Eyebrow Microblading by Kerry Wilkinson – Reviewed by Mel

For some time (years), I have researched Eyebrow Microblading. I am what I like to call a victim of the 90’s. I plucked my brows to within an inch of their life, single hair width was bang on trend – so they told me! A trend that I am sure many of you wish you also had not followed.
I have tried and failed to grow them back, I have gone month’s without tweezing them and walked around with two balding slugs on my face. I have dyed them, HD brows, you name it I have done it. I have spent a small fortune on Brow Zing, pencils, tweezerman tweezers, brushes and so on. Now in my early 30’s (21 I mean), I had to finally accept that sometimes in life you just need a little bit of help.
You know I am an honest person, you have all read my Box reviews – I am my own biggest critic like most women are, and having a lack of Eyebrows was putting years on me. So I ended up not leaving the house without them drawn on. Well have any of you tried having to run around after two kids and then accidentally mopping your brow and half your face comes off? I rest my case. This is not a good look!
I moved away from Barrow 3 and a half years ago, and I now live in West Cumbria. Now let me tell you that around here they like to slap a zero on the end of everything. They think Sellafield workers are a walking cash point. So when researching the cost of the procedure being done locally and informing the man of the house of the cost involved (closely followed by some starred out words), I just kept putting it off. I had heard of Kerry, and I am not ashamed to admit that I may have stalked her Facebook for the benefit of looking at photos of her work.
I finally took the plunge and got in touch with her when I saw her advertise an offer on her Facebook page for ‘Brow Buddy’s’. This offer was £150 including the 6 week top up appointment. I was going through to Barrow for a family occasion, so I got in touch with Kerry and explained to her why I was visiting; and that I was desperate to get my brows done. She was very friendly and accomodating, we even chatted about what I do and my group. She put me at ease, I did not feel nervous about meeting her at all. I paid via PayPal for the full cost (£150) before the appointment.


7th July – 3pm: First Appointment

I did not have the time to be nervous, my trip to Barrow had been so busy that I was rushing around like a mad woman as usual. I arrived at the Salon on time, and was greeted by a very friendly Kerry. I think I was more excited than scared as I had been waiting years to get this done.
Kerry explained the process in detail. She put numbing cream on my brow area and chatted away to me while waiting for it to work. She then drew my eyebrows on using a dipbrow pomade and brush. She asked me to check that I was happy with the shape she had done; and explained that she uses this as a guide. I was lay on a comfy bed chair, it was actually nice to put my feet up! Now I have a few tattoos, so pain wise I was not too worried as I realised that the surface area of a brow is much smaller than some of the ink work I have had done in the past.
The best way I can describe the pain is a sharp pulling sensation. Yes it hurts, but it is absolutely bearable. My eyes watered, but nothing that I could not handle.
When I looked in the mirror I could have cried. I could tell by Kerry’s face that this is the best part of her job. I said ‘I have eyebrows!!’, she said ‘you do my lovely’.
Here are some before and after photos from my first appointment…

Brows – Before

Brows – After 

The healing process was 8 days in total. They did exactly as I expected and scabbed over like a Tattoo does. They itched a bit after the third day, and I resisted the urge to scratch them. I slapped myself instead haha!
I would say that they faded about 40-50% to what they looked like the day they were first done. This was ok for me as they were very dark at first and I kept telling everyone that I had only just had them done.
After a few weeks I was very excited to have them topped up again as I had my holiday booked for 26th August and I wanted them perfect for then. I had a couple of gaps after they had healed but Kerry explained that this was normal. It is also worth a mention that I have a mole on my left eyebrow, so that is not a missed bit, it just cannot be inked for obvious reasons.

18th August – 1:40pm: 6 Week Free Brow Top up

I was so very excited, like a small child. I even brought Kerry a face mask to try out as a little gift. Again I was welcomed in such a friendly manner, she was cooing over my Vendula London Handbag and Purse which I had just been bought by the man shape. I tell her to have a look inside and she says ooohhh can I? I am quite a chatty person anyway, but Kerry is like the kind of person you would love to be your next door neighbour. That is the best way to describe her.
The numbing cream is applied again, and then Kerry chooses some 90s music to put on, that made me smile as I really cannot stand all of the modern day music. I feel old before my time.
The process this time was faster, but I did think it stung a bit more than the first time. I am not sure if everyone else thinks the same? Again it is not unbearable and the outcome is worth the pain. The healing process is much faster after the top up. The itching kicked in after the second day this time, more slapping myself as I resisted the urge to use my nails. After the fifth day they were fully healed … see pics below…

After Top Up – Now Healed!


My Verdict?

It is one of the best things I have ever done. I get complimented on my brows all of the time. I have been asked on my videos, in person and even by strangers in the supermarket or shops. I recently gave a lady Kerry’s business card in TK Maxx (yes I was adding to my face mask collection) and told her that she won’t regret it – I really hope that she called and booked in!
I think the most important thing here ladies is that this is your face, it is not something that you can just wipe away if it goes wrong, and Kerry has been professionally trained by the best in the business. Her Facebook profile is full of before and after photos of her work… you can trust that you are going to look amazing and be hooked!
I will be back, and I cannot wait. A top up appointment is only £50 if you go within 12 months from the date of your last one. That is an amazing price! Kerry is also running a Competition to win your new brows, if you follow this link you can enter https://goo.gl/erFFd6
I think that even if you are not local to the area, a trip to Barrow to have Kerry work her magic is well worth it. She also does other aesthetic treatments including lips, hairline micropigmentation, and Tattoo laser removal.
Thank you so very much Kerry, you are not only a brow genius but you are an inspiration. You are following your dream, that is something I for one can understand. I am sure that your family and friends are very proud of you.
Thank you my lovelies for reading,
Mel xx

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