Pink Parcel Review by Mel – October 2017

I was absolutely elated when the lovely Laura from Pink Parcel contacted us to review for them. This is a Box that consistently scores in the top 3 of our group Polls. I am aware of how big they are as a company, I have subscribed to them too and enjoyed their boxes.
We are an up and coming group, with growth levels at a high rate. So to be noticed by the bigger brands, which is happening more frequently now; is simply amazing for the BoXession Team. We will be running a competition to WIN the October Pink Parcel Box, which starts on 9th and runs through to the 15th, so don’t forget to enter… its FREE!
I unboxed LIVE on the BoXession Group, with the most viewers I have ever seen for an unboxing! Which made me a tad nervous. This has now been uploaded to our YouTube Channel which you can view by clicking play below…

So this is how the boxes from Pink Parcel arrive every month…

I personally love the way that they all slot together like a little jigsaw. How they fit all of this into the boxes must take some serious skill! The packaging is very discreet so no need to worry that the Postie will know what is in there.
Every month a drawstring bag is included. I have a collection of these. I keep one in each of my Bathrooms, and my handbags and luggage for when I go away. I love the idea of them, especially for younger girls. Pink Parcel have a sister company – Betty Box. The boxes are the same size, but the contents and packaging of Betty Box are aimed at a younger audience. Fingers crossed we can review that one for you too!

The cost of Pink Parcel is £12.99 per month, this includes P&P. We have an exclusive discount code which is ‘BoXession2017’ for 20% off!. This makes your first box only £10.39!! BARGAIN!

They have 3 delivery dates in the month. Beginning, middle and end. So when you sign up you select the date of your next period, and your box shipment will automatically arrive in time for that date.
If you are like me and have no patience, you will select the first two days in the month so that you get to see the contents before everyone else as you cannot stay away from spoilers! haha!
You can choose which brand and type of sanitary product you wish to be included in the box, and also which flow. This is tailored to fit you, you can also edit it for the next month, or request a mixture in flow absorbency. Amazing, right?

So What’s in the Box?
  • MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet Blush – Full Size – RRP £3
  • Urban Veda Facial Wash – Travel Size 20ml – Full size £12.99 for 150ml so worth £1.73
  • Cougar Mineral Eyeshadow – RRP £12.99 for set of 3 – worth £4.33
  • Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait (Exotic Fruits) – Full Size – RRP £15
  • Blank Canvas Face Brush (F01) – Full Size – RRP £14.81
  • Raw Halo Chocolate Bar – 35g – RRP £2.79
  • T+ Teabag, Green Tea – RRP £ 3.69 for 15 Bags – worth £0.25

Total Value = £41.91

Sanitary items I received:

  • 21 Tampax Compak – Regular
  • 5 Night time pads
  • 5 Panty Liners

Now I cannot put an exact cost on these, but for a box of 20 Tampax Compak Regular in Boots will cost you £2.90. The beauty of it for me is not really the value of these items… it is the convenience of not having to remember to buy them, and certainly not having to send the other half out on a mission to the shops should you forget and run out, gasp! We have all done this ladies, imagine their poor red faces at the counter ha ha! I did laugh then (a little).
My Favourite item by far has to be the Blank Canvas brush. Not only is it huge, but its beautifully well made and retails at more than the cost of the entire box. One of the questions I ask members on the BoXession group a lot is what are your favourite items to receive in a Box… well brushes are one of mine! Not only does it tick the boxes for me (no pun intended), but it is also a vegan and cruelty free brand. Top marks from me here Pink Parcel!
The Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait is a close second place, with its RRP at £15 we are now almost TREBLE the cost of the box after just 2 products plus the sanitary items. I have had one of these before and loved it. I used it as a carry around lip balm so to speak. But I imagine for the more neutral colours you could also use these as a lip primer under a matte or liquid lip to avoid drying out your lips. I really love Trifle packaging, friendly on the environment and very eye catching. I would like to see more items from this brand in Pink Parcel (hint hint).
You can never go wrong with everyday items in a box that will get used, and not only that, but when they are the perfect size for a week away or a weekend, this is even more popular with me. I like to travel, and I have 2 boys. My luggage capacity is often overtaken by my partners love of fishing (sob). So when I get items such as this that fit into my travel bag neatly I absolutely love them. Sometimes for me it isn’t always about getting all full size products in a box, but more about what I WILL use. I have used Urban Veda Facial Washes before, but not this one specifically.
MUA LUXE are a brand I am already familiar with. They are available from High Street Drugstores at a small price tag. I am happy that the colour of mine is more of  dusky pink as I do not suit peach. I have swatched this and love the colour, it is definitely buildable. I would buy this product again. I love their lip primers and velvet mattes, and they do an Inkd lip stain that is one of the best I have ever used. I am a true believer that if something is cheap it doesn’t always mean the quality is bad.
The Cougar Mineral Eyeshadow is part of a set of 3 that you can buy directly from their website for £12.99 with the little applicator. I am not worried that it doesn’t cone with the brush as I have lots of good eye brushes. This in my opinion is a great base shadow to be applied after primer. You could apply bright colours over it to make them stand out, or pop as they say these days. If you wanted to use it for a very simple everyday look then you could. It is great when boxes include items that suit every taste. One of my secret (not so secret) pet hates, is when you get like a bright yellow eyeshadow or a blue lipstick. I am sure that this is ok for some people, but 98% of us wouldn’t use them. Cougar lipsticks are also fab Pink Parcel… not that I am hinting again or anything ha ha!
Last but by no means least are the food items. I was so relieved when I saw the Chocolate Bar in this months box. I am not shy, and I often speak to members about things I like and dislike. One of the things I dislike is healthy food. Listen, I am happy with curves… yes I said it out loud. I couldn’t get through life without something sweet. I will never be a supermodel and that is perfectly ok by me (she says with a mouth full of the stuff). I wasted no time in eating this! Ok, maybe 5 minutes max. Well played Pink Parcel, I would have hated to have been ranting about granola bars in a review ;).
I do not drink tea, I cannot survive without Coffee; and therefore the BOOST Green Tea will not be used by me, but likely sent in my next swap parcel to fellow Blogger and Admin Michelle.. who loves a cuppa! In the grand scheme of things, I know that they always have Tea in the boxes, and it doesn’t put me off in the slightest.

My Verdict?

This month’s box is one of the BEST I have had from Pink Parcel. You have made what I do so easy, as it is love and passion that drives me to write, and to Blog about this was an absolute pleasure.
Pink Parcel are one of the cheapest boxes out there, and for what you get as you can see above, is approximately 4 times what you pay. With our discount code buying this box is simply a no brainer. £10.39 for ALL OF THIS?! The one thing I hear the most from people is ”oh I don’t use the sanitary items” … donate them! Food Bank, Homeless Hostel, Women’s Refuge and so on. Then you can keep the treats AND feel good that you did a kind thing.
Once again the discount code for 20% off is ‘BoXession2017’ it is only valid for a month, so you can get this box above, and limited number of uses on the code ladies… so time is of the essence. The links are below for their Website and Social Media.
Thank you my lovelies as always…
Mel xx
Twitter: @thepinkparcel

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