Cheese Posties Review by Mel – September 2017

We ran a Cheese Posties Competition on the BoXession group a couple of weeks ago, and one of our members won a Month’s supply!! I commented to Dave, who works for Cheese Posties, that I was green with envy at the prize as I LOVE Cheese, and he kindly offered to snd me one to test… well who am I to say no to that?! So I told Dave that I would type a review as a Thank You, so here I am!

So How does it work?

You can choose options on their Website such as Vegetarian, nut free and even select sweet or savoury only, or a mixture of both. The pricing is as follows:

  • Week to week – £5.49 per Postie
  • 2 Week prepay – £5.37 per Postie
  • 4 Week prepay – £5.25 per Postie
  • 8 Weeks prepay – £5.12 per Postie

Every 11th Postie is FREE with their loyalty Programme!!

Mary’s Meals

Every time a Cheese Postie is devoured you help feed a hungry child in a School or Teaching environment. I find this a brilliant idea, and will certainly give people another reason to Subscribe!
I unboxed this live on the BoXession Facebook Group, which you can view by clicking play below …


So what was in the Box?

All of the ingredients to make a Pepperoni Pizza Postie! The box was very sturdy, and the packaging is so cute. I was a little confused and spent some time looking for the toastie bag, which was missed out of my box by accident.
Fear not, as there is always a plan B! Man to the rescue – he used the frying pan! We do have a Breville Toastie press but he said as it was only one, it was easier to use the small pan.

I know some of you probably just scrolled to this point to see the yummy pics of the made product… so here it is…


My Verdict?

It was certainly delicious, even Lilith (my cat) was there within seconds as she sniffed out the Cheese! It didn’t last very long was the only downside haha.
I feel they are a little pricey, but can see the attraction to having one of them drop through your post box every week as a treat. Imagine taking one of these beauties to work every Friday, you will be the envy of your colleagues that is for sure – you could refer them all and get more free toasties?!

To buy a Cheese Postie, you can visit their website below… when you do so it gives you the option to input your email address for £2 off your first order!
Or if you would like to keep up to date with any of their latest offers, or simply drool over Cheese Toasties, here are the links to their Social Media Channels…
Twitter: @cheeseposties
Thank you my lovelies for reading,
Mel xx

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