general truly shows the effort put into this box.  I also liked the additional information regarding the area, such as information leaflets on places to visit and things to see or do.

The total value of products within this box is £44.  Although I have listed the value of each item, I truly do not believe this type of box can be judged on a price based saving.  The thought and curating of this box is aimed to a niche market of book lovers, of which I feel only those who love to read could truly appreciate.
For any followers interested in learning more about The Travelling Reader or wanting to subscribe please see the website addresses below. (thetravellingreader) (thetravread) (thetravellingreader) (thetravellingreader)
Thank you for stopping by and reading…
Jen x

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