Carnivore Club Review by Mel – October 2017

We all love a Beauty Box… but what is my second favourite type of Subscription Box? FOOD! So when I discover more and more of these I feel like I am spoilt for choice. I talk to my partner about boxes … well I talk, he listens. His list is like this: 1. Meat, 2. Cheese, and 3. Socks. Well he’s in for a Treat this month, that is all I am saying.
When Carnivore Club offered to send me this box to review, I must admit I told the girls this is one I HAD to review. The way to a mans heart is through his stomach as the saying goes!
This dropped on my doorstep via Royal Mail 48 service, it was in a strong plastic bag with ‘Carnivore Club’ printed on it. I get so eager to open these, but I refrained… only for unboxing purposes I may add.
The Box is absolutely glorious, I need to find a use for it as its solid and embossed with a flip lid.

I unboxed this live on our BoXession Facebook Group, which can now be viewed on our YouTube Channel …

I must admit I do get a bit giddy over a new box, and keeping the man of the house happy means I am already winning!

So What’s in the Box?


The products this month are all from Beal’s Farm Charcuterie
  • Air Dried Ham – 70g (50g RRP £3.75 – so worth £5.25)
  • Sliced Pancetta – 100g (70g RRP £2.60 so worth £3.71)
  • Lomo – 70g (50g RRP £3.20 – so worth £4.48)
  • Fennel Salami – 0.186 kg – HALF stick, RRP £4.90
  • Sussex Spreadable Salami – 0.140kg – I cannot find this for sale on their Website but I would say £6 approx. value.

Total Value = £24.34

P&P if bought direct would be £4.50, that is worth mentioning, which brings the box total to £28.84.
Ok, so the Value of the box is a few pence below what it would cost you to buy direct from the supplier… but the proof is in the testing.
I racked my brains over what to use these for, either to cook with them or just go for it and enjoy them exactly as they are. I settled on a balance of both. Oh how we love a platter in our house, as you can see…

I can tell you now that the quality of these meats is unlike nothing you can buy in a Supermarket. I was most surprised at the spreadable Salami. I really didn’t know what to expect from that and it was seriously Yummy!
The air dried ham, well, there wasn’t enough of it… I want more of that.
I haven’t used the sliced pancetta yet, but I did my research on it on the Beal’s Farm Website and apparently James Martin the Chef buys this! We watch him on the TV, so this must be good. We are going to use this to make a home made Carbonara.

My Verdict?

It is not the kind of box that you are getting extra in terms of what you pay for. But it is artisan, top quality food. If you are a fellow foodie then this is going to blow you away!
I asked the man if he would be happy to receive this as a gift, he said absolutely… so that’s Christmas sorted then.
Thank You to Carnivore Club for sending me this box to review, should you lovelies wish to purchase one I have popped all of the links below…
Mel xx
Twitter: @CarnivoreClubUK

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