Mrs Bubbles Box Review by Jen – September 2017

Mrs Bubbles………it puts a smile upon your face without even knowing what it is!  The name indicates a fun theme and you would not be wrong for thinking along the lines of toiletries.  A new subscription box to an ever growing market, supplying an array of………bath bombs!!
Show me someone who doesn’t love a good bath bomb and I shall convert them with this box full of delights.  My daughters both appreciate a beautiful bath bomb, my son is mesmerised by the fizzing colours.  This box was to be just as delightful as indicated by its playful exterior.
Arriving on my doorstep, covered in spotty cellophane and fairy wrapping, this box had me excited.  Obviously not before my youngest daughter had her eye caught by it, assuming it was for her……think again missy!
I unboxed this box of delights live on the BoXession Facebook Group. You can now watch it back on our YouTube Channel…

Mrs Bubbles is a subscription box that can be purchased on a monthly basis for £20 + £3.90 postage.  Delivery is via Royal Mail 2nd class signed for, providing you with peace of mind.  The theme of the box changes monthly, this month’s box theme being fairies.  I feel it also very important to mention that all of the toiletries received are cruelty free.  This is something that I know a lot of BoXession members are passionate about, supporting more companies and businesses that appreciate our animal friends.

What’s inside I hear you all scream…………

Upon opening the box there was further indications to the fairy theme in the guise of a beautifully thought out introduction to the following products.  I really liked this and thought it a novel way to draw the customer in to the theme!


  • Mrs Bubbles Creamy Coconut Body Butter

This creamy body butter surprised me!  In a generous sized tub this had the most fresh coconut scent, appearing like whipped cream.  I rubbed my finger over, expecting it to have a creamlike texture to it…… wasn’t.  Harder in texture this body butter didn’t disappoint, covering a good proportion of my arm when tested.
This body butter is a staple that will most certainly last longer than creams, mainly due to its consistency, a favourite from the box.

  • Mrs Bubbles Fairy Boulders

Pink, white, blue and yellow in colour these fairy boulders look like meringue pieces!  Sweet smelling and fast dissolving in your bath, they will leave you smiling!


  • Mrs Bubbles Fairies In Disguise

 At the beginning of unboxing there was reference to butterflies being fairies in disguise, do you remember??  This beautiful blue butterfly soap gives a gentle reminder to this, with gentle coconut scents to leave you smelling fresh and a splash of glitter for that extra sparkle!

  • Mrs Bubbles Fairy Bath Bomb

This magical bath bomb just yells “FAIRY”!  With its marbled blue, yellow and purple colours it has a fresh yet sweet fragrance to leave you feeling clean and sparkling.


  • Mrs Bubbles Fairy Dust

Presented in a glass jar this fairy dust smells divine!  Sweet smelling, reminding me of my childhood when I used to have rainbow dust sweets from my local sweet shop.  I absolutely love this item within the box and its decorative nature, enough to last 3 baths.  This is intended to be sprinkled into your bath water for a magical bathing experience, another favourite!

  • Mrs Bubbles Fairy Poop

Smaller in size, this bath bomb doesn’t disappoint!  Purple in colour this small but mighty fairy poop is a glitter fans dream!  Coconut in scent and smothered in glitter, pop this in your bath and you too could sparkle like a fairy!


  • Neon Wave Glitter Gel For Hair, Face & Body

Turquoise in colour this glitter gel applies smoothly to the skin, an application brush is enclosed with the glitter gel to aid application.  I’ve not tried applying it to my hair, however I can confirm that this glitter gel washes off easily with soap.  My eldest daughter has her eye on this item, one definitely for girls and women of any age!

  • Cosmetic Bag

Pale blue in colour with a zip closing, this cosmetic bag is small enough to pop into your handbag to help contain your make-up.

  • Fairy Necklace

This fairy necklace is such a beautiful addition to this box, so pretty!  A turquoise suede effect necklace with two colour coordinated beads contains this delicate fairy charm.  With purple gem wings and a silver body this fairy necklace would appeal to both children and adults.

  • Fairy Plaque, Clip and “Make A Wish” Fairy

Beautiful little additions to this box, they make it feel more thought through than some standard subscription boxes.  My favourite would have to be the “Make a Wish” fairy, wooden and decorative it would look beautiful hanging from my daughter’s wall.


Mrs Bubbles subscription box truly is a box full of delight!  I can honestly say that every item within this box brought a smile to my face, from the sparkly fairy poop to the sweet smelling fairy dust!

Ordinarily I would of price listed everything within this box, however I feel it would take away the novelty and special theme of this box. I also love their idea of rewarding continued custom by utilising a reward system: order 9 times and receive a free bath bomb.  They also run a ‘scratchy surprise’ as a thank you to customers, I received 10% off my next order placed. I personally feel that this box is worth its price tag of £20 and I would happily pay this to receive a box full of gorgeousness!
As we speak, the lovely Emma and Kathy (Mrs Bubbles) are in the process of creating their own website so do keep your eyes peeled!  For any followers interested in learning more about Mrs Bubbles or wanting to subscribe please see the website addresses below. (mrsbubblesni) (mrsbubblesbombs) (Mrs Bubbles)

Thank you for having a read ladies

Jen x